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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in Technical Support?

PeepSo Ultimate Bundles come with Full Technical Support at no additional cost for the duration of active license. Support is provided to active license holders via support tickets. This does not apply to PeepSo Foundation and any other (non-Ultimate) PeepSo Bundles. Subject to our Support Policy.

Can I Upgrade License?

Any PeepSo bundle can be upgraded to a bigger one. Cost of upgrade is prorated. Whether you want to switch to a bigger package or more supported domains, you can do it in your account on or via Support Ticket

What about Updates & Downloads?

Active License holders have access to Updates and Upgrades for no additional cost. We try to release a new version every few weeks. See our Changelog.

As long as you have an active license you have full access to file downloads of all purchased plugins.

As long as you have an active PeepSo Ultimate license, you get free access to any new plugins we might release later on. This does not apply to any other Bundles. Early Access (beta testing) features are exclusive to PeepSo Ultimate.

Is PeepSo Subscription Optional?

You do not have to commit to a recurring subscription in order to purchase PeepSo. After purchase simply go to your profile > subscriptions and cancel it.

Even if you cancel your subscription, you have access to all the active license holders’ privileges for as long as your license remains active. In any case, the purchased license will be valid depending on the chosen bundle.

What about Staging Sites?

The amount of domains available for each license is final. If you need staging, development or local domains, you need to use a license seat just like any other website. If you need more domains than your license allows, you can always upgrade it.

How Installation & Configuration Service works?

In 24h we’ll turn your new WordPress site into a site that looks similar to our demo site. We understand that every community and every brand are different. We will make sure that the outcome does match your style. You can read more about it here.

What People Say

Prove that the right community plugin can make a big difference.

I’m so freaking pleased!

The ability to comment and like posts in groups you are not a member in has been on the top of my wishlist for forever, and this has made my community a lot livelier.

Johannes Genberg

The support is very quick!

I’ve been with Peepso for over a year and I’m loving it for my community. I’d highly suggest using their theme Gecko as well. The support is very quick and they are so helpful.

Tiffany Briley

Peepso really is fantastic!

Fun piece of software to use I have other script based projects in process at present too (for other purposes) but Peepso is by far the most fun and enjoyable to use of them!

Jasmine Christina