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  • PeepSo Support, 2021 Annual Report

    PeepSo Support, 2021 Annual Report

    A year ago, I started my previous Annual Report with the sentence: “I suppose 2020 was an exceptional year for all, and because of COVID, it wasn’t a good year”.

  • PeepSo Support – Q3 Report

    PeepSo Support – Q3 Report

    Here is my next quarterly report on PeepSo support. As always, I hope it brings you closer to what we do.

  • PeepSo Support – Q2 Report

    PeepSo Support – Q2 Report

    As the second quarter of 2021 is over (time flies fast), here is my next report. Similarly to previous reports, in this one, you can find what are the latest PeepSo support news and statistics. 

  • PeepSo Support – Q1 Report

    PeepSo Support – Q1 Report

    As promised in my Annual Report published in January, I will continue with similar reports on a quarterly basis. In this report, I’ll tell you what has been going on in the support department recently. On top of that, I’ll show some recent statistics.

  • PeepSo Annual Support Report

    PeepSo Annual Support Report

    The beginning of the year is usually a good time for reviews and summaries. To look back and analyze the past year. I suppose 2020 was an exceptional year for all, and because of Covid, it wasn’t a good year. It seems that everybody has been affected to some extent. It wasn’t an easy year…

  • PeepSo Integrates With Everything

    PeepSo Integrates With Everything

    The title might be misleading in a way, it’s not far from the truth, though. It’s all possible thanks to the wonders of WordPress’ ecosystem. Advanced WordPress users and developers should already know what this post is about. For those who are new or would like to get some more perspective, sit back and enjoy.

  • Product & Pricing Changes

    Product & Pricing Changes

    Changes arrived to PeepSo offer. If you already made a purchase, please note this does not affect your access to plugins, support etc. We got you well covered!

  • Help us improve PeepSo

    Help us improve PeepSo

    Yep, that’s right. We need your help. The good news is you don’t have to do much to help. We did mention months ago, if not last year, that we’re beginning to collect data so that we can better understand how you use PeepSo.

  • Is PeepSo Providing Amazing Support?

    Is PeepSo Providing Amazing Support?

    Let’s talk about that. But first, what is GOOD support? 

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