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PeepSo Monetization: Easy Digital Downloads

Do you want to present your digital goods to the right audience, establish a dedicated customer base and profit?

No matter what kind of digital product you’re selling, Easy Digital Downloads will have a solution for you. Put your digital product on offer exactly how you want it, and make it easily accessible to your community with our integration.

Since we’re experienced digital vendors ourselves, we want nothing but the best for our users as well.

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EDD and PeepSo

Easy Digital Downloads (or EDD) is a WordPress plugin that enables the creation of an online store for all sorts of digital goods. EDD Integration with PeepSo is practically a digital counterpart to our WooCommerce Integration, which focuses mainly on selling physical merchandise.

PeepSo lets you make use of EDD in the best possible way to enable and enhance digital sales within your community by adding social proof. There’s no better advertisement for your products than actual clients talking it up. You can sell anything that is downloadable, such as apps, programs, music, ebooks, digital art, etc. And yes, you guessed it – we are using EDD too, so you have a firsthand example of the plugin’s efficiency in practice when you buy PeepSo.

PeepSo integrates with EDD’s Downloads by implementing them into any segment of your community that you might choose. In PeepSo’s EDD Configuration you can set the desired profile tabs and their names, as well as control the shopping activity by opting to post new purchases on the Stream. Your digital store will maintain its presence and accessibility on your site and all the purchases will be processed exactly how you set them up.


Bring out the best in your software

Depending on the nature of your community, your software can get better reception if it corresponds to your site’s theme. For example, sites that revolve around digital art will definitely benefit from products that feature visual artwork, such as photography, digital drawings and even animated content. Show off your talent and make money!

Are you perhaps a programmer and want to monetize your geeky brilliance? We feel you. A community created for techies and people who are interested in software can be perfect for this type of monetization.

How about profiting from your writings? Depending on your topic/genre, you can have a corresponding community for your readers, and you can sell them your work in the form of ebooks.

Are you a musician? Create a community of fans around your store and provide everything for them in one place. A dedicated fandom is incredibly important for audio artists, and having both a community and store in one place is the way to go. 

Your downloads can have the visual representation of your choosing, most commonly in the form of a featured image and description. Your files are prepared in the WordPress editor, so you can insert more images, documentation, and even videos. You can even outline Download Instructions in the special block available in the editor. Make the most of the highly customizable options in the Download section of EDD for the best possible impact on your audience.

For better visibility, you can assign categories and tags to different digital products. You can also turn your featured products into widgets and show them off within your community, aside from having the designated menu for your store in site navigation.

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Easy Online Shopping

The best thing about shopping online is precisely the ease of use, and EDD capitalizes on that. Make your digital store visible and accessible by adding its menus on your site; you can do this in the Appearance -> Menus section of your Dashboard.

EDD Settings provide easy setup of payment gateways that you’d like to use, as well as an emailing system for your customers. Here you can also set up all the legal info about your store, currency, policies, checkout page, etc. Digital products are just as scrutinized as physical merchandise, if not even more so, therefore paying attention to every setting gives more credibility to your product.

User profiles will have the Purchases tab, where users can always easily access their downloads. Here they can review and track their downloads and orders, including all the related information such as order status and payment method. Nothing ever gets lost.

One of the perks of PeepSo integration is the option to show posts of recent purchases on your activity stream. This way your community members can see what’s trending, they can discuss the product and recommend it to each other. That’s the social proof we’re talking about. Aside from your own customer support, users can interact with each other and provide personal tips regarding the use of your software. Your community gets to be more active, and your product gets more exposure – it’s a win-win.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

We will connect with you and answer any questions you might have about this plugin.


EDD Extensions

Aside from the base plugin, in our integration we’ve also covered some valuable EDD extensions that can make your business more lucrative and even more practical for your customers. At this point it should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: we successfully use those extensions as well as a part of our integration.

  • Recurring Payments extension enables automated subscriptions from users and enforces stable income.
  • Software licensing can be incredibly important for developers, because it enables selling license keys for your digital products.
  • All Access Pass enables access for customers to certain products for a set period of time. This extension is useful for enforcing commitment, and subsequently increases revenue.
  • Invoices extension serves as an additional layer of legitimacy for your product, as it enables the creation of a detailed invoice for any purchase.

While EDD plugin itself is free, these extensions require some investment, and you can opt for them depending on your needs and your digital store’s capacity. We recommend them for major projects and digital stores with various products, such as audio and video content, and digital art.

But wait, there’s more!

If you want an even more enhanced EDD experience with support from PeepSo, make sure to check out our EDD Toolbox.

This is an enhancement specifically tailored to increase your traffic and revenue. The provided extensions practically speak for themselves: Conditional Pricing, Upgrade Encouragement, Auto Add to Cart and DRM File Tagging.

So basically, we’ve made an amazing plugin even more amazing, and bundled it up for your convenience. We do love our bundles.

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