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LearnDash Integration Plugin Release

New Plugin: LearnDash Integration

According to various sources Learning Management Systems market is already worth around $6 billion, yes, you read it right, that’s the one with the b. It’s predicted that in this pace the market will grow to up to $20 billion in about four years. Combine that potential with the community factor that PeepSo offers and you have a powerhouse that can not fail. Read more

The Illusion Of Free

The Illusion of FREE

Facebook has over 2,000,000,000 active users reported in the first quarter of 2018. Two billion users. There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you do have a Facebook account. In the light of scandals that reach the light of day when it comes to Facebook’s practices, it’s hard to feel safe and secure when using that platform. Facebook claims it’s free to use for all. But is it, really. Let’s just say you don’t pay with money…  Read more

PeepSo 1.10.2 Release

New Release: PeepSo 1.10.2

Every once in a while we need to take a step back and get perspective on how our product performs as a whole. This release focuses on the general performance of the PeepSo suite, with special attention to Chat, AJAX and various tasks that PeepSo performs in the background. We also improved control over user registrations and added some new features to the GDPR compliance mode.
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May The 4th Be With You

Fantastic year indeed. Officially a year has just passed since we took PeepSo over. We’ve put our hearts and souls into PeepSo and its plugins. This is a simple post where I want to express my gratitude, I’m sure the whole team will join me here, to everyone who uses and supports PeepSo.

It’s not easy to create something great and it does take very long hours, lots of sweat, dedication just to mention a few. I dare to say it takes more time and effort than to become a Jedi Master. Yep, you read that right. With the right people in the right place all is possible, though.

One year anniversary since I took over PeepSo with Matt, May The Forth is coming along soon which happens to also be his birthday. So, Happy Birthday Matt! But I digress. Sorry. Read more


New Release: PeepSo 1.9.9

Party like it’s 1.9.9(9)! New release is here and with this one I have some bigger news as well. We’re removing 3 plugins. Introducing professional translations, new User Bar Widget makes its debut and more. Ready? Got your drink of choice? Good. Let’s get to it! But firs, as usual, save us all some time and read the upgrade instructions. Read more