PeepSo vs Competition

Why PeepSo is the Best option for Your Community

We are the best because we do our best for You.

PeepSo was founded when there was no other WordPress plugin that could fulfill all the requirements we deem necessary for the creation of a perfect community – and we still believe we’re the only ones who have nailed it to a T. What we do is backed up by years of professional experience, forward thinking, research, tight collaboration between teammates from different cultures, and a healthy work environment that we’re proud of.

PeepSo is ever growing and firmly set to enhance your networking endeavors. Your interest and support pushes us to always strive to improve, and remain the best option.

PeepSo Foundation

PeepSo Free Bundle

PeepSo is completely FREE and it’s a foundation that’s required to run other plugins. Its activity stream and profile pages will enable you to start building Your Community just the way you always wanted it to be.

PeepSo Free Bundle vs other free plugins

…And when we say “free”, we really mean FREE. No hidden paywall, no reaching for your credit card. Just download -> Install -> Activate. Done.

How many of such free WordPress plugins for community creation do you know of?

And more importantly – how many of them offer functional features for you to really have a good setup?

We can think of one example which strives for this ideal, and appears to be the most popular among the free choices: BuddyPress.

You’ve probably heard of it, might have used it, and maybe you’re even using it right now. BuddyPress is an open source project by Automattic – the same company that’s behind WordPress itself.

Its popularity comes mainly from its immediate accessibility; it’s literally in-your-face when you go to the backend -> Plugins -> Add new, where it’s one of the very first plugins on the provided list. Users who don’t do proper research and just install plugins without a second thought won’t know any better.

BuddyPress features are designed in a one-to-one relation. For example, while Photos and Videos “talk” to BuddyPress, they don’t communicate with each other. Here’s why: these features are created by different, independent developers, who might also introduce design inconsistencies. Consequently, instability between features is practically a given, and you can easily end up with a broken site.

If you start using a 3rd party BuddyPress plugin, it might work well and fulfill your needs for a time, but it can become abandoned by its developer. If it’s abandoned, it might not work with the latest BuddyPress version, so you’re stuck on older versions. It also might not be compatible with the new WordPress version, so you’re stuck there as well.

This is where we come to the drawback of scarce updates. Don’t take this lightly; if left behind in such a way, your site becomes a liability that’s chock full of possible vulnerabilities.

Networking technology constantly evolves and improvements are frequent, but most of due diligence goes to purchasable products. Features are updated only and if the contributors have the time and will. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be substantially rewarded for their work, and the bulk of genuine quality goes to what pays the bills.

How exactly is PeepSo different – and better?

Don’t take us wrong – we too need substantial reward to keep us going, just like everyone else does. But PeepSo was designed with everyone’s needs in mind, which is why we sought to create a unique balance – and reach the ideal.

We produce features that are always stable and functional for both You and your community, and we’ve established an environment where everyone gains.

PeepSo Free Bundle contains everything you need for creating the solid foundation of your online community – with some very important advantages:

ONE Team is working on ALL the features.

Our 3rd party contributors tightly collaborate with us and nothing gets by without thorough checkup and approval. Our cohesion and expertise ensures that our plugin is supremely functional. The features are balanced, flexible, synchronized with each other, and made with both user experience and your ease of use in mind.

Regular updates.

You will get timely updates according to the general evolution of this type of software, as well as continuous improvements of PeepSo features, polished by experienced developers. You will always have access to a clear, comprehensive Changelog. Moreover, updates will never break your existing setup.

Freedom & Clarity.

With PeepSo, you always know where you’re at. When we say you have a choice, you really do. Whichever PeepSo Bundle you choose, you will have a full experience just as we’ve described it. You will never be forced into anything. Weigh your plans and needs and simply go for the option that suits you best. We’ve made sure that whatever you opt for, you will be provided with exactly that.

Extensive Documentation and Recorded Guidance.

Our Documentation provides helpful insight into every single aspect of PeepSo. Additionally, our YouTube Channel provides even more detailed guidance and helps you learn how to enhance your community with PeepSo.

Useful tip: Our Blogs provide extensive information about community creation, maintenance and all its trappings, and we have a Release section where we announce our releases & updates. Read all about it! We are transparent about our history and our work, and we are glad to share our accumulated experience and wisdom with you.

You know the drill: Like & Subscribe!

Be a part of the (r)evolution! Help us reach more people with our fantastic creations and assistance, and participate in connecting the world.
Seamless transition to paid features.

If (or when) you decide to take advantage of the full spectrum of features that PeepSo has to offer, the transition will be completely seamless. It is only a matter of purchasing either of our fantastic Bundles and activating whichever feature you desire in the PeepSo backend Installer.

Go professional, enhance your business, solidify your brand, grow your user base and crush the competition. We are here to make it all possible for you.


You’ve realized the advantages of PeepSo and want to use it – but you already have an existing setup with some other free plugin? No problem! We’ve created Migration Tools for you to transfer your existing communities to PeepSo. We support migration of your data to every feature present in the PeepSo plugin.

PeepSo provides the free BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool for you to make the switch effortlessly. You will get a fantastic new enhancement for your existing community, and your data will be easily transferred.


Another free plugin that you already might be using for your community is Ultimate Member. PeepSo provides a free migration tool for it too!

UltimateMember to PeepSo Migrator will safely and easily transfer your data into your PeepSo installation. Your community will still be there, but enhanced and wearing a shiny new outfit.

We are working on other migration options as well, so keep an eye out. Availability and flexibility are our main points, and we want you to have only the best for your setup.

Why so many valuable features – for free?

Your interest in PeepSo is what keeps us going. Yes, we are literally giving away our precious Foundation, but its ability to fulfill your requirements is what puts us on the map, and also draws attention to all the features we have on offer. PeepSo is the perfect tool for shaping your success.

We are all connected, and we encourage everyone to think big, just as we do ourselves.

You want to try your hand at creating a welcoming and functional online community, but with your safety belt on? Well, here you go – PeepSo Free Bundle. No reaching for your wallet, no strings attached, everything is working like a charm, and it’s beautiful too! Our Gecko Theme made sure of that.

Your community can get a long way and you can gain tremendous support from your users. If you want to know more about how to achieve this, make sure to visit our Blog section and get a few useful tips!

And remember: your enthusiasm, dedication and ideas are what keeps a great community going. PeepSo is designed to amplify all your talents and let you dedicate yourself to your cause unimpeded.

Eventually, you can transition to our paid features without harming your budget – quite the contrary, because every investment is constructed to provide at least a return. Make the most of it as a prospective businessperson, and you can establish a growing income and a bustling community of satisfied clients.

In fact, we encourage you to take advantage of our premium bundles as soon as possible. Time is the most valuable currency; we respect everyone’s time and that is why we guarantee our plugin will not waste it. Our Ultimate Bundle is our greatest achievement so far, and it entails all of our features, full Support, Early Access and much more. Also, connections: you can become a part of our Community and exchange networking experiences with other Peeps.

PeepSo Pricing vs Quality: Pros and…Pros?

Let us be brutally honest here: the ratio between the price and quality of PeepSo premium Bundles is outrageous. In other words, you get ludicrously good features for a considerably lower amount than the current state of the world economy should allow. Worldwide, the quality of products drops due to insufficient funding, overworking and stress, while the prices go up to cover the growing expenses due to inflation.

We do not support such a “trend”, and never will. PeepSo will make your life easier, not the opposite. We want to create an environment where everyone gains. Our plugins are ethically made to be truly useful and affordable, now and always.

We were founded by open-minded, hardworking, talented people who are active WordPress users first and foremost; hence, our goal is to deliver the same quality and affordability that we want for ourselves. And with so much technical & business experience under our belts, we strive for nothing but the best.

Improvements, growth and collaboration are a constant in our work dynamic, and that is why we provide frequent updates, fanatical support and the utmost ease of use for our clients. Combine all that with extremely fair pricing of our services, and it’s more than enough to make our Team proud, and our users happy.

Oh, and did we mention that we’re the only ones who are using our own software? Nobody else has a thriving community using their own software. All of our competitors either default to a Facebook group, use some other solution like a bbPress forum and so on. So how are they supposed to know how to create communities and software for them, if they aren’t even using their own stuff?

PeepSo vs the Market

We have many, many satisfied users who are successfully running their online communities – and businesses – thanks to our plugin. We have a wonderful Showcase in our Community, and we’d be proud to have your PeepSo-powered community featured there as well.

Even though we’d like to reach as many people as possible with our beloved product, we keep encountering a few particular road blocks. We’ll try to break these down, and hopefully break any stigma concerning them.

People think that PeepSo Ultimate Bundles are too expensive.

According to our statistics and customer feedback, a lot of people refrain from purchasing PeepSo because they claim that they can’t afford it. This is what we believe is called a “false positive”.

We understand that consumers prefer to have as much quality as possible, for as long as possible, while paying very little for it, or even nothing. However, PeepSo had actually provided exactly that! So the real problem can be only one thing – the lack of preparation on users’ part.

The very undertaking of creating a lucrative online community requires planning, motivation, networking knowledge, and of course – investment. You can’t create a full setup out of nothing, it takes effort and the means. This is why we’ve split that effort with you, and we absolutely respect your means by providing true quality in return.

Other social network plugins might be better than PeepSo.

This stance is ultimately subjective. You are free to make comparisons with other social network plugins and weigh pros and cons: the quality of features, the amount of features, support, responsiveness, stability, updates, and the corresponding pricing.

We are continuously striving to cater to everyone’s needs, because we understand that tending to an online community, an online store, or an educational hub, can be a full time job. That is why we’ve provided you with the tools and the foundation to make that job as easy as possible, and above all – enjoyable. And with our Fanatical Support, you will never be alone in this endeavor.

What is your user experience with PeepSo?

Do let us know! Join our Community, follow us on our social network profiles, feel free to rate, comment and discuss your impressions.

And don’t forget to spread the good word!

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