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Create your own online community around your personal brand or your company. Enhance your business, realize your networking projects and turn your talents into profit.

We are here to make it possible, so let us present some useful features that will help you achieve your goals and make the most of your website, powered by PeepSo.

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Online Community




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Online Community

Would you like to create your own Social Network in WordPress? Do you have a smashing idea of a Community that could thrive under your care, but you’re feeling daunted by the effort it may require?

Worry not; this undertaking can be easier than you think - with the right tools.

PeepSo gives you everything you need to start and maintain your Community. Your website will have the functionality similar to Facebook and other popular social networks, so the comfortable familiarity will be all the more attractive to users.

And if you want all your hard work to pay off, you definitely want to attract as many users as possible.

Your Professional Playground

So what exactly do you get when you engage PeepSo in building your Community?

For a start, all of these features:

Every single feature is customizable by you, so you can create your Community exactly how you envisioned, without being held back. You are the master of your dream and you have full control.

Why direct your users to other sites when they can have everything they need in your Community? Draw them in, instead of pushing them away.

Do you want a beautiful layout to go with all this awesome functionality? This is where our Gecko Theme comes in, with an abundance of options for you to explore.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

File Uploads

Do you want to be able to share any kind of files in your community?

With PeepSo’s File Uploads plugin, you and your users can upload files from your computer and phone directly to the community. You are not limited by the type of files; it can be any type of file in the known universe that you as an admin allow.

Files can be uploaded in the chat, groups and even attached to comments.

Combine File Uploads with PeepSo’s User Limits plugin and you can control who is allowed to upload files and under what conditions. File Uploads integrates with all PeepSo’s features so you can implement its functioning according to your vision.

Seize the opportunity to enrich your community’s functioning and increase the traffic with this awesome feature.

Join our Community and get to know PeepSo from users themselves, take a look at our Blogs and find useful pointers.

Become an eligible Peeps! We are super-friendly and always ready to help.

Get PeepSo today and make a difference!


Properly monetizing your Community isn’t easy, given the need to balance user satisfaction with your income. It is a veritable strategy, but you don’t have to browse the web in confusion and ask around, looking for help and guidance. PeepSo got you covered, and of course, we made the process as simple as it can be.

If your community is focused on an important topic, the user base is growing fast and you need to dynamically cover your expenses, Paid Memberships might be the perfect solution for you. Limit users’ access to certain aspects of your website in a subtle way, and add tangible value to your topic.

Do you perhaps wish to introduce ads to your community? You’ve found a great provider that corresponds to your site’s topic, and you’d like to collaborate for mutual benefit? With Advanced Ads you can do exactly that, while maintaining professional integrity.

You are also able to grant this very opportunity to your users as well! WPAdverts feature can turn your community into Classifieds site, or at the very least provide a classifieds addition. PeepSo lets your users advertise stuff they want to sell to each other, while you profit as the provider who makes it possible.

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Can you do actual business online and make a living…while maintaining a community? Heck, yes!

This is where PeepSo has created the beautiful marriage between the warm social aspect and the calculated world of marketing. Add an online Store to your Community, or vice versa! Keep the valuable aspect of human interaction, boost user experience and let your commerce flourish - all at the same time.

We made sure to produce a few options to bring this concept to realization; yours is just to choose the right one for you.

WooCommerce is ideal for your very own brand development, as well as establishing your Store within your current Community from scratch. Make your users happy, and profit while you’re at it.

Are you perhaps more focused on digital goods? If so, Easy Digital Downloads is a surefire solution for you. It’s a fantastic way to expand your digital sales and increase your revenue. We use it ourselves! EDD is tried and tested, and we want only the best for you.

Want to learn more, but reading bores you? Check out our YouTube channel with helpful videos!


Teaching and studying online has become increasingly popular because of its convenience and practicality, and we wish to help you make the most of this practice.

With LearnDash or TutorLMS you can turn your site into an educational hub, and earn money for your knowledge! There are a ton of courses you can engage your Community in, while maintaining a comfortable environment where everyone gains.

Be that fantastic reference, when your users later boast about their completed courses, and thus attract more users to your PeepSo Community.

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Mobile Access

Every website worth its virtual salt needs to be well presented on Mobile - which is, let’s face it, our device of choice most of the time.

You can’t help but cringe if a site you’re frequenting looks like a hot mess when you fire it up on your phone or tablet, right? And if it doesn’t have proper apps, it’s just downright underwhelming.

Well, not on PeepSo’s watch!

We aim to make your Community shine on Mobile as much as on PC, and put the appeal of your professionalism into spotlight. You will get a fantastic mobile layout with PeepSo from the get-go, which you can adjust at your leisure.

Moreover, we have created MobiLoud Integration that provides an impeccable mobile experience for your website. It enables you to create your very own mobile apps for your Community, and launch them on App Store and Google Play.

Be noticed, be ahead of everyone else and stand out among the competition!

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