PeepSo for Paid Memberships

Paid Memberships

Manage your community’s memberships with a sophisticated security feature that provides a much needed boost to your online income.

Paired with the amazing Paid Memberships Pro plugin, PeepSo grants additional exclusivity and professionalism for your website with Paid Memberships Pro Integration. Increase the value of your users’ engagement, lift your community to a whole new level and dynamically cover the expenses of your networking efforts.


Turn a Profit Within Your Own Community!

Having a bustling community under your care can be very fulfilling – but what about being substantially rewarded? Maintenance of your website requires investment, and if you are a particularly dedicated site owner, you might want to add new features from time to time. You might want to also earn for yourself; after all, you are providing a service for others.

Monetizing your community in a smart and user-friendly way isn’t easy, but PeepSo has an excellent solution for you: Paid Memberships Pro Integration.

There are various ways to turn your personal brand into an income: sell courses, services, various kinds of products… And with this plugin, you can add value to your customers and sell them a paid membership, so they can fully enjoy everything you have to offer on your website.

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How does it work?

This plugin integrates the Paid Memberships Pro plugin into PeepSo registration and navigation, giving users a seamless registration experience.

Upon registration, members are presented with a list of membership plans. All the plans are configurable via the PMP settings, as well as membership pages themselves .

Once members have chosen their plan, they can complete their registration and confirm their email address.

When members are logged in, admin can choose to display a link to the PMP membership page as a sub-menu on their profile menus, in the PeepSo toolbar.

PeepSo profile


Membership Roles

Defining different memberships is the core of this plugin’s possibilities. You are able to manage every single membership type by assigning specific User Limits to it, depending on its tier.

Roles for Membership Levels is a free addon for Paid Memberships Pro plugin, and it enables you to manage these roles however you like. Choose the desired tiers for your users’ memberships and at the same time secure access to different features of your website.

This approach adds value to your concept, as well as to your users’ engagement. Members will be motivated to advance in their roles so they could have more access to everything that interests them, and thus contribute to community development.

PMP – Membership Level Setting

With PeepSo’s plugin combo of File Uploads and User Limits, you will be able to further determine and enhance members’ capabilities in your community.

File Uploads plugin seamlessly integrates with User Limits, and this allows you to control which user roles can upload files. The freedom to upload any kind of files within the community is a powerful and desirable possibility for every user, which will further encourage them to opt for a membership plan that allows them this feature.

You can also find very detailed info and helpful instructions in our PeepSo Feature Highlights video for Paid Memberships Pro Integration. Take full advantage of all the features provided by this plugin and tailor your community just the way you imagined!


You Have Full Control

Set the desired level of access on all pages containing PeepSo shortcodes, with the exception of “Activity”, “Registration” and “Password Recovery” pages.

You can also hide the activity stream from non-logged in users in PeepSo, keeping your community totally private and protected.

The focus of this plugin is seamless navigation and a smooth registration experience for users. Registration and membership selection is now one easy step.

PMP – Membership Level Setting

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