System Requirements for Mobile App with MobiLoud

What is PeepSo Mobile App with MobiLoud Integration? #

This plugin improves PeepSo integration with third-party mobile app site wrappers allowing you to take greater control of the PeepSo interface in app context.

System Requirements For Running The Mobile App #

  • Mobile Application Wrapper Plugin – Officially supported wrapper is MobiLoud.
  • Gecko ThemeThis is the hard requirement. You absolutely must use Gecko Theme as we can’t ensure the compatibility with random third-party themes where we don’t have control over the functionality of the theme and the potential issues that might arise. IMPORTANT: Child themes or hot-swapping themes in app context are currently not supported.

What Mobile App Integration Won’t Do? #

Before deciding to use mobile application, there are few things you need to be aware that it can’t do for you because those things are not closely related to PeepSo.

  • Push Notifications – This is usually a third-party service that requires additional development and money investment on client’s side.
  • App Store Submissions – It is solely your responsibility to ensure all submissions guidelines by Google and Apple are strictly followed before submitting your app to their respective stores.
  • Any other issue not directly linked to PeepSo.

Official PeepSo Support #

At this time, Mobile App with MobiLoud integration only supports PeepSo Core and Extras plugins, without Integrations and Monetization. Please bear in mind, having on-site payments/e-commerce and/or social login in your app might prevent you from being accepted in Apple App Store

We are happy to look into anything that might be a PeepSo bug in app context but in the end most of the technical support will have to go through the respective app wrapper solution providers.

If you install and activate the Mobile App with MobiLoud integration plugin without first installing the required wrapper, you will receive a notice in the dashboard informing you of the required wrapper.

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Updated on September 27, 2023