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New Release: PeepSo 1.10.5

Second release of July has just arrived. It’s packed with new features, improvements and fixes. Security was one of our primary concerns when it comes to this release. This one contains another feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale, we couldn’t fit it in the previous release because of the time limits, but it’s finally delivered. For that we all should definitely give him thanks, be sure to check out the blog post written by Dale too.
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My Disability Matters

My name is Dale Reardon. I am 48 years of age and married. I have my fourth guide dog, Charlie and we live in Tasmania Australia though we love holidaying to warmer and/or tropical climates for example Thailand, where we were for 3 weeks a little while ago.

I lost my eyesight at age 17 and then went on to University to become a lawyer. I practized as a lawyer for a number of years in mainly criminal law, family law and personal injuries. I then owned and operated heritage tourist accommodation / bed and breakfasts for 7 years. I have been involved in disability advocacy ever since lost my eyesight.

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Unstoppable – My Fitness Community

My name is Gerardo. I am 30 years old. I’m from Ecuador but I live in Ukraine with my wife and son. I am the owner of Imparable.com, a fitness website that provides tools on nutrition and physical exercise. We also have a community to support and encourage people in reaching their fitness goals. I started a Youtube channel in 2011 and we currently have 1.5 million subscribers  and counting! I studied for 5 years in the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and since then I have been creating amazing content for my youtube channel.

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PeepSo 1.10.4 Release

New Release: PeepSo 1.10.4

The first release of July and so close to PeepSo’s third birthday, counting from the first stable 1.0.0 release. I feel like we should celebrate a little but about that later. There’s a number of Sponsored Features that were introduced in this version thanks to VIP PeepSo Member Dale. He’s one of the biggest supporters of PeepSo and has invested a lot. Hence, the heart VIP icon representing our .
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HowSo PeepSo Community Competition

PeepSo Community Competition

Hey amazing PeepSo tribe! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Olivia, your newest addition to the PeepSo support team. I’ve got excellent news for you! As you know, community is what truly drives PeepSo, so we are launching an epic competition, and we’ve got YOU and your community in mind. Read more

road_to_building_my_dream_community with PeepSo

The Road To Building My Dream Community

Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe. 
Sumner Redstone

Ok, alright. Let’s not be so gloomy here. Though this quote might seem awfully despairing, I must agree with it. Without adversity, we wouldn’t be moved to change. And without change, no evolution can take place. And as changes takes place, we need others to support and hold space for us. We need a sense of community. Any #entrepreneurs in the house? You guys know what I’m talking about. Starting something new is always scary. We don’t always know how things will shape up, or if they even will. BUT, we have a dream, we have hope. And that’s all it takes for a seed to take root. Read more


New Release: PeepSo 1.10.3

Another release, let me tell you we are on a roll here. We’re trying to stick to a release every 2 weeks or so and so far on average we are nailing this first half a year. It’s a smaller release counting the number of things on the changelog. Still it’s a very powerful one when it comes to improvements and fixes introduced.
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LearnDash Integration Plugin Release

New Plugin: LearnDash Integration

According to various sources Learning Management Systems market is already worth around $6 billion, yes, you read it right, that’s the one with the b. It’s predicted that in this pace the market will grow to up to $20 billion in about four years. Combine that potential with the community factor that PeepSo offers and you have a powerhouse that can not fail. Read more