PeepSo 2.2.2

[PeepSo] Scheduled posts
[PeepSo] Markdown merged into Foundation
[PeepSo] Allow MD formatting in text based profile fields
[PeepSo] Postbox options buttons UI/UX improvementsIMPR
[PeepSo] Let the welcome post be created even when there are no profile fields
[PeepSo] The “back” button in External Link Warning needs to close the tab if links open in new tabs
[FRIENDS] Clear the transient cache upon widget settings changeBUG
[PeepSo] Searching issues when “Fast Queries” are enabled
[PeepSo] Hide the “welcome to PeepSo” screen in wp-admin from non-admins
[PeepSo] Third party username cleanup not working with WooCommerce Aero Checkout
[MEDIA] Improve handling of conversion failures due to insufficient server resources


[NEW] Page options: Header blend mode
[NEW] Footer social widget position
[NEW] Fonts: System font, Roboto, Roboto Condensed
[IMPR] Option to show 6 footer widgets in a row
[IMPR] Category on single post is now visible
[IMPR] Improved margins on Gutenberg gallery block
[FIX] Images on single post sometimes broke the layout
[FIX] Category description is now visible on front-end
[FIX] Fixed cover reposition on Profile with “Wide Cover” option selected