Can I try PeepSo for free?

Sure! PeepSo core is totally free, just click the Download button on the top menu. If you want to play around with the premium plugins, just login to our demo site. Here’s a comparison table that contrasts the free core version with all the plugins.

Is PeepSo limited to one domain?

Licenses fully work only on one domain name that you've entered as the supported one. That includes automatic updates, upgrades and our technical support. For testing purposes we can add a staging site to the license keys that you already have. Please contact our support about it.

How long is the license for the premium plugins?

Each license is for one year.

Can I still use PeepSo premium plugins after the license has expired?

Sure. The plugins will keep working but you won’t be able to download upgrades or obtain support after the license has expired.

Does PeepSo have all the features of Facebook?

PeepSo doesn't have all the features of Facebook, but it has everything you need to get started. We'll be adding more features as we go.

Will PeepSo work with my WordPress theme?

Most likely. We tested PeepSo with fifteen of the most popular free themes and they worked fine. You can see the full list of themes we tested here. If you encounter any incompatibility, please post a support ticket and we’ll help you out.

Which pages are created automatically when I install PeepSo?

The following pages are created automatically:

  • Recent Activity
  • Members
  • Recover Password
  • Site Registration
  • Messages

Read more about PeepSo Shortcodes here

Why should I build my own social network? Can’t I just create a group on Facebook?

There are a number of good reasons to create your own social network. These are the four biggest: 4 Good Reasons To Have Your Own Social Network

Is PeepSo GPL?

Yes, PeepSo and all its commercial plugins were released under the GPL license.

I'd like to translate PeepSo, what should I do?

Contact Paul Smith, our operations manager on our community and he will hook you up.

Does PeepSo Support Multi Sites?

PeepSo doesn't support multi-sites at this time.