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Community Features

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Activity Stream

The Activity Stream feature enables users to write posts on their profiles, groups and the community stream. Comments are nested for easy conversation tracking, and admins can pin important posts.

Reporting tools allow users to flag offensive content, ensuring a safe and engaging community environment.

Users can create polls encouraging community engagement through voting. Sharing photos, videos, and music is seamless, allowing users to express themselves creatively and share multimedia content easily.

User Profiles

User profiles on our platform are highly customizable and designed to enhance personal expression and interaction.

Users can set avatars and cover images, fill in custom fields with information about themselves, and adjust their notification and visibility preferences. With custom profile fields users can share detailed information effortlessly. Privacy settings allow for control over what information is shared, ensuring user comfort and security.

Profiles can be liked or followed by other users.


The Groups feature on our platform enables users to create and join communities. Within these groups, members can post updates, share content, and engage in discussions.

Group administrators have tools to manage membership, moderate content, and pin important posts, ensuring the group remains focused and active.

Groups support multimedia content, allowing users to share photos, videos, and music directly within their community.

Chat & Messages

The Chat & Messages feature on our platform provides real-time communication, allowing users to connect instantly with one another.

The chat interface supports multimedia, enabling the sharing of photos, videos, and GIPHY GIFs to make interactions more engaging and fun.

Notifications keep users informed of new messages, and customizable settings allow them to manage their chat preferences.


The Friends feature serves as a cornerstone of community interaction, enabling users to forge connections, build relationships, and nurture friendships within the platform.

Users can send and accept friend requests, curate their friend lists, and engage in private messaging with their network. Follow feature enables friends to stay updated on their activities and updates.

Multimedia & File Uploads

The Multimedia & File Uploads feature empowers users to enrich their interactions by seamlessly sharing various forms of media and documents within the community.

Users can upload and share photos, videos, music files, and documents.

Your Community. Your Way.
At your fingertips.

By partnering with MobiLoud we’re giving you everything you need to build amazing apps for your business for iOS and Android.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be triggered in your apps for anything that triggers a notification on your PeepSo site.

A Native-like Experience

MobiLoud essentially takes your existing PeepSo site and puts it in a native “wrapper”, creating what is known as a hybrid app.

Ease of Use

There’s nothing to rebuild or recreate in the apps – you’ll be able to directly translate what you’ve already built on the web into a great native app experience.

Unlimited Possibilities

Community of Your Choice

Craft your dream community with PeepSo! Build the online space you’ve envisioned effortlessly with our suite of plugins.

Online Communities

In addition to the features mentioned above, our plugin offers much more.


Create interactive polls in posts, profiles, and groups to gather community opinions.


Format text effortlessly with Markdown for enhanced readability and emphasis.


Highlight special members with customizable VIP badges for recognition and status.


Enhance discoverability and engagement with searchable hashtags in all posts.

Blog Posts

Integrate personal blog entries seamlessly into your profile and community activity stream.

GIPHY Integration

Enrich conversations with GIPHY’s extensive library of shareable GIFs in comments and chat.



Integration (Requires Learndash)

Users’ enrolled courses

Comes with titles, featured images, and short descriptions.

See what others learn

View other members’ profiles to check out what courses they enrolled in.

Enrollment Stream Posts

Beautifully displayed posts when users enroll in a course, so others can see which courses are getting popular.


Integration (Requires TutorLMS)

Courses in Users’ Profiles

Display the TutorLMS menu tab in User Profiles.

Course Activity on Stream

Course Enrollment and Course Completion posts can be published on your community’s Activity Stream.


Automatically assign VIP icons to users who have completed a course.

MasterStudy LMS

Integration (Requires MasterStudy)

This integration is designed to enhance the user experience by seamlessly combining the powerful community-building features of PeepSo with the advanced learning management capabilities of MasterStudy LMS.

E-Commerce & Digital Store


Integration (Requires WooCommerce)

Stream Posts about Purchases

Beautifully displayed posts when users make a purchase.

Cart integration

Cart experience integrated into user profiles. Practical and engaging.

Orders management

Full orders management, order history and downloads right in user profiles.

Easy Digital Downloads

Integration (Requires EDD)

Purchase Stream Posts

Beautifully displayed posts right in your community when users make a purchase.

EDD Recurring Payments

Integration with EDD Recurring Payments enables users to manage their subscriptions right in their profiles.

EDD All Access Pass

Integration of EDD’s All Access Pass right in user profiles.

Ads & Classifieds

Advanced Ads

Integration (Requires Advanced Ads)

Ad Targeting

Target Ads based on users profile fields.

Display all ad types

Display any Advanced Ads ad type on PeepSo Activity Stream.

Integration with Groups

Decide whether to show/hide ads from members of specific groups.


Integration (Requires WPAdverts)

Classified Ads Creation

Users can create classified ads right in the Community view.

User Profiles

Users’ Classified Ads are displayed in their profiles.

Classified Ads Management

Users can manage their classified ads right in their profiles.

Paid Accounts & Access Control

Hide User Groups

Hide Administrators (or any other roles) from Members page.

Hide Incomplete Profiles

Hide users from Members page until they fill required amount of profile fields (% defined by you).

Status Updates

Don’t allow posting Status Updates by users without an avatar and / or until user fills required amount of profile fields (% defined by you).

Paid Memberships Pro

Integration (Requires PMP)


Seamless registration process where users sign up through PeepSo and can pick their membership level.


Seamless navigation. Access to membership options is available via PeepSo Profile Widget, as well as toolbar.

Membership Roles

Manage every single membership type by assigning specific User Limits to it, depending on its tier.

Future Plans

Push Notifications

The app currently does not support push notifications; however, we are working on a big overhaul of our notification engine to enable this feature in the future.

Block Theme

We’re currently developing a WordPress block theme that combines sleek design with intuitive functionality. With a focus on user experience and flexibility.

Gecko Theme

Designed with PeepSo First approach to enable us to make the most of PeepSo as a Social Networking Platform.

Theme Presets

Create your own, unique layout presets. Change colors, font or sidebar size, and much more. Optionally, it is possible to allow your users to choose which preset to use in their profile preferences.

Customize It

Change the colors of PeepSo to match the style of Gecko. Control the fonts & change the colors of these elements too.

Multiple Widget Positions

Widget positions let you surround the content from every side. You can easily customize the number of columns in each position as well.

Landing Page

Create amazing landing pages for your site. Add Title, Call To Action text, Featured Image. All within your Page Settings. Create as many landing pages as you like.

It can be used as a fully functional standalone WordPress theme and does not require PeepSo.

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