Support Policy

We Support

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We reply to all support tickets in the order they arrive in our system. Please note that 24/7 support doesn’t mean that you’ll get your reply instantly. Every issue needs to be read, understood, investigated and addressed. That takes time. We address most tickets within a few hours. However, in some cases we do have a lot of work so that we reserve the right to answer any tickets within 36 hours from the time of their submission.

Active License Holders

Technical support is provided exclusively to clients who have an active license key. Furthermore technical support is provided exclusively to the domain names registered under that active license. Inactive, expired, invalid or disabled license keys do not have access to technical support. The number of websites to which technical support is provided depends on the license key purchased. Support for PeepSo Foundation plugin is provided with no limitations.

Ticketing System

Any and all support, including but not limited to technical or billing support is provided exclusively via ticketing system we have in place on Any and all tickets must be opened using the contact form provided. We only provide support to requests coming from the e-mail address / account related to the purchase.

Well Described Issues

The more details you provide in the support ticket, the better. Provide a detailed description including the steps required to reproduce your issue. Please, don’t be vague: “My photo is missing” or “it was working and now it’s not” it will make it difficult for us to help you. We will ask for those details, and that just adds to the time spent on going back and forth, rather than solving the issue. Elaborate descriptions and screenshots will get your issue resolved fast.


“A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.”


If you discover errors in our software, please let us know! We want to fix them. If you despise bugs as much as we do, help us combat them. Be vigilant. When you notice something isn’t right, report it right away. Provide as many details as possible. Help stamp out every single one of them.

Incompatibility With Other Plugins

Sometimes, it’s our fault. No problem, if it’s us, we’ll get it fixed. However, sometimes it’s just not our fault. When other extensions get into our code, there’s a strong possibility of something getting broken. No promises, but we will do our best to help you at least identify the source of the problem. The rest will be up to you and the guilty party. We can’t control 3rd party software.

Minor Customizations

We understand that all of our clients are unique and sometimes minor adjustments are needed to take our product from good to fabulous for your specific needs. Give us a shout via ticketing system and let us know specifically what you need. If you’re only talking about minor customisations, just a couple of minutes of dev work, we’ll be happy to help you out on the spot. For larger customisations, please see our custom development information.

We Do NOT Support

Problematic Hosting

Not everyone is up to date on their server setup or conform to the current standards. If that’s the case with your hosting provider, then, unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do to assist you. Your best options are to 1) work it out through your hosting provider or 2) switch hosting providers. Read about how to pick the right hosting.

Inaccessible Websites

To be able to provide effective and efficient support more often than not we need to see your website. If your website is publicly inaccessible (firewall, IP restrictions etc.), we’ll ask you to remove those restrictions. If you refuse to remove those restrictions, you are preventing us from providing support. If you prevent us from doing our job, we can’t provide you with support. Support often also relies on cooperation between team members who are spread all over the world. Whitelisting one IP won’t do it, if a consult is necessary.

Outdated Versions and Obsolete Software

Some things are good to be nostalgic about, some things are not. Things change rapidly in general and, in this industry, changes occur almost while products are being released. So, if you’re still running Internet Explorer, get with the times! Step into this decade: upgrade everything to supported versions, browsers that are no longer developed or supported, aren’t supported by us. Having that said, we support the latest versions of our software. Upgrade first, ask for support later. Your issue might go away with the upgrade.

Major Site Overhaul

Sometimes, even when we’ve given it all we’ve got, you simply need more. We don’t want to let you down, but we must focus on the needs of the many, so we may not be able to accommodate you. Please don’t hold it against us; we’ll be happy to refer you to some trusted developers who can provide you with a solution.


We understand that from time to time you do need to change servers. However, we do not support nor assist with site migrations. This is something that is your responsibility. If you’re moving within the same hosting company, it’s a very simple operation. Even moving from one hosting to another. Our support can recommend tools for migration but that’s all that we can do in this topic. We definitely can’t work on botched migrations trying to stitch together something broken by someone else.

Languages other than English

In order to keep everyone on the same level and make sure any of our developers can jump in and help, support is provided exclusively in English. If English is not your best language, try Google Translate. It’s quick and easy to use.

Third Party Plugins

PeepSo Support only covers the plugin we have developed and published ourselves. Problems with third party plugins – whether sold by our store or not – unfortunately have to be solved by their authors. We are happy to help the third party developers with the debugging, but only as advisors.

Modified or Hacked Code

As our software is Open Source and under GPL (for more information, see License Agreement), as such you’re allowed to modify the code however you see fit. However, we do NOT support modified or hacked code. That’s not really our code at this point, is it? If you’d like to get our support for any encountered issues, remove any code changes and we’ll gladly help. With that in mind, there’s a difference between modifying code directly and using overrides. Overrides are fine. If you don’t know the difference, do not attempt to modify anything yourself. Hire a developer or reach out to us for advice.


Feature Requests

If you have keen intuition on the next amazing feature, please share it with us. We can’t promise we will implement it; you may too ahead of the times or maybe we believe the masses just won’t catch onto the brilliance of your idea. Rest assured, we appreciate your efforts and interest in helping us make our products better.

Your Responsibilities

Before submitting any support ticket, you are required to have full backups of your website. Make sure both files and database are backed up and that the backup is working. It’s not happened yet, but should there be a glitch or a problem our developers are unable to solve or if in the process of trying to fix your site something else gets broken you may be asked to bring your site back from said backup. Support is provided without any warranty and making sure to have working copies of the site is the responsibility of the site’s owner. The best way to tackle issues is to have a staging site – a copy of the live site where things can be tested freely without affecting your live site.

This policy is subject to change at any time, without prior notice. You are responsible for reviewing this policy on a regular basis.