Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try PeepSo for free?

Sure! The PeepSo Foundation comes at absolutely no cost – no credit card required! It includes the PeepSo Foundation plugin, our Gecko theme and our Foundation add-ons.

Do you offer Installation & Configuration service?

We do! Here at PeepSo we always strive to provide the best service and experience to our users, and we have added this significant improvement to the spectrum of our services. When you purchase a PeepSo bundle, you will now be able to select the Installation & Configuration Service. To get it, click here.

Does PeepSo support Multisites?

We don’t provide any kind of tech support to multisite setups during the subscription time, no matter whether or not the issue is multisite related.

PeepSo software does not officially support multisite environments. It may somewhat work with that setup, but we are not able to give any advice regarding such installation.

Is PeepSo GDPR Compliant?

Yes, starting with PeepSo 1.10.0 version PeepSo comes with GDPR compliance configuration settings.

What server do I need?

The problem here is as usual with a number of various factors, each as important as others. It doesn’t matter how many users there are on your website. You could be running a community with 1,000,000 registered users on a shared server, but it would still be fast if only a handful of them actually visited the site.

It doesn’t really matter how many users there are but HOW they use the site and WHEN. Those are the key factors. In a perfect scenario, they’d be using your site evenly throughout 24h so that server load is nice and evenly distributed. It can work perfectly fine, but if they all come and login at the same time, the server might not make it. It’s the same with how they use the site. If they’re just browsing, reading posts and maybe click a like from time to time, that’s ok. But if they all start posting photos, writing comments etc. in a short period of time, that puts a strain on the server.

The general rule of thumb is this. Start small, but have room to grow. So if you can start with a cloud platform or a general VPS, sure. Monitor how your community is using your site: when they login, how the site performs in the spike times and adjust if necessary. What is important though, is to make sure they don’t just CUT YOU OFF from processing power if you happen to reach some limits. That’s bad for usability on the site. So contact the hosting of your choice and ask how they are handling it.

PeepSo performance hugely overshadows competition and we are not planning to stop there. We’ve made an amazing progress regarding performance and we’ve got plans to make it even better.

Having all that said, we test PeepSo on daily basis with shared, VPS and dedicated hosting machines just to make sure it all works on almost any given environment. You can ask a few people in our own community what servers they use, what’s the amount of users etc. You can read more on the server topic here.

Is there a mobile app?

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle comes with a Mobile App integration, which works as a bridge between PeepSo and a third party “app wrapper”. Currently the supported wrapper is MobiLoud. You can read more about it here.

Is PeepSo limited to one domain?

Licenses fully work only on a number of sites depending on the purchase option.

If you need staging, development or local domains, you need to use a license seat just like any other website. You can always upgrade your license to add supported domains. That includes automatic updates, upgrades and our technical support. Please contact our support about it.

How long is the license for premium plugins?

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle is available in yearly and five year options. As a license holder, during that time you have access to: downloads, upgrades, updates and full technical support – all at no additional cost.

Does PeepSo have all the features of Facebook?

PeepSo doesn’t have all the features of Facebook, but it has everything you need to get started. We’ll be adding more features as we go. If you have a question regarding PeepSo’s features, see our Bundles, ask in our Community or contact support.

Will PeepSo work with my WordPress theme?

Over the last years we’ve tested PeepSo with dozens of major themes. But since there are thousands of themes for WordPress, it’d hard for us to test with all of them. Well, it’s virtually impossible. You can try PeepSo (it’s free) with the theme of your choice. If you find any problems, please report them and we’ll fix whatever PeepSo might be breaking.

However, if the case is that the theme itself is interfering with PeepSo’s styles and overriding them in any way, there’s nothing we’d be able to do. You’d have to contact the theme developers to get that fixed.

We also offer PeepSo Theme Gecko – which is a theme created by the same people who are making PeepSo. With its PeepSo First approach, we can ensure that no other theme can offer what this one can. It’s also fully supported and offers a lot of integrations with other plugins.

Why should I build my own social network? Can’t I just create a group on Facebook?

Countless reasons, really. Privacy, security being the biggest one. Having total control over the content, no censorship and true freedom of speech. One of the most important reasons, though… Let’s say you run a bicycle-selling business. Why would you create a FB group where Facebook shows your competitor’s ads to YOUR clients, YOUR audience? You try hard to gather loyal clients, and like this you give them all up. That’s just not fair.

Take a look at this article about owning Your Community.

Where to find translations?

We offer translations for PeepSo that are maintained by volunteers from time to time. Depending on the necessity, they are checked and/or completed by professional translators. The translations are shipped with plugins and work out of the box for a number of languages. If you think your language is missing, you can contact us.

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