Help us improve PeepSo

Yep, that’s right. We need your help. The good news is you don’t have to do much to help. We did mention months ago, if not last year, that we’re beginning to collect data so that we can better understand how you use PeepSo.

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Preparing for PeepSo 3

BETA 1 – 6Jun 30 – July 29
BETA 7Aug 12
RC 1Aug 19
RC 2Aug 26
ReleaseSep 7
Last updated August 12. All future dates subject to change.

PeepSo 3 was – and still is – the biggest challenge we’ve faced in the history of our company. Nearly the entire front-end code base structure is changing and evolving to support some of the features that were never possible before. If you’ve been using late versions from PeepSo 2 family, there is a chance you’ve already seen some old features being rewritten, or new features like saved posts being added, as a result of applying a more optimized and modern code base. I am excited to introduce some of the new features and show you PeepSo 3, the future of social networking plugins for WordPress.

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