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Build Community Mobile Apps with PeepSo and MobiLoud

Build iOS and Android apps similar to Facebook or Twitter quickly and easily, for a fraction of the cost. 100% synced with PeepSo. Developed, published and maintained for you.

PeepSo is the ultimate way to turn your WordPress site into a powerful and feature-rich social network for desktop and mobile web, and now we’ve taken it a step further. By partnering with MobiLoud, we’re giving you the tools to create native apps for your community and launch them on App Store and Google Play.


Are Mobile Apps the Future of your Community?

Mobile apps are ideal for social networks and communities built with PeepSo.

In 2020, the majority of online social interaction was conducted through apps like Facebook and Instagram. This has led to a shift in user expectations and attitudes. A portion of users, primarily younger ones, simply expect an app experience.

People are now accustomed to using apps for every tool or platform that they engage with habitually – especially when it comes to social media. 

They expect a visible icon on their home screen, to receive notifications for messages, and to have an “enclosed” experience in a community with easy, fast access.

An app can give them this and more, broaden your appeal as a brand, and take user engagement to a new level. 

Although your PeepSo site looks and performs amazingly right now, a brand presence on Google Play and the App Store will help you look even more professional and solid.


Boost Engagement with a better Mobile User Experience

We all know someone who is always immersed in Facebook or Instagram. They are definitely using the apps, and there’s a reason these huge platforms put their mobile apps at the center of their mobile strategy.

Your business is also competing with these giants for attention and engagement. If you don’t seize your members’ attention, they will.

Now you can level the playing field by offering a similar app experience through PeepSo.

Your app’s icon will be a constant reminder on users’ home screens; one tap and they’ll get straight into their newsfeeds with fast and intuitive native navigation.

Offering an optimal mobile user experience is essential if you really want to build a community that becomes a part of your users’ daily routine and habits.

Furthermore – by using our File Uploads plugin, you will give your users the power to upload all types of files directly from their phones and into the community. Users can upload files in the chat, in groups, and even attach files to their comments.

This powerful feature will provide even more engagement and more interest in your site’s mobile application. File Uploads plugin is integrated through PeepSo with your community and seamlessly works alongside other plugins, while giving you full control over the plugin’s features.


Push Notifications

Notifications are the secret sauce that helps social apps build habits.

PeepSo already has you covered for onsite and email notifications, but these have their limitations.

Onsite notifications are only relevant if you’re, well, on the site. Email is hit and miss. A lot of people tune them out or they get relegated to a dreaded “social” tab in inboxes that people never check.

Surely there’s a better way to use notifications to their full potential? There is – mobile push notifications in iOS and Android apps.

Unlike onsite notifications, they will reach the users’ lock screen no matter what they are doing, reminding them of your community and encouraging them to dive back in. This can really help you to stay on top of mind.

They are also far more effective than email. Not only do you reach all your (opted in) app users – a push notification is harder to ignore than an email – and the engagement rate is much higher too.

According to MailChimp, average email click through rate is at tepid 2.62%. On the other hand, Retail Dive found that push notifications achieve an impressive 21% engagement rate.

Native push notifications are perfect for social platforms and really one of the strongest reasons to build apps for your PeepSo community. Roll them out and watch your users returning to your community again and again and interacting on a whole new level.

The MobiLoud Canvas plugin supports PeepSo mentions, friend requests and chat push notifications.

Building your PeepSo-powered mobile app

Giving you a mobile app solution has been on our roadmap for a while, but now it’s a reality. By partnering with MobiLoud we’re giving you everything you need to build amazing apps for your business for iOS and Android.

Fully Synchronized Platforms

Complete Integration with PeepSo

Every feature we’ve built for the web can be used in the apps, so you’ll have complete flexibility to create a unique experience.

MobiLoud is also the only solution that syncs with PeepSo’s notification system – allowing you to convert your onsite notifications into mobile push notifications – so it’s really the way to go if you’ve been considering apps.

Real-Time Hybrid App

A native-like experience

MobiLoud essentially takes your existing PeepSo site and puts it in a native “wrapper”, creating what is known as a hybrid app.

Hybrid apps are great for social platforms. Facebook and Instagram used them for an earlier version of their apps and Quora still heavily relies on WebViews for their apps. Your PeepSo app will sync with your web community in real time, allowing you to easily take your brand onto a new platform without rebuilding anything or incurring large development costs.

From native tab menus and navigation, to animations, splash screens and loading spinners, the MobiLoud team will set you up with an initial configuration for your app and you’ll be able to manage it all from an easy to use dashboard.

Universal Notification System

Push Notifications for iOS and Android

Push notifications can be triggered in your apps for anything that triggers a notification on your PeepSo site.

Just as Facebook sends a notification to your phone when you receive a like, comment or request – now you can provide the same convenience to your users and benefit from increased engagement.

Your users will also have a message center built into the apps to save past messages, and push preferences so they can choose exactly what they wish to be notified on. Both significantly improve user experience and the effectiveness of your messages.

MobiLoud apps integrate with OneSignal – the best push provider on the market – and with their MobiLoud’s integration you have a lot of options to send notifications both automatically or manually whenever you see fit, straight from your WordPress dashboard.

The MobiLoud Canvas plugin supports PeepSo mentions, friend requests and chat push notifications.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Ease of Use – It works out of the box

There’s nothing to rebuild or recreate in the apps – you’ll be able to directly translate what you’ve already built on the web into a great native app experience.

We’ve worked with MobiLoud to define a number of recommended optimizations for your PeepSo site, so it will run just as well as a mobile app. They’re also available to assist with further customizations or improvements to your app’s look and feel.

What about other plugins and third party tools apart from PeepSo? Most, if not all, will work in your apps too – right out of the box.

Apps will update automatically alongside your site, so there’s nothing new to add to your workflow. Managing the apps is also simple: you can control everything through a simple plugin and dashboard.

Options Tailored to Your Needs

App Experts at Your Side

MobiLoud has three different plans – Startup, Growth and Corporate – ranging from $350 to $650 per month for social media apps on iOS and Android. And for PeepSo clients exclusively, there is a special 20% discount (visit this link and use “peepso” discount code or contact Mobiloud support).

Which one is right for you depends on your specific requirements – particularly how many active users you expect on the apps, the level of support you want, and whether you need your app to be completely white label.

MobiLoud also has two different setup options – self-serve and full service.

Self-Serve covers the work that goes into the initial app build, testing and publishing on Google Play and the App Store.

Full Service covers literally everything else: you work with MobiLoud as with an agency, which means they take care of configuring your app from start to finish, with graphic design and small customizations included.


You’ll handle more of the app configuration, customization and submission process yourself – although MobiLoud provides support whenever needed. You’ll also produce all the design assets needed for the apps, such as an icon, splash screen and screenshots.

This is a good route if you have designers and developers on hand, or you’re tech-savvy yourself.

Full Service

Full Service really means full service.

MobiLoud configures and customizes the apps for you, according to your specification, then they work directly with Google and Apple to get them live on the stores. There isn’t much for you to do here, except providing high level direction. They will also produce all the design assets that you need.

Full service is a better option if you’re not too technical and want the experts to do everything for you, guaranteeing a smooth process and professional service.

No matter which you opt for, MobiLoud devotes time to testing the apps and preparing the necessary files and certificates for publishing. They also handle all ongoing maintenance and updates for the lifetime of the apps.

MobiLoud works with you to configure the apps to meet your needs. They also take care of testing and submitting them to the App Store and Google Play – guaranteeing approval.

Your Community. Your Way.

At your fingertips.

PeepSo Community is an app built with our latest plugin:

PeepSo Integrations: Mobile App.

It uses a MobiLoud wrapper. Which is our official recommendation.

To use a different device visit or scan the QR code:

Start Building Mobile Apps for your PeepSo Site Today

Let’s take your PeepSo-powered community to the next level on a whole new platform.

We can’t wait to see how you grow with mobile apps! Get started today and launch to Google Play and App Store in just two weeks.

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