Can I try PeepSo for free?

Sure! PeepSo core is totally free, just click the Download button on the top menu. If you want to play around with the premium plugins, just login to our demo site. 

Is PeepSo limited to one domain?

Licenses fully work only on one domain name assigned upon first plugin activation. It's also the only supported one. That includes automatic updates, upgrades and our technical support. For testing purposes we can add a staging site to the license keys that you already have. Please contact our support about it.

How long is the license for the premium plugins?

Each license is for one year. During that time you have access to: support, upgrades and updates for no additional cost.

Can I still use PeepSo premium plugins after the license has expired?

Sure. The plugins will keep working but you won’t be able to download upgrades or obtain support after the license has expired. Access to downloads is also available only to active license holders.

Does PeepSo have all the features of Facebook?

PeepSo doesn't have all the features of Facebook, but it has everything you need to get started. We'll be adding more features as we go. If you have a question regarding PeepSo's features see our Downloads page or ask us on our Community.

Will PeepSo work with my WordPress theme?

We've tested PeepSo with dozens of major themes. But since there are thousands of themes for WordPress, it'd hard for us to test with all of them. Well, virtually impossible. The themes we recommend are the http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/ and http://my.studiopress.com/themes/genesis/ and we're using those in testing / development on daily basis. 

You can check PeepSo Core (it's free) with that theme and if you find any problems, please report them and we'll fix whatever PeepSo might be breaking. 

However, if the case is that the theme itself is interfering with PeepSo's styles and overriding them in any way, there's nothing we'd be able to do. You'd have to contact the theme developers to get that fixed.

Why should I build my own social network? Can’t I just create a group on Facebook?

There are a number of good reasons to create your own social network. These are the four biggest: 4 Good Reasons To Have Your Own Social Network

Is PeepSo GPL?

Yes, PeepSo and all its commercial plugins were released under the GPL license.

I'd like to translate PeepSo, what should I do?

Already available translations can be downloaded here. If you'd like to translate PeepSo to a language that's not on the list, please do contact us.

Does PeepSo Support Multi Sites?

PeepSo is slowly getting into MultiSite support. It's still a beta-feature and is NOT officially supported.