PeepSo for Online Marketplace

PeepSo for Online Marketplace

Have you ever thought of monetizing your community with classifieds?

If your community revolves around a specific topic, you may have noticed that your users share common interest in many corresponding items and services. This is a great opportunity to provide them with their own online marketplace! Enable your users to trade with each other – without having to leave the comfort of your site.

With PeepSo – WPAdverts Integration, your PeepSo-powered Community will gain all the benefits of a classifieds site, while retaining the precious social aspect.

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The advantages of WPAdverts Integration

Introducing classifieds to your community is a great way to earn money and enable your users to profit as well, while keeping them under your wing. Provide that one place where they know they’ll get what they need, and also find the right buyers for the things they want to sell.

WPAdverts is a free WordPress plugin that allows the creation of beautiful and functional classifieds site, and our WPAdverts Integration enables you to have it right inside your PeepSo Community.

WPAdverts Integration is all about benefits! Your users will have the opportunity to trade anything with each other, while you can profit as the marketplace provider. You have full control over the display of ads, their content and the methods of transaction.


Make the most of your Online Marketplace with PeepSo

You can display the Chat button on the Classifieds page and enable users to directly communicate with each other. Potential buyers can dynamically contact ad publishers and discuss the product, depending on users’ privacy settings.

Automatically publish newly added classifieds on the Activity Stream if you choose so. For better cohesion between you and your users, you can even ask your community whether they’d prefer this option – or any other within your power – by creating a Poll. Remember: even though y’all are making money, it is still a social network.

Regulate the default privacy of classifieds by making them visible to everyone or members only. You are the one who decides the level of privacy on your site.

Should you opt for “members only”, this option can be nicely complemented with Paid Memberships; you can take advantage of the membership program if you choose not to charge for ad posting. Or you can charge for both, when your community gains on popularity.

Enable WPAdverts Moderation if you wish to check all the ads before they are posted. This can be useful at the very beginning, so you could be better acquainted with the types of ads your users prefer to post. It can also be an additional safety measure, but if you set up the limitations in the WPAdverts plugin itself, you won’t have to micromanage every ad in the long run.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

We will connect with you and answer any questions you might have about this plugin.


Present your Classifieds feature just the way you want

Providing the Online Marketplace feature to your community without disturbing its social aspect is one of the biggest strengths of WPAdverts Integration. Quite the contrary – you are able to present it as a valuable addition.

Navigation Menu

By adding the Classifieds tab to the Navigation Menu, you will enable all users to easily access it. Add Adverts and Manage tabs to it as sub-menus and you can have everything related to your Online Marketplace in one place.

You can even change the names of these tabs into something your users may find more intuitive and/or fun; e.g. Intergalactic Market instead of Classifieds, if your community revolves around the topic of astronomy or Sci-Fi.


WPAdverts plugin possesses an emailing system that will notify users about their transactions. You can adjust the template of every email and control which emails are enabled.

User Profiles

Users will automatically receive the Classifieds tab in their Profile menu, where they can access all their existing ads, and also create new ones. They can fully manage their ads from within their profiles.

Ad Fields

All ads contain the fields that describe Contact Information and Item Information, and they are pretty straightforward. You can customize some of the fields in the sense of better presentation of ads.

Set your currency in the Core Options, according to the one your community prefers. You can also set the sizes for featured images in the Gallery, so the visual presentation of ads looks just right. Play around with values until you find the best fit.


For further convenience, you can create widgets that you can place anywhere you want inside your community. You can have a WPAdvert Ads widget that features the latest ads posted, as well as Advert Categories widget. You can fully customize the placement and content of both widgets.

Featured Ads

You can set certain ads as Featured. This means they’ll behave like pinned posts on the Classifieds page, which will make them stand out more. You can enable this option if you’re charging for posting ads, and the author requires their ad to be featured – for an increased posting fee.

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What kind of ads can be posted in the community?

That is entirely up to you! No limitations are imposed by WPAdverts plugin or PeepSo, so your ads can be literally whatever you want, from various services to physical merchandise.

Of course, you might want to put a few regulations in place according to your community’s topic. There are many settings at your disposal that can regulate what is posted and how, so you wouldn’t have to micromanage every single ad that’s been added by a user.

Ad Categories

Create different Categories of ads with custom descriptions to improve user search and ease of access.

If some categories are related to each other, for example – Shoes and Shirts, you can give them a parent category named Outfits.

This setting can be found under Classifieds > Categories.

Protect your community from Spam

Seeing how classifieds can be freely posted by users, you might want to take the possibility of undesired ads into consideration. The first step would be an update to your community’s Terms of Use, where you can clearly outline what kind of ads are allowed and what are the consequences of not adhering to those terms.

In order to further prevent spammy ads, you can implement several safety measures in your plugin settings.

Blacklist certain phrases that might indicate an undesired ad. For example, if you don’t want to support dating ads, you can blacklist words that mostly revolve around explicit body parts and intimate activities. This method can also ensure that all ads maintain respectful wording in their content. If an ad poster uses a blacklisted word anywhere in their ad, publishing will be impossible.

Protect your classifieds from bots and bot-like behavior of users. The Honeypot method is essentially an anti-bot feature that creates additional fields in the ad form that are only visible to bots. It works in conjunction with Time Trap, which defines the time it takes to write an ad and prepare it for publishing (Hint: bots don’t re-read what they wrote and they create posts too quickly).

You can find and explore these settings under Classifieds > Options > Core > Spam.

Ad Types

Adjusting the Types of classifieds can help a great deal with discerning ads if you support greater variety in your community. You can regulate every single detail according to the ad type, including ad labels, search inclusion, supported features of the ad, and even the menu icon.

If you are on the tech-savvy side and want to include Data Source in your ad type, you can assign Taxonomy to the corresponding type. Among other possibilities, this approach can ensure that your ad receives an SEO-friendly URL.

You can find and explore these settings under Classifieds > Options > Core > Types.


How to Profit from your Online Marketplace

There are many ways to monetize your community and charging users for posting classifieds is certainly one of them.

Under Payments in the Options menu of Classifieds settings, you can set pricing categories, the exact fee for posting ads, preferred payment gateway, as well as the page where the user will be prompted for payment. This is where you can also create the Featured Ads pricing category.

You have the option to include some of the paid WPAdverts extensions to expand the possibilities of your online marketplace, if you choose so. They will integrate directly with the WPAdverts plugin, while your PeepSo-powered community continues to run smoothly.

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