PeepSo 1.7.4 Is Out!

PeepSo 1.7.4 Is Out!

First and foremost… Yaay! We are finally able to release PeepSo 1.7.4. Yes, it took a bit longer than we anticipated, but there were things we just couldn’t ignore. In the middle of the development process we started getting reports suggesting that the performance...

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PeepSo Support Happiness Report – Feb 2017

PeepSo Support Happiness Report – Feb 2017

At PeepSo, we aim to provide our customers with the best customer experience possible. This includes a fantastic product as well as support, if you need it. We use HelpScout as our support system and it has a great feature called “happiness reports.” This feature...

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The Real Reason Google Plus Failed

Google Plus should have been an Internet giant, a social network to put fear into the heart of Mark Zuckerberg. Instead it became the giant butt of Internet jokes, a place you go to on the Internet when you want to be by yourself. Its failure has lessons for anyone...

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PeepSo – AutoFriends Plugin

PeepSo – AutoFriends Plugin

PeepSo - AutoFriends Plugin is another premium plugin from It’s small and simple but allows automatic friendship formation between selected users and everyone else in the community. How It Works It works like magic! Select a user and add them to the list....

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Your Social Network Is A Real Social Benefit

When Valerie Elmore saw a dog run out on a local road and get hit by a car, she did what anyone would do. She gathered the dog up and drove straight to a nearby animal hospital. Unfortunately, the dog died, and Elmore turned to NextDoor, a local social network, to...

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People Love Taking Selfies, Hate Seeing Them

Peepso comes with a ton of features. We spent months building and testing add-ons that allow for video uploads and custom profiles, groups and moods. And in the end it all comes down to selfies. Build a social network and people will soon start uploading pictures of...

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