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Fundraising can be a great way to engage people in a collective, beneficial activity, while gaining the means to realize a project or a campaign. We like to contribute to something we care about, and if it’s presented in the very hub of our interests, it works all the better.

PeepSo’s Integration with the popular GiveWP donation plugin provides exactly this opportunity – the donations system right inside your community. You’ll be able to raise money exactly where the interest is the greatest and where it matters the most.

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The Power of a Cause

At some point we’ve all voluntarily invested in some cause that was important to us, whether as a small contribution or a significant monetary push – depending on our circumstances. This action gains even more importance when done collectively, in a community where people with common interests motivate each other.

When collecting donations, people usually resort to third party crowdfunding channels. But as an owner of a community, your goal is to keep your users right there in the community, not redirect them outside. “Middlemen” such as Patreon, GoFundMe and the like, all require additional registration, and their purpose is to draw as many users as possible. In a way, they’re distancing your users from you – and profit from it.

This is why the implementation of a donation system in your own community is incredibly important. The more benefits you provide, the more your users are invested in the community, and the more new users will be drawn.

The fundraising campaign itself can be anything that reaches out to your people: environment, health, charity, events… It can even be a kickstarter, a project that closely concerns community functioning and development. And if your community is home to talented content creators (one of which may be you), donations can help finance their growth and good work.


GiveWP Integration With PeepSo

GiveWP is a free WordPress plugin designed to provide beautiful donation forms and a comprehensive donations system that is transparent, discrete, and easy to use. Now you can make use of it in your PeepSo-powered community and benefit from more user engagement and contributions, in an unposed form of eCommerce.

The integration takes place in PeepSo Configuration, where you can set it up however you like, for the best display in your community. Users can see their donations and donation details in their profiles, and individual donations can be automatically posted on the activity stream. Given the nature of these investments, only users themselves can see the amount of their contribution.

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Donations in User Profiles

Users are provided with a new profile tab ‘Donations’, where they can always review all the donations they’ve made on your site. Nothing ever gets lost. The details of each donation include the date when the donation was made, the amount of money that the user has donated, and a link to the full receipt for the donation.

You can toggle the ‘Donations’ tab on user profiles in PeepSo Configuration for GiveWP Integration. When disabled, users won’t be able to see details about their donations, even though this doesn’t disable their ability to donate. Keeping this setting on – as it is by default when you activate the integration – is recommended for the purpose of transparency.

Profile label, profile slug and custom icon CSS class can all be changed to suit the purpose of your donations. For example, if you want to raise money to provide more features for your users, instead of ‘Donations’ you can enter ‘Contributions’, or anything else that might attract your users’ attention.

We’ve made sure that all the users’ donations are respectively discrete. Therefore, the information about the amount of individual contributions remains visible only to the users themselves.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

We will connect with you and answer any questions you might have about this plugin.


Utmost Engagement on the Activity Stream

Activity stream is the main stage of your site, and this is where your users can easily track the latest community activities. As with all of our integrations, donation activities can be presented in the form of community posts which inspire engagement. You can always access these settings in PeepSo Configuration.

Donation post will present the donation form overview, the name of the user who made the donation, and the link to the donation form itself. The amount of the user’s individual donation will never be displayed, in lieu with discretion. The donation form overview, however, will show the amount that has been gathered for the cause by everyone at that point.

The post about a user’s donation can be reacted and commented on, depending on privacy settings. Candid comments and reactions from community members can go a long way in boosting the interest for the campaign. You can also pin the post itself to accentuate its importance, especially if the fundraiser represents something urgent (e.g. donating to someone’s medical treatment).

On the other hand, if you wish for the donation dynamic to be completely unintrusive, you can disable activity stream posts about the donations. This can be useful if, for example, your users are regularly donating for the site maintenance, or supporting a content creator who continuously provides the fruits of their work to the community.

GiveWP provides some optional paid add-ons which may enhance your fundraising efforts, such as Recurring Donations, Donors Cover Fees, Currency Switcher, and many more.

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