Version 2.1.0 16 january, 2019
new [PeepSo] Reactions are now a part of free Foundation
new [PeepSo] BlogPosts are now a part of free Foundation
new [PeepSo] Hashtags are now a part of free Foundation
new [PeepSo] Extended Profiles are now a part of free Foundation
new [PeepSo] Force remove illegal characters from username field during registration
new [PeepSo] Let admin define the target cover size and compression
improvement [PeepSo] Improved IP address detection in Brute Force Protection
improvement [PeepSo] Improve toolbar responsiveness on tablets
improvement [PeepSo] Better navigation tabs on mobile
improvement [Friends] Faster activity query for users with thousands of friends
improvement [MULTI] Increase count limits for all widgets
fix [PeepSo] Comments on repost should not be cloned from the original post
fix [PeepSo] Don’t send Brute Force alerts when it’s disabled
fix [AV] PeepSo interferes with Media Grid View for Editors
fix [COMPATIBILITY] Improved compatibility with Divi Builder
Gecko Theme BETA 16 January, 2019 - Get Gecko Theme here
new RTL Support
new Customizations: Mobile menu colors, Gradient widget style
new Hide Footer widgets on mobile
new Gecko settings: Redirect to specific page (example: landing), if user is not logged in
new Page/Post options: Hide specific sidebar (left, right or both)
improvement Profile header height on mobile
improvement Header menu, search & userbar alignment on webkit browsers (iOS, Chrome)
fix White/Invisible photo options
Gecko Theme BETA 28 December, 2018 - Get Gecko Theme here
new Center Profile Avatar & menu options
new Page options are now available on Single posts
improvement Larger user avatars when in profile view
improvement Profile widget - show avatar/cover on other users profile
Gecko Theme BETA 18 December, 2018 - Get Gecko Theme here
new Footer widgets
new Footer menu position
new Customizer: Theme width, more footer customizations
new Landing Page: Custom Redirect Button for logged in users
new Page Options: Hide sidebars on mobile only
improvement Improved header position on mobile view
improvement Load Google font from local directory
improvement Remove meta from Products in WooCommerce
fix Fixed Landing background on mobile
Version 2.0.2 18 December 2018
new [PeepSo] Server Sent Events node.js implementation & further refinements
new [GROUPS] Let admin define default group sorting
new [COMPATIBILITY] Let admin override Divi Builder CSS with a “compatibility mode” switch
fix [PeepSo] Single page issues with custom WP URL
fix [PeepSo] Allow UTF chars in e-mail config
fix [PeepSo] Missing scrollbar in moods selection box
fix [BlogPosts] Unnecessary br tags in template
fix [CHAT] Users unable to copy text
fix [CHAT] Missing photo in pop-up
fix [MEDIA] Video conversion cron fails when "generate poster" is enabled in Windows environment
fix [MEDIA] Hide audio / video buttons from postbox when respective master switches are off
fix [MYCRED] Hooks not firing under new compatibility engine
fix [WordFilter] Full UTF support
fix [COMPATIBILITY] Gutenberg issues saving “external link” and “profile” shortcodes
fix [COMPATIBILITY] Groups page redirects to homepage if LearnDash is active
fix [COMPATIBILITY] Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.0.1, no action required
Gecko Theme BETA 7 December, 2018 - Get Gecko Theme here
new Landing page - Stage 1
new Footer - Stage 1
new Customization Settings for Buttons & Landing Page
improvement Header position and margins
improvement Customizer link added to Gecko menu
improvement User profile cover size on mobile
fix Location dropdown in Postbox
fix Videos (iframe) size & alignment
fix User profile broken on mobile webkit browsers
Version 2.0.1 3 December, 2018
new [PeepSo] Server Sent Events (closed alpha)
improvement [PeepSo] Separate “network” configuration tab in preparation for SSE options
fix [PeepSo] 404 on SEO links
fix [PeepSo] issues in member listings related to sorting via User Query
fix [PeepSo] navigation issues when WP URL is different from Site URL
fix [PeepSo] setting comment count to 0 still renders comments
fix [PeepSo] slow query in latest members widget
fix [PeepSo] updates don’t work if 3rd party is using the EDD update library
fix [PeepSo] invalid upload dir used if the setting is empty
fix [BLOG] USP integration stays enabled after deactivating the USP plugin
fix [FRIENDS] admin unable to see posts with “friends” privacy
fix [GROUPS] invite interface not showing members (related to User Query)
fix [COMPATIBILITY] PHP 7.3 issues in photo albums
fix [COMPATIBILITY] WordPress 5.0 issues with avatar albums
Gecko Theme BETA 3 December, 2018 - Get Gecko Theme here
new Builder friendly page template
new Full width page option
new Full width header option
new Hide sidebars option on every page
new New Customizer settings & General section (links color, bg color, bg image and its position)
improvement Added Dropdown menu to navbar
improvement Update Engine
fix Fixed WooCommerce Title & Images on product page
fix Fixed Navbar which overlaped content
fix Excerpt on blog posts
fix Broken icons on content editor
Gecko Theme BETA Gecko Theme - Get Gecko Theme here
new [GECKO] Beta release
Version 2.0.0 21 November, 2018
new [PeepSo] New Licensing & Updates Engine
new [AV] Rebrand “Videos” to “Audio & Video”
new [AV] Separate configuration for Audio & Video
new [AV] Ability to disable Audio and/or Video completely
new [AV] Separate postbox for Audio & Video
new [AV] Allow widget content separation
new [AV] Optional Artist and Album fields
new [AV] integration
new [CHAT] Add shortcode arguments to control guest behavior
new [PROFILES] Country field type
improvement [CHAT] Paginate the messages overlay to avoid high resources usage if user has a lot of messages
improvement [CHAT] Show avatars in the sidebar
improvement [MYCRED] Refactor the plugin to match code standards
fix [PeepSo] conflict between “use PeepSo avatars everywhere” and “use WP avatars”
fix [PeepSo] Using Divi Builder disables “Public” privacy
fix [PeepSo] Phase out the upload directory config option
fix [AV] Lightbox issues in Firefox
fix [AV] Wrong SEO link in Video Converted e-mail notifications
fix [BLOG] Full USP Pro integration
fix [FRIENDS] Member sorting not working properly
fix [GROUPS] Group activity not counted in User Engagement dashboard
fix [PHOTOS] Display issues with Latest Photos widget
fix [POLLS] Polls unavailable if user profile slug is identical as group slug
fix [VIP] Wrong link to “manage icons”
fix [VIP] Popover does not trigger on profile covers
fix [SECURITY] minor XSS vulnerability in members listing
fix [SECURITY] SQL injection via brute force tables
Version 1.11.5 6 November, 2018
new [PeepSo] Hover Cards (Stage 2 - VIP)
new [PeepSo] PHP compatibility checks with verbose warnings
new [UltimateMember] Ultimate Member migration plugin
new [Videos] Support for audio file uploads
new [VIP] Configurable icon display count
improvement [PeepSo] Reorganize backend UI & UX
improvement [PeepSo] Move “Report” inside the same cog as “Block” in mobile view
improvement [PeepSo] White label the no-reply e-mail setting
improvement [PeepSo] Group cron, shortcode and license warnings
improvement [PeepSo] Unify cover ratios in widgets, Hover Cards etc
improvement [BlogPosts] Trigger Hover Cards in author box
improvement [EmailDigest] Some strings not translatable
improvement [VIDEOS] Require exec() only if shell_exec() is not found
improvement [VIP] Show icons next to tagged user names
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Conflict with WPForo caused by using the same upload library
fix [PeepSo] Can’t report user from profile page
fix [PeepSo] Field placeholders not translatable
fix [PeepSo] Some strings not translatable
fix [PeepSo] Unable to search users by first/last name
fix [PeepSo] Login form fails when displayed more than once
fix [PeepSo] Issues readjusting cover after releasing the mouse
fix [PeepSo] Account activation fails when re-sending the code
fix [Photos] New albums not displaying under PHP 7.3
fix [Photos] Timestamp issues after adding photos to albums
fix [VIP] Deleted badges still showing - with wrong icon
fix [WPAdverts] Unnecessary question mark in URL when SEF is enabled
Version 1.11.4 18 October, 2018
new [PeepSo] Hover Cards (Stage 1)
new [HASHTAGS] add hashtag to the postbox when viewing a hashtag stream
improvement [PeepSo] better “fresh install” experience for new users
improvement [PeepSo] disable Location by default
improvement [PeepSo] do not require peepso_external_link shortcode if the option is disabled
improvement [PeepSo] replace deprecated FreeGeoIP API with IPstack
improvement [PeepSo] remove directory writability check
improvement [PeepSo] randomize GDPR archive name
improvement [PeepSo] new optional parameter for get_cover($size) to generate resized covers on-the-fly
improvement [PeepSo] require password to change username or e-mail
improvement [PeepSo] New mobile UI/UX for profile navigation (Stage 2)
improvement [GIPHY] navigation buttons too small on mobile
improvement [GROUPS] allow longer group names (64 chars)
improvement [USERLIMITS] automations need to be able to post in user’s name even if the user is not allowed to post
improvement [USERLIMITS] add progress bar to the widget
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] use POST in PeepSo notification AJAX to avoid cache issues with SuperPWA plugin
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] BlogPosts comments integration not working in Newspaper theme
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Hashtags widget issues in Elementor plugin
fix [PeepSo] fatal error for non-admin account preferences when birthday field is unpublished
fix [PeepSo] pages_with_shortcode() returns page URL instead of site URL and breaks navigation in certain setups
fix [PeepSo] multiple slashes in URL if peepso_activity is a Front Page
fix [PeepSo] “process mailqueue” button is not working
fix [GROUPS] owners are unable to delete and edit comment replies
fix [HASHTAGS] nothing loads on hashtag stream if there is a pinned post
fix [LEARNDASH] translations not loading
fix [PHOTOS] upload issues in Safari
fix [REACTIONS] list of post reactions returns an error for guests
fix [USERLIMITS] user limitations not showing in BlogPosts comment integration section
Version 1.11.3 8 October, 2018
new [PeepSo] Let admin decide which pages with PeepSo shortcodes to use in navigation
new [PeepSo] Let users hide their birthday year if it’s rendered as a date
improvement [PeepSo] New mobile UI/UX for profile navigation (Stage 1)
improvement [PeepSo] Online member widget SQL query optimization
improvement [PeepSo] Notification counter updates
improvement [PeepSo] Use JavaScript to force-strip spaces from usernames during registration
improvement [PeepSo] Rename peepso_activate for better white labeling
improvement [PeepSo] Queues screen code and UI cleanup
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] WP Statistics plugin conflict with Photos over duplicate Guzzle library
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Fast Velocity Minify plugin kills PeepSo JavaScript
fix [PeepSo] Users are unable to change avatars and covers when peepso_activity is set as Front Page
fix [PeepSo] Admin cannot save profile field names due to JavaScript conflicts
fix [PeepSo] Users see their own PeepSo avatar with guest comments
fix [PeepSo] GDPR data table fails to create
fix [FRIENDS] Deleted users still count as friends
fix [PROFILES] Some hidden profile fields are still indirectly searchable
fix [REACTIONS] Reaction names are auto capitalized in notifications
fix [LEARNDASH] PeepSo hooks fire too late and Groups are not added after a Stripe payment
fix [VIDEOS] Errors thrown in empty widgets
Version 1.11.2 24 September, 2018
new [PeepSo] Single screen to manage all Queues
new [PHOTOS] Let admin decide to delete files from local storage after offloading to the cloud
new [PHOTOS] Switched to Amazon S3 API v3 (from v1)
new [VIDEOS] Let admin decide never to upscale videos
new [VIDEOS] Optional .webm preview animation
improvement [PeepSo] Warn users about navigating away from a postbox that is not empty
improvement [PeepSo] Rename "peepso_activation_code" parameter for better white-labeling
improvement [PeepSo] Better embeds when linking pages from the same website
improvement [VIDEOS] Store temp files outside of media folder to avoid offloading plugins deleting the file before conversion
improvement [VIDEOS] Hide uploads in Media Library from non-admins
improvement [VIDEOS] Better attachment title in Media Library
improvement [VIDEOS] Immediately publish uploaded videos and show "awaiting conversion" message
improvement [VIDEOS] Delete uploaded files when deleting a post
improvement [VIDEOS] Upload percentage should always show as XX.YY%
improvement [VIDEOS] Improve scaling algorithm
improvement [PHOTOS] Better fallback when previously enabled Amazon S3 integration is switched off
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] JetPack (lazy loading)
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Elementor Author Box ("use PeepSo Avatars Everywhere")
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Genesis Framework
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] King Visual Composer (Groups shortcode)
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Internet Explorer 11 (JavaScript promises not defined)
fix [PeepSo] JavaScript issues with RePost
fix [PeepSo] Browser cache interferes with cropping avatars
fix [PeepSo] External link warning redirects wrong when URL contains a plus sign
fix [PeepSo] "Disable e-mail activation" should work for all third party registrations
fix [PeepSo] Missing "?" in blocked members URL
fix [PeepSo] Double / in URLs
fix [CHAT] Deleted users should not count in unread messages
fix [USERLIMITS] Users who should be hidden on listings due to profile completeness show to users with 100% completeness
fix [USERLIMITS] Users who never logged in should not show on members page if profile completeness limits are set
fix [GROUPS] Some pinned group posts stay pinned in main activity stream even if disabled in settings
fix [HASHTAGS] Handing of URLs containing #anchors
fix [TRANSLATIONS] Small fix in German translation & missing domains in some strings
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Race Condition with Groups JavaScript
fix [VIDEOS] Shortcodes showing in video descriptions
fix [PHOTOS] Occasional warning in photo lightbox
fix [DIGEST] Use proper GET params to trigger the cron job
Version 1.11.1 3 September, 2018 - Angel Number
new [PeepSo] Let admin disable e-mail account activation
new [BLOGPOSTS] User Submitted Posts integration.
new [VIDEOS] Support for 4k resolution.
new [VIDEOS] Notify user if video can't be converted.
improvement Updated built-in translations - catching up from 1.11.0.
improvement [VIDEOS] Vertical videos UI / UX improvements
improvement [VIDEOS] Postbox UI / UX improvements.
improvement [VIDEOS] Hook video cleanup event to the maintenance script.
improvement [USERLIMITS] Add css classes to debug.
fix [PeepSo] Create attempts log table issue.
fix [VIDEOS] Process videos starting from the oldest.
fix [ADVADS] Sometimes ads appear on first position.
fix [GROUPS] Issues with Groups shortcode when group page is set as front page.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Can't save shipping address when using non english site.
Version 1.11.0 21 August, 2018
new [PeepSo] Override admin navigation menu
new [VIDEOS] Video Uploads
Make sure to read documentation or forever hold your peace. Seriously.
improvement [PeepSo] Improve buttons behavior for PeepSo+AppPresser environment
improvement [CHAT] Do not fetch initial messages on minimized chat windows.
improvement [GIPHY] Remove https before submitting comment and re-add it on the server side.
improvement [GIPHY] Selection in Chat.
improvement [VIDEOS] Embed Flickr video
improvement [MULTIPLE] Get rid of unnecessary page titles.
fix [PeepSo] warning when install PeepSo on subfolder.
fix [PeepSo] Emoji problem on postbox.
fix [PeepSo] Ajax Endpoint Issues.
fix [PeepSo] Failed login attempts emails.
fix [CHAT] Minimum delay on initial ajax request of peepso_should_get_chats.
fix [WPADVERTS] Missing close div tag.
fix [BLOGPOST] Comment form does not appear when using Enfold theme.
fix [MULTIPLE] User automatically becomes community member.
fix [MULTIPLE] Order of post attachments.
Version 1.10.5 25 July, 2018 || Want to sponsor a feature?
new [GROUPS] Post to stream when joining a group.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [PEEPSO] Brute Force Protection Settings.
new [PEEPSO] Login Widget.
new [PEEPSO] Let admin define a list of emails to receive report notifications.
new [PEEPSO] Limit how many reset password emails can be sent.
new [PEEPSO] Getting Started Page.
improvement [PEEPSO] Remove the file directory step from first installation.
improvement [PEEPSO] Remove url on notification icon.
improvement [PEEPSO] Forms improvements.
improvement [PEEPSO] Update the upgrade instructions when there's a new version available.
improvement [CHAT] Set long-polling interval to maximum when browser is in the background.
improvement [LIMITS] Add classes to HTML debug so it's style-able.
improvement [GROUPS] Users should be able to like and comment on Read-Only Group.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Hide comments integration header for guests.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Hide "this requires CM" when author profiles are disabled.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Improvements of the guest experience.
fix [PEEPSO] Malformed link.
fix [PEEPSO] Trim license keys upon entered (type, paste, etc).
fix [PEEPSO] Warning on account activation.
fix [PEEPSO] Path issues when wp installed on subfolder.
fix [PEEPSO] Wrong email template when approving user.
fix [PEEPSO] Empty message when postbox element is duplicated.
fix [LD] Users should not get VIP icons after finishing courses that don't have a VIP icon assigned.
fix [PMP] Redirect loop if PMP level page not created.
fix [MULTIPLE] Autofriends does not work with latest WooCommerce Social Login.
Version 1.10.4 10 July, 2018 || Want to sponsor a feature?
new [PeepSo] Notify Admins about new reports.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [PeepSo] Show who reported an item.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [GROUPS] Read-only Announcement Groups.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [PeepSo] Add more options to ajax maximum setting.
new [PeepSo] Filter for image sizes.
new [GROUPS] Let owner disable new member notifications.
new [GROUPS] Let admin decide to display pinned Group Posts as regular Posts on non-Group Streams.
improvement [PeepSo] Refresh landing page html/css.
improvement [PeepSo] Refresh register forms design.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Refresh dashboard design.
improvement [PeepSo] Possibility to add class on register form field wrapper.
improvement [PeepSo] Disable Location when key is missing.
improvement [PeepSo] change language for "next" button in registration.
improvement [PROFILES] Allow date validation to be set in the past.
improvement [LEARNDASH] Remove inline CSS.
improvement [WORDFILTER] Admin interface improvements.
fix [PeepSo] AJAX call get_taggable() fires more than once.
fix [USERLIMITS] Automatic posts generated when user can't post.
fix [PeepSo] Move "uninstall reason" ajax.
fix [PeepSo] After login, activity stream for logged-in user should be loaded instead of activity stream for guest.
fix [PeepSo] Tagged user highlight is misaligned.
fix [PeepSo] Bug in registershortcode.php
fix [PHOTOS] Fix language domain.
fix [GROUPS] Fix sorting by member count.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Thumbnails are too small.
fix [MULTIPLE] WPML compatibility.
fix [MULTIPLE] Missing "get it now" in some admin notices.
Version 1.10.3 27 June, 2018
new [CHAT] Implement smart timing in single message view.
improvement [PeepSo] Make sure the post-toolbar action fires above PeepSo content when toolbar is disabled.
improvement [PeepSo] Nested pages handling.
fix [PeepSo] Unable to open another members profile page.
fix [BLOGPOST] Warning on stream title.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Check for deprecated functions.
fix [WPADVERTS] Invalid edit url.
fix [PHOTOS] Invalid timestamp.
fix [PMP] Missing "membership" in navbar.
fix [PMP] Check for PMP based on class, not path.
Version 1.10.2 11 June, 2018
new [PeepSo] Let admin allow username changes.
new [PeepSo] Let admin disable registration.
new [PeepSo] Let admin configure redirect after user account verification / email activation.
new [PeepSo] GDPR archive deletion.
new [PeepSo] GDPR automatic archive deletion.
new [PeepSo] Clean up usernames passed as emails.
improvement [PeepSo] Configurable min / max / multiplier AJAX intensity settings.
improvement [PeepSo] Secure "forgot password" and "resend activation" with Invisible ReCaptcha.
improvement [PeepSo] Automatically insert space after a person to be tagged.
improvement [PeepSo] Hide "resend activation" until really necessary.
improvement [CHAT] Make sure that i_am_typing is not sent more often than once in X seconds.
improvement [PMP] Let admin decide whether to send emails to members with no plan.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Move re-cache operations to cron.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Minify all Javascript and CSS files.
fix [BLOGPOST] Conflict with 3rd party plugin: SW WooCommerce.
fix [PeepSo] Resend activation code sends two emails.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong link activation.
fix [PeepSo] Notice when render error messages on form account.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Groups page 404 when WooCommerce Memberships plugin installed.
fix [Polls] Placeholder text issue.
fix [WPADVERTS] Missing create button in profile page.
fix [WPADVERTS] Invalid content position.
fix [WPADVERTS] Invalid edit url.
fix [MULTIPLE] Fixed typos in descriptions of some configuration options.
Version 1.10.1 29 May, 2018
new [PeepSo] let admin disable Tags, Moods, Location.
improvement [PeepSo] More verbose descriptions – GDPR.
improvement [PeepSo] Remove the files when delete the request – GDPR.
improvement [PeepSo] Improve layout of the Addons listing in backend > PeepSo > Addons.
improvement [PeepSo] Change email inputs to type=”email”.
improvement [PeepSo] Prevent Submit form when press enter on text field.
improvement [PeepSo] Force logout when clicking recover link.
improvement [PeepSo] Add apply/set button to the datepicker to finalize date selection.
improvement [PeepSo] Add script to check entered passwords on reset password page.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Admin configurable “messages only from friends” default.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong language domain in Location.
fix [PeepSo] Invalid translation in 404.
fix [PeepSo] Missing login error dialog.
fix [POLLS] Unable to create polls using arabic word.
fix [PHOTOS] Photo gallery problem on RTL site.
fix [CHAT] Cannot open send message popup outside of PeepSo pages.
fix [GIPHY] GIF image selector problem on RTL site.
fix [VIDEOS] Facebook video is not loaded on popup.
fix [REACTIONS] Notice when delete file cache.
fix [WPADVERTS] Conflict with members and groups page.
fix [MULTIPLE] Unable to search by multiple field.
Version 1.10.0 7 May, 2018 – GDPR Compliance release.
new [PeepSo] GDPR Compliance. You can read more about it here. Yes, it affects you even if you live / have your business registered out of the EU.
new [PeepSo] Add option to hide PeepSo Toolbar.
new [PeepSo] Add user menu from toolbar to UserBar widget.
improvement [VIP] Modal showing badge summary.
improvement [MYCRED] Localization in place for backend settings.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong text domain.
fix [PeepSo] Lightbox issue on iOS.
fix [PeepSo] Deactivation email change.
fix [PeepSo] JavaScript error on admin page.
fix [PMP] No activation email sent.
fix [BLOGPOST] Blocked WordPress comment form on CPT.
fix [MULTIPLE] Translation is not working on windows servers.
Version 1.9.9 23 April, 2018 – Party Like It’s 1999!
new [PeepSo] User Bar widget.
new [PeepSo] Location merged into PeepSo. As such Location plugins has been discontinued.
new [PeepSo] Moods merged into PeepSo. As such Moods plugins has been discontinued.
new [PeepSo] Tags merged into PeepSo. As such Tags plugins has been discontinued.
new [PeepSo] Admin configurable default post privacy.
new [Multiple] Professional translations for German, French and Spanish included within PeepSo and all of its plugins.
improvement [PeepSo] Ultimate Bundle key auto-applies to newly activated plugins.
improvement [PeepSo] Check if email is registered when requesting an activation code.
improvement [PeepSo] Default email template styling.
improvement [PMP] Disable email notification for expired users.
improvement [PHOTOS] Improve modal layout on mobile.
improvement [PHOTOS] Change “View full image” to “Download”.
improvement [AUTOFRIENDS] Include users registered via other plugins.
fix [PeepSo] User shows in widget when “Hide my profile from all user listings” is enabled.
fix [PeepSo] Escape special characters issue with T&C.
fix [PeepSo] Styling improvements to containers / overflow.
fix [PeepSo] Broken notification URL if user put [peepso profile] on activity.
fix [PeepSo] Incorrect notification request sequence.
fix [BLOGPOST] Fix missing comment box for specific themes.
fix [PHOTOS] Swipe photos in modals on mobile.
fix [MYCRED] Fixed an error showing when PeepSo is disabled.
fix [WPADVERTS] Send chat message button on classified-type activities is not working.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Conflict with “WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway” plugin.
fix [EMAIL DIGEST] multiple emails sent when emails already generated in the mailqueue.
fix [AUTOFRIENDS] Admin unable to add user if user has wordpress role other than subscriber and administrator.
fix [Multiple] Fixed date field validation during registration.
Version 1.9.8 5 April, 2018
new [MULTI] Repeat “load more” every X posts.
improvement [CORE] Add CSS classes to “resend” links.
improvement [CORE] Fire an action when user role changes.
improvement [CORE] Change “User name” to “Username” in registration page.
improvement [CORE] Url fetched multiple times.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Cut support to pages and non-blog post types.
improvement [BLOGPOST] Move comment box to original WordPress comment box position.
fix [CORE] Notifications on iOS devices.
fix [CORE] Activate license return response 403.
fix [CORE] Mention “save button” in licensing errors / config.
fix [CORE] User tagging highlighting is not working on edit or reply comment.
fix [GROUPS] ajax-loader.gif is hardcoded.
fix [HASHTAG] Hashtag is not rendered on shared activity.
fix [CORE+HASHTAGS] Stream result not refreshed.
fix [PROFILES] Duplicate field is not searchable.
fix [WPADVERTS] Classified page is not accessible from navbar on first installation.
fix [MULTI] Missing group name in stream title.
Version 1.9.7 19 March, 2018
new [CORE] Mark banned users.
new [CORE] License place for PeepSo Ultimate Bundle key.
new [CORE] Email Styling Overrides.
new [VIP] Ability to assign multiple icons.
new [MULTIPLE] Probably added a few minor bugs to fix in the upcoming versions.
improvement [CORE] Remove redundant header / footer email overrides.
improvement [VIDEOS] Filter the final output – compatibility with 3rd party video players.
improvement [GROUPS+PMP] Email notification still sent to expired members.
fix [CORE] PHP 7.2 compatibility.
fix [CORE] Search for “.” shows hidden JS code.
fix [CORE] Avatar / cover files not deleted properly.
fix [GROUPS] (groupname) doesn’t have videos yet.
fix [FRIENDS] Wrong day in upcoming birthday widget.
fix [PHOTOS] photos_allowed_user_space allow 0 for unlimited.
fix [PHOTOS] Photo is not deleted in AWS storage.
fix [VIDEOS] Alter wp_peepso_videos table.
fix [MARKDOWN] Markdown not rendered in modal windows.
fix [MULTIPLE] Core+Hashtags search results shows only posts – there’s no comments shown.
Version 1.9.6 5 March, 2018
new [CORE] Safety warning on inputs.
new [CORE] Exit gateway for URLs.
new [CORE] Orange / Brown theme.
new [ED] Add monthly interval
improvement [CORE] Move ‘report’ on Posts to the right.
improvement [CORE] Raise recommended PHP version to 7.2.
improvement [WOO] Change language domain.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Justify author box description.
improvement [HASHTAGS] Hashtags in album description.
fix [CORE] PeepSo dropdown conflict with Bootstrap javascript library.
fix [CORE] Hardcoded admin URL.
fix [CHAT] SINGLE Message view hangs Chrome.
fix [PHOTOS] Typo when called function.
fix [VIDEOS] Check and support OEmbed video type.
fix [REACTIONS] Fix icons alignment on IE.
fix [LOCATION] Update google maps API doc.
fix [GROUPS] Join button accesibility.
fix [MULTIPLE] Improve loading javascript files.
fix [MULTIPLE] PHP 7.2 Error notice.
fix [MULTIPLE] PHP 7.2 count() Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
Version 1.9.5 13 February, 2018
new Plugin: WooCommerce Integration.
new [CORE] Override entire email template in backend.
new [EMAILDIGEST] Add monthly interval.
new [CORE] Add ‘other’ as free text for user to write the reason for report.
new [CORE] Hide all comments when set to “0”.
improvement [CORE] Login ‘remember me’ checked by default.
improvement [CORE] Social Login Integration info.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] User should not be able to edit the activities created by BlogPosts.
improvement [BADGEOS] Update max version to 1.4.10
improvement [MULTI] Language changes.
improvement [TAGS] Config email tempate for tag user in comment.
fix [CORE] Notices in peepso > dashboard > most recent content > comments.
fix [GROUPS] Missing groups for some users.
fix [GROUPS] Non-member photo modal.
fix [GROUPS] Sort by members count.
Version 1.9.4 29 January, 2018 PeepSo Community-Driven Release
new [CORE] Email footer / header overrides settings.
new [CORE] Support for Social Login with WP Web plugin.
new [CORE] Admin option to default all emails to off.
new [CORE] Enable/Disable all in notification preferences.
new [ED] Add a setting to edit / change the email title.
new [GROUPS] Notify admins when new group is created.
new [GROUPS] Configurable default email subscription for new group members.
new [HASHTAGS] Widget sorting, display style & minimum hashtag count.
new [BLOGPOSTS] New setting: add title to action text.
new [MULTIPLE] Let admin disable ALL e-mail notifications for a given user.
improvement [CORE] Remove “mails to process” setting.
improvement [CORE] Ability to pass limit and timeout to MailQ cron.
improvement [CORE] Add “home page” option to login/logout redirects.
improvement [CORE] Add action to render custom HTML above inputs when editing profile fields.
improvement [CORE] Allow email verification when already logged in.
improvement [CORE] Notification preferences are unreadable by screen readers.
improvement [CORE] Make sure deleted accounts are actually gone.
improvement [CORE] Send message button on the profile is unreadable by screen readers.
improvement [CORE] “unsubscribe” link improvements.
improvement [GROUPS] show group I belong to in notifications screen.
improvement [FRIENDS] Handling of multiple requests.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Ability to add dates in the future.
improvement [LOCATION] Config improvements.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Clean up language strings.
fix [CORE] Console raises errors due to duplicate html ID.
fix [CORE] Security issue with automatic login upon account verification.
fix [CORE] Divi z-index conflict with widgets.
fix [CORE] Resend activation – always use the same code for the same user.
fix [CORE] “Gender” field label is not taken from profile field name.
fix [CORE] Don’t show Gender in search when disabled.
fix [TAGS] Tag user in reply comment photo activity.
fix [TAGS] Tagged in comment URL 404.
fix [REACTION] “speechles” typo.
Version 1.9.3 17 January, 2018
new [HASHTAGS] New Plugin.
new [CORE] Allow other plugins to add stream filters.
new [CORE] SOCIAL links in PeepSo configuration footer.
improvement [CORE] Activity HTML entities rendering.
improvement [CORE] Stream filters rendering in mobile.
improvement [GROUPS] Add follow button to group listing.
improvement [MARKDOWN] Code blocks removed.
improvement [PROFILES] Custom Single Select Search Fields rendering on Members Page.
fix [CORE] Clearfix class conflict.
fix [CORE] Invalid language domain name.
fix [CORE] Untranslatable string.
fix [CHAT] Messages view hanging Chrome.
fix [CHAT] Untranslatable string.
Version 1.9.2 10 January, 2018
new [CORE] Search in Posts.
new [PROFILES] Member search by custom single select fields.
new [MARKDOWN] Code highlighting.
improvement [CORE] Performance – optimize core images sizes.
improvement [CORE] Handling of Unicode characters
improvement [CORE] Embeded links.
improvement [LIMITS] Don’t show limits in the frontend if a related plugin is disabled.
improvement [MARKDOWN] Code escapes.
fix [CORE] Text on lighbox not localized.
fix [CORE] Error on console when delete account.
fix [CORE] Adminbar global notifications redirect.
fix [CORE] User display multiple times in Members page.
fix [CORE] Wrong link on most recent content comment dashboard.
fix [CORE] Notification popovers autoload not working on mobile.
fix [ED] Add extra check to prevent email being sent so same user.
fix [POLLS] Unable to select option when using RTL language.
fix [VIDEO] Unpublished videos still counted on video widgets.
fix [LIMITS] Users who can’t comment can still reply.
fix [MYCRED] Invalid profile url on leaderboard widget.
fix [PHOTOS] Daily photo upload limit exceeded.
fix [GROUPS] Uncategorized is not hidden when empty.
fix [BLOPOSTS] blogposts not rendered on stream.
fix [MULTIPLE] Showing users who are not approved yet.
Version 1.9.1 13 December, 2017
new [CORE] User Account deletion.
new [BadgeOS + PMP + groups] Assign badge based on membership level.
new [PMP + VIP] Automatically assign VIP icon to membership level.
improvement [CORE] Autohide notification popover after Mark-as-Read success.
improvement [CORE] Admin “verbose” mode toggles.
improvement [CORE] Preload notification dropdown on every counter value change.
improvement [CORE] Redesign Profile/Group focus area on mobile.
improvement [GROUPS] show “uncategorised” box at the bottom of the category list.
improvement [GROUPS] Unify privacy dropdown styling in group creation modal.
improvement [LIMITS] Move debug_formatted to a template file.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Redirection when Click item message notification on profile widget.
improvement [MULTIPLE] MySQL table indexes & cleanup.
fix [CORE] count characters on profile fields.
fix [CORE] repost stream on guest activity view.
fix [CORE] missing wordpress bar when peepso activated.
fix [CORE] Escaped chars in reporting spam reasons.
fix [PHOTOS] Post updates cover not displayed on Stream.
fix [FRIENDS] Missing avatar on list friends request.
fix [PROFILES] Wrong demographic data.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] empty data on blogposts page after infinite scroll.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Post title get cut.
fix [BadgeOS] Missing fallback if content_link empty.
fix [ED] Plugin doesn’t work using external cron and https.
fix [PMP] Session break after upgrading PMP.
fix [MULTIPLE] VIP icon not showing when adding users to group.
fix [MULTIPLE] userfirstname token replaced with username on registration email.
Version 1.9.0 28 November, 2017
new [CORE] New PeepSo color schemes. Red, Green and Blue.
new [CORE] Stream filters accessibility & redesign
new [FRIENDS] User Following.
new [MULTIPLE] New Main Stream – Logic.
new [MULTIPLE] New Main Stream – Filtering.
new [MULTIPLE] Following filter on Members Page.
improvement [CORE] WSL integration removed.
improvement [CORE] Mailq error log.
improvement [BADGEOS] Show badges on all subpages with big cover.
improvement [AUTOFRIENDS] Make sure the follow fallback works.
improvement [USERLIMITS] Show limitation under navbar.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Clean up post filters.
improvement [MULTIPLE] New Main Stream – remove stream tabs.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Performance on activity stream with large groups.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Newly registered user – empty profile tabs.
fix [CORE] Notice on PeepSo report page.
fix [CORE] Invalid unsub url
fix [CORE] Fix Hebrew translation.
fix [CORE] Notice in about page.
fix [CORE] Notification box z-index / background issue.
fix [CORE] Notification doesn’t take to specific comment.
fix [CORE] Admin can’t change user’s avatar.
fix [CORE] Infinite scroll stop loading data.
fix [CORE] Missing stream options to hide stream and block user.
fix [CORE] Likes count information is missing.
fix [CORE] Non-square (200x100) default avatar dimension.
fix [GROUPS] Count group categories doesn’t change after edit group.
fix [GROUPS] Closed privacy description issue.
fix [GROUPS] No content if only one pinned post.
fix [GROUPS] Search group not found message.
fix [GROUPS] Profile “no content yet” styling.
fix [WPADVERTS] Profile “no classifieds yet” styling.
fix [FRIENDS] Profile “no content yet” styling.
fix [REACTIONS] Missing tooltips over Reactions.
fix [REACTIONS] The query does not contain the correct number of placeholders.
fix [REACTIONS] My reaction doesnt load after reacting
fix [EP] Empty separator not removed.
fix [MULTIPLE] Invalid activity url when tag someone in post.
fix [MULTIPLE] “mentioned in a comment” notification leads to 404.
Version 1.8.9 24 October, 2017
new [CORE] Show Unread Only in Notifications.
new [GROUPS] Group Un/Follow Activity.
new [GROUPS] Onsite Group Notifications when a new post is published.
new [GROUPS] Unbanning users.
new [GROUPS] User Roles Filtering.
new [WPADVERTS] Add user real name to ads listing.
new [MULTIPLE] Configurable avatar file dimensions and compression.
improvement [CORE] Preferences page.
improvement [CORE] Remove RTL options from Appearance > CSS Templates.
improvement [CORE] SSL / mixed content.
improvement [CORE] Improve connectivity check.
improvement [CORE] MySQL warning when use MariaDB.
improvement [GROUPS] Describe my group membership.
improvement [GROUPS] Load passive actions on “self” if user can manage members.
improvement [GROUPS] Ability to transfer ownership if there is no owner.
improvement [GROUPS] Allow guest access to Groups listing.
improvement [POLLS] Various improvements.
improvement [GIPHY] Sizes used on search.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Growing interest in reading PeepSo Changelog.
fix [CORE] 1970 post date issue with M/D/Y.
fix [CORE] Main-menu dropdown button is hidden on mobile view.
fix [CORE] Datepicker colors.
fix [CORE] Invalid unsubscribe url.
fix [CORE] Missing close tag on widget community photos.
fix [CORE] Latest members widget is not updated when there’s new member.
fix [FRIENDS] friend_request table is not generated on activation
fix [PHOTOS] Error in photo widget
fix [PHOTOS] Notice on stream album view modal photo.
fix [PHOTOS] Photos widget showing wrong images.
fix [PHOTOS] Album detail page privacy
fix [GROUPS] Can’t request to join a closed group.
fix [VIDEOS] Page doesn’t reload after delete video.
fix [POLLS] Submit vote button not enabled on single activity view.
fix [AUTOFRIENDS] Wrong queries on getting list community member.
Version 1.8.8 9 October, 2017
new [CORE] Accessible-friendly date picker.
new [CORE] Notifications: ‘Mark All as Read’.
new [GROUPS] Group Ownership Transfer
new [GROUPS] Group Moderators
new [GROUPS] Banning users
new [GROUPS] Settings – disable Join & Invite.
new [GROUPS] Changing user roles – promoting / demoting.
improvement [CORE] PeepSo Profile Widget Design improvements.
improvement [CORE] Improve user name & online status on focus area
improvement [CORE] PeepSo new password view instead of default WP one.
improvement [CORE + GROUPS] Cover improvements.
improvement [CORE] Improve comments on mobile view.
improvement [VIDEOS] Unify video plugin scripts.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Performance of loading members on members page.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Disable forced redirects for users who are logged in.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Licensing – set Monetization section for plugins’ license keys.
fix [CORE] Link on approved user email does not work.
fix [CORE] Someone commented on your `post` is a verb, not noun.
fix [CORE] Missing messages notification icon on wp toolbar.
fix [CORE] Comment notification link conflict with KLEO theme.
fix [CORE] User can’t reposition Cover.
fix [CORE] Mark as read shows “twice”.
fix [CORE] Notification number icon[1] missing on toolbar.
fix [PHOTO] Unable to delete empty album.
fix [GROUPS] Fix localization string.
fix [WORDFILTER] Accent character not filtered.
fix [REACTIONS] Icon disappeared on windows server hosting.
fix [REACTIONS] “liked” is not translated.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Translation issues.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Image position does not work.
fix [FRIENDS] WordPress database error on members list.
fix [ED] Wrong description.
fix [MULTIPLE] Email translation lost after update.
Version 1.8.7 20 September, 2017
improvement [MULTIPLE] Compatibility with WordPress 4.8.2
Version 1.8.6 11 September, 2017
new [CORE] New User Profile preferences.
new [CORE] AJAX driven member widgets.
new [CORE] Invisible Google ReCaptcha.
new [PMP] User Profile Integration.
new [BBP] Migrate bbPress content to PeepSo groups.
new [GROUPS] Settings – disable join & invite.
new [GIPHY] Giphy size setting in backend.
improvement [CORE] Do not reload after deleting an activity.
improvement [CORE] Merge About and Account.
improvement [CORE] Alert admin about connectivity failures.
improvement [CORE] ‘close’ nested comments replies design.
improvement [CORE] Remove “delete profile”.
improvement [CORE] Pinned post ribbon color.
improvement [CORE] Validate “Maximum size of Post” option.
improvement [CORE] Remove the notifications screen.
improvement [CORE] Move the blocked members screen.
improvement [PHOTOS] Album detail page privacy.
improvement [GROUPS] Improve about screen – Stage 2
improvement [VIP/GROUPS] Fire VIP-related actions in groupmembers.
improvement [VIP/BLOG] Add VIP icon to the author box.
improvement [BLOG] Author box in embeds.
improvement [PMP] Group class checking.
improvement [MYCRED] Error message when MyCred is not setup.
improvement [CHAT] Better guest behavior.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Icons in config tabs.
improvement [MULTIPLE] AJAX improvements
improvement [MULTIPLE] Improve PeepSo widgets so they’re not ULs.
fix [CORE] Some activities break infinite load.
fix [CORE] Notice in PeepSo Profile Widget.
fix [CORE] DIVI theme: WP Blog rendered in single activity at the bottom when SEF is enabled.
fix [CORE] Can’t change gender fields using checklist.
fix [CORE] Error notice on navbar menu.
fix [CORE] wrong link on most recent content comment dashboard.
fix [CORE] Shortcodes recover and reset.
fix [PMP] Clean up navigation backend config.
fix [FRIENDS] Typo in “friend accepted” email title.
fix [WPADVERTS] Wrong link navigation.
fix [PHOTOS] Showing photo on modal issues.
fix [PHOTOS] Unable to delete empty album.
fix [TAGS] Cannot post reply on a newly-created comment.
fix [GROUPS] Notice on group page.
fix [GROUPS] Notice on unpublished group.
fix [GROUPS] Wrong localization string.
fix [GIPHY] Notice in notifications.
fix [PMP] Missing `Membership` Menu.
fix [MIGRATOR] Fix unread count for messages.
Version 1.8.5 21 August, 2017
new [CORE] Configurable absolute dates
new [CORE] Notifications manually mark as read one by one
new [CORE] New navigation filters – unified navigation
new [GROUPS] Secret Groups
new [GROUPS] Change Group Privacy
new [GROUPS] Group slug (URL) change
new [WPADVERTS] Add classifieds navigation to PeepSo Profile widget Community section
new [PMP] Automatic group membership depending on PMP membership
new [MIGRATOR] Migrate SECRET groups from BuddyPress to PeepSo
improvement [CORE] Improvements to online icon – ps-icon-circle
improvement [CORE] Notification improvements
improvement [PHOTOS] Improved images arrangement on multi-images upload
improvement [GROUPS] Improved about screen – Stage 1
improvement [REACTIONS] Move CSS to a file instead of admin-ajax
improvement [REACTIONS] Compatibility with screen readers
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Move CSS to a file instead of admin-ajax
improvement [MULTI] If full cover is enabled, modifying it should always be possible
improvement [MULTI] AJAX improvements
improvement [MULTI] Generic “content not found” screen
fix [CORE] Random activity rendered when there is no ID in the url
fix [CORE] Single activity view with only me privacy
fix [CORE] Posting timezone issue
fix [GROUPS] Secret group category count
fix [GROUPS] Notification wrong link with SEF
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Hide when empty – navigation is wrong
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Frontend blog posts submission missing check
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Double // in navigation in Profile
fix [LOCATION] Update google maps api documentation URL
fix [FRIENDS] Notice on friend profile page on friend tab
fix [TAGS] Email notification content
fix [MULTI] Mixed photos inside popup in group
fix [MULTI] Reset emails
fix [MULTI] Dock notification icons positions
Version 1.8.4 7 August, 2017
new [CORE] Compatibility Check in PeepSo Dashboard.
new [CORE] Add Community link to wp-admin – Site > Visit Community
new [BLOGPOSTS] Frontend Blog Posts Submission – Integration with CMinds plugin.
new [WPAdverts] Chat / message ad poster about the ad.
new [ADVADS] Targeting/VC Friend Count.
new [MULTIPLE] Mark only clicked notifications as read.
new [BLOGPOSTS] Author Box under blogpost.
new [BLOGPOSTS] Customizable text for blogposts elements.
new [GIPHY] Content rating
new [MULTIPLE] SEO Friendly URLs – Try to get rid of “?” from the URLs
new [MULTIPLE] “Always use full covers” setting.
improvement [PeepSo] FSTVL add information what to do if plugins are not updating
improvement [PeepSo] Disable username change, fix emal validation
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Hide options in the admin depending on what’s enabled
improvement [LIMITS] When posting is disabled, postbox is gone and there is no message.
improvement [MULTIPLE] PeepSoPluginCleanupGroups Stage 1
improvement [MULTIPLE] Linebreaks in profile textareas
fix [PeepSo] Wrong cover in profile widget
fix [GROUPS] Admin failed when deleting album group.
fix [GROUPS] Cannot remove member of a group
fix [GROUPS] Category group count is not updated when group deleted
fix [HOTFIX/GROUPS] Double menu items
fix [BADGEOS] Do not completely disable plugin if MAX version is incompatible
fix [USERLIMITS] Users can still write posts on other users profiles
fix [MULTIPLE] Admin notice dissapeared
Version 1.8.3 24 July, 2017
new [ADVADS] Advanced Ads Integration Plugin – Released between 1.8.2 and 1.8.3
new [PeepSo] User cover on Profile widget
new [POLLS] Ability to change my vote
new [GROUPS] Delete Groups
new [GROUPS] Let site admin add people to group (skip invite process)
new [WPADS] Main menu custom slug
improvement [PeepSo] Improve preferences page on mobile
improvement [PeepSo] Put PeepSoError in file not database
improvement [POLLS] “Post” button behavior
improvement [EP] Extra genders show in PeepSo Dashboard statistics
improvement [MULTIPLE] Profile tabs view for guests
improvement [MULTIPLE] make sure images have alt param
fix [PeepSo] Weird animation when typing on comment textarea
fix [PeepSo] Notifications numbers can’t handle 3 digits and up on toolbar.
fix [PeepSo] Unresponsive login screen image.
fix [PeepSo] Do not redirect in Reset Password shortcode
fix [CHAT] Drag-and-drop issues
fix [GROUPS] Broken avatar tag on group listing search
fix [LIMITUSERS] Old plugins’ names in config
fix [MULTIPLE] Expired licenses
fix [MULTIPLE] Dropdown redesign – convert list to blocks & update classes
fix [MULTIPLE] Action icons overlaps textarea when editing comment
fix [WPADS] Search improvements
fix [MIGRATOR] Comments in profile stream disappear
fix [MIGRATOR] Tag friend on comment
fix [MIGRATOR] Fix group member count
fix [MIGRATOR] Deep nested comments
fix [MIGRATOR] add register_post_type to prevent warning when migrating messages
fix [MIGRATOR] gm_joined field is not migrated from bp_group_members
Version 1.8.2 21 June, 2017
new [PeepSo] Fire an action after user fills X% fields.
new [PeepSo] Fire an action after report was made.
new [PeepSo] WSI integration.
improvement [PeepSo] Improve toolbar styles.
improvement [WPADS] Remove admin message from classifieds form.
improvement [WPADS] NewScroll
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Improve styling under posts
improvement [GROUPS] Better escaping HTML in group descriptions.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Convert lists to blocks.
improvement [MULTIPLE] No Unicorns were harmed while creating this version.
fix [PeepSo] Warning in addons page.
fix [PeepSo] Unescaped translation string.
fix [PeepSo] Broken styling on wpadmin bar notifications.
fix [PeepSo] Invalid username in footer activation email for admin.
fix [PeepSo] warning on edit profile.
fix [FRIENDS] Notice on friend request.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Default privacy setting on blog posts is not working.
fix [CHAT] Chat box on clicking messages notifications.
fix [CHAT] Remove unused error log.
fix [PHOTOS] Can’t reply to comments when in photo modal view.
fix [PHOTOS] Improve href elements on thumbs.
fix [GROUPS] Do not auto-expand first category it there is no groups under that category.
fix [GROUPS] Reposition on default group cover.
fix [LIMIT] Notice on widget.
fix [LIMIT] Notice on friends widget.
fix [VIP] Regular user can change vip icon.
fix [MULTIPLE] wp_max_upload_size() returns 0.
fix [MULTIPLE] Mixed group photos in popup.
fix [MULTIPLE] config tabs sidebar highlights.
fix [MULTIPLE] Fix deprecated jQuery.selector.
Version 1.8.1 31 May, 2017
new [WPADS] New Plugin PeepSo – WPAdverts Integration.
new [PeepSo] Logout redirect.
new [VIDEOS] Facebook video support.
improvement [PeepSo] Improve automatic updates.
improvement [PeepSo] Remove the “purge activities” setting.
improvement [PeepSo] Supported domain should be added automatically.
improvement [GROUPS] Search improvements.
improvement [LIMIT] Notice if “Disable new posts” enabled.
improvement [PHOTOS] Separate config tab.
improvement [VIP] Backend improvements Stage.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Load more items with NewScroll.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Reorder admin tabs.
fix [PeepSo] Single Activity view broken.
fix [PeepSo] Do not initialise datepicker input outside of peepso-wrap wrapper.
fix [PeepSo] Setting “Who can post on my profile page” doesnt work.
fix [PeepSo] Some embeds (facebook) disappear after posting.
fix [PeepSo] PeepSoUser & PeepSoInput private methods
fix [PeepSo] Embedded iframe is not resized
fix [PeepSo] anyone can change avatar
fix [PeepSo] remove spaces from license keys
fix [PeepSo] Cannot login if password contains & character.
fix [AUTOFRIENDS] Cannot save autofriend config.
fix [AUTOFRIENDS] Error Notice on List table.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] profile tab: hide when empty.
fix [CHAT] Input text hides behind icons.
fix [CHAT] Select2 plugin conflict with WooCommerce.
fix [LOCATION] In mobile Cannot select location on Message box.
fix [MULTIPLE] AJAX security / cleanup.
fix [MULTIPLE] General DRY cleanup.
fix [MULTIPLE] PeepSoInput conflict with gettext.
fix [MULTIPLE] PeepSo missing message.
Version 1.8.0 11 May, 2017
new VIP Plugin
new BadgeOS Integration Plugin
new Reactions Plugin
new AutoFriends Plugin
new WordFilter Plugin
new BlogPosts Plugin
new User Limits Plugin
improvement [PeepSo] Licensing
improvement [PeepSo] Avatar upload UI/UX
improvement [PeepSo] Show PeepSo reset password screen instead of WP Screen.
improvement [MYCRED] Check if MyCred exists.
improvement [MYCRED] Updates + Licensing + Version Lock.
fix [PeepSo] Cannot login when there is another non-peepso login form present on peepso login page.
fix [PeepSo] Creating pages when they already exist.
fix [PeepSo] Notice on WooCommerce pages.
fix [BLOGPOST] Errors on blog post after activate Comments integration.
fix [FRIENDS] Error in friends birthday widget – caching clash.
fix [VIP] Publish/unpublish vip icons.
fix [MULTIPLE] Duplicate Queries: PeepSoUrlSegments.
fix [MULTIPLE] Gender option in member search is hardcoded.
Version 1.7.6 20 April, 2017
new GIPHY Integration
new [PeepSo] Strict Version Lock
new [PHOTOS] GIF support
new [GROUPS] Make groups listing available to guests.
new [MULTIPLE] Add optional “load more” button to infinite scrolls.
improvement [PeepSo] Use infinite scroll if activity stream is visible to guests
improvement [PeepSo] Backend > Addons Page > Show translations ONLY when clicking ‘Translations’
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] handle long titles
improvement [ED] Clear logs button/cron in backend.
fix [PeepSo] Encoded content when editing activity
fix [PeepSo] Liked css class is missing
fix [PeepSo] Repost issues on Ajax Request
fix [PeepSo] Different icons order on profile widget icons
fix [PeepSo] Focus area too low on Group subpages
fix [PeepSo] Broken user search
fix [PeepSo] Hide peepso directory notification on first activation
fix [PHOTOS] Comments photo add ons replaced by Photo items in Custom Album
fix [PHOTOS] Error on custom album photo comment
fix [PHOTOS] Error on album with no photo
fix [GROUPS] Cannot change group avatar if exif is missing
fix [GROUPS] Infinite scroll loads other group activities
fix [GROUPS] enqueue_scripts causes load on the database
fix [GROUPS] Missing Groups Information on Modal comments
fix [GROUPS] Error on group album when viewed as admin
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Blogpost embed twice. Should be once.
fix [MULTIPLE] Remove Polls from Messages postbox
fix [MULTIPLE] missing photo comment on group album when opening image in popup
fix [MULTIPLE] Update table notice
fix [MULTIPLE] Multiple/double queries.
Version 1.7.5 5 April, 2017
new POLLS Plugin
new [PeepSo] Make members listing available to guests.
new [MULTIPLE] New Scroll on Stream, in Photos, Videos, Groups…
new [MULTIPLE] Sticky post privacy
improvement [PeepSo] Change avatar on profile page in About tab
improvement [PeepSo] Improve behaviour of privacy change in existing post.
improvement [PeepSo] Tabs in profiles not scalable.
improvement [PeepSo] Postbox Privacy selector improvements.
improvement [PeepSo] Count comment reply in activity_ranking table.
improvement [PHOTOS] Improve upload experience.
improvement [PHOTOS] Add ‘Remove Link Preview’ when posting photos.
improvement [MSG] Notification for unread messages added to count in page title (browser tab).
improvement [FRIENDS] Removing a friendship should ask for confirmation.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Performance and UX improvements.
improvement [MULTIPLE] EXIF fixes.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Context aware PeepSoInput.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Mobile improvements.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Randomize filenames for avatars and covers.
fix [PeepSo] Disable ‘done’ in avatar change modal after it’s clicked.
fix [PeepSo] Profile completion warning keep showing when all required fields filled.
fix [PeepSo] Login issue on minified page.
fix [PeepSo] Theme css overridden when having same class name.
fix [PeepSo] Avatar is not square/circle without cropping.
fix [PeepSo] Error on profile widget.
fix [PeepSo] Default sorting on members not working.
fix [PeepSo] Radio elements are broken in Ban dialog window.
fix [PeepSo] Broken title on visual composer addon plugin.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong number member count in PeepSo dashboard.
fix [PeepSo] Fix missing file.
fix [MSG] Enter to Send checkbox is not aligned properly in mobile view.
fix [MSG] Always scroll to top in message view page.
fix [MSG] Radio elements are broken in “Mute Conversation” dialog window.
fix [LOC] Mandatory on location field failed in registration.
fix [GROUPS] Error on change group avatar.
fix [GROUPS] PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER in groups.php on line 2061.
fix [GROUPS] Special/escaped chars upon save.
fix [GROUPS] Error on accept group invitation.
fix [GROUPS] Filter button not working in Groups page.
fix [MULTIPLE] Duplicate queries – PeepSoUser.
fix [MULTIPLE] Broken JS Dependencies.
fix [MULTIPLE] PeepSo use bootstrap classes on the toolbar items.
Version 1.7.4 8 March, 2017
new [GROUPS] Group Categories.
new [MSG+CHAT] Merge Chat with Messages.
new [MSG] Chat AJAX smart timing.
new [MULTIPLE] new PeepSoUser()
new [MULTIPLE] Add notification icons to WPAdminBar.
improvement [PeepSo] Notification Ajax executed in every page.
improvement [PeepSo] Force Profile Completion information improvements
improvement [PeepSo] Run notification AJAX every 30s
improvement [PeepSo] Remove “activity per page” setting from user profiles.
improvement [GROUPS] Remove unnecessary member count in About view.
improvement [GROUPS] Changes to groups listing in backend.
improvement [PHOTOS] Always crop miniatures to squares in widgets.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Changed localization for TagSo, PeepSo, MoodSo, LocSo
fix [PeepSo] Error in PeepSoUserAdminClass.
fix [PeepSo] Sanitize input for activation form.
fix [PeepSo] Time elapsed translation taken from WordPress.
fix [PeepSo] Custom WP_CONTENT folder cause images 404
fix [PeepSo] “PeepSo” label appear in page title in specific themes.
fix [PeepSo] Widget latest members is not working as should.
fix [PeepSo] Invalid peepso url on fresh install.
fix [PeepSo] PeepSo shortcode won’t update if there is another shortcode inside page.
fix [PeepSo] Menu button does not work in mobile view.
fix [PeepSo] Use secure cookies in https://
fix [PeepSo] Shared posts of not public content break styling / give errors.
fix [PeepSo] Merge “emails” and “mailqueue” config boxes.
fix [PeepSo] Incorrect page title on 404 page.
fix [PeepSo] Change default values for performance.
fix [PeepSo] No redirection after clicking activation link
fix [GROUPS] Login dialog appeared on non-PeepSo pages.
fix [PHOTOS] Non-translatable strings.
fix [PHOTOS] Error on photo modal window.
fix [PHOTOS] Album with “Friends Only” privacy are not shown.
fix [PHOTOS] “view all” counter wrong in widget.
fix [PHOTOS] Missing email template in admin.
fix [PHOTOS] error in peepso photos widget.
fix [FRIENDS] non-translatable string.
fix [FRIENDS] Warning error on birthdate widget.
fix [FRIENDS] Friend can’t view single post.
fix [MSG] “ago” not translatable.
fix [MSG] Error uploading photo via Chat.
fix [MSG] create a Messaging config tab.
fix [ED] Enable email digest plugin and table cant be created
fix [TAGS] Error in tagsajax.
fix [MULTIPLE] Privacy & OG, remove private data from meta.
fix [MULTIPLE] Sanitize username parts rendered as alt and title, delete peepso_after_get_display_name filter.
fix [MULTIPLE] Error in stream when GroupSo is deactivated.
Version 1.7.3 18 January, 2017
new [PeepSo] Split the ‘Profile’ menu on toolbar.
new [PeepSo] Add New action to Profile Widget
new [PeepSo] Add action after profile field save
new [TAGS] Tag users when writing on their wall
new [MULTIPLE] Add prompt for leaving a review in WP Plugins Directory.
improvement [PeepSo] Wrong file system url for directory outside “wp-content”
improvement [PeepSo] Bad escaping when saving email templates
improvement [PeepSo] Untranslated text
improvement [PeepSo] add “dismiss” to dashboard newsletter box
improvement [PeepSo] Wrong recover password url
improvement [GROUPS] group ajax request executed in category page
fix [PeepSo] This week User Engagement is not working
fix [PeepSo] unable to change upload directory
fix [PeepSo] Profile cover doesn’t change after upload on mobile view
fix [PeepSo] No “Reposition Cover” option after upload profile cover in mobile view
fix [PeepSo] PeepSo bootstrap should be loaded on admin page only.
fix [PeepSo] Fix broken lightbox arrows path
fix [GROUPS] Displaying post on Activity Stream Tab
fix [GROUPS] Cant change group avatar
fix [GROUPS] Prevent javascript from throwing error on null response on group listing ajax.
fix [GROUPS] Null value on groupsajax
fix [PHOTOS] Unable to delete avatar from avatar album
fix [PHOTOS] Photo title from upload via sharebox is wrong.
fix [CHAT] Missing icon for closing chat windows.
fix [CHAT] Chat ajax issue
fix [MULTIPLE] All group videos displayed on each group
fix [MULTIPLE] Error on stream title
fix [MULTIPLE] Fatal errors in widgets
Version 1.7.2 19 December, 2016
new [PeepSo] Add basic RTL support.
new [PeepSo] Add New Action to Profile Widget.
new [PeepSo] Show ‘me’ in the online members widget.
new [GROUPS] Closed Groups.
new [MULTIPLE] Photo Albums in Groups.
new [MIGRATOR] Migrate closed groups from BP
new [ED] Log or admin debug for Email Digest to monitor what emails are sent to who
improvement [PeepSo] Notification type is only 20 characters long.
improvement [PeepSo] Minify main CSS as default and combine other CSS files if possible to one file.
improvement [PHOTOS] Nobody should be able to upload photos to album except album owner.
improvement [GROUPS] Notifications refactoring.
improvement [LOCATION] Add/edit/remove location on edit Activity Stream Post.
improvement [LOCATION] API key is required
improvement [MOODS] Add/edit/remove mood on edit Activity Stream Post.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Group members should be allowed to tag other group members in a group post or comment
improvement [MULTIPLE] Remove segments from profile / group page titles
fix [PeepSo] Fontello conflicts with another theme or plugin
fix [PeepSo] Wrong stream icon on toolbar profile (name) > Stream
fix [PeepSo] PHP7 notice about passing object by reference
fix [PeepSo] Profile deletion dialog window has “untranslatable” phrases
fix [PeepSo] URL link preview doesn’t show on comment stream
fix [PeepSo] Overlap postbox button on RTL site
fix [PeepSo] Notices in backend > PeepSo > Addons
fix [PeepSo] Unable to pin activity.
fix [PHOTOS] Cancel photos in postbox doesn’t remove temporary files on server.
fix [PHOTOS] Post button won’t appear after upload photo
fix [PHOTOS] Missing icon for uploading photos in album creation modal.
fix [MESSAGES] Last message is not updated in message list.
fix [MESSAGES] Picture is not showing on first message.
fix [GROUPS] Wrong group url ajax.
fix [GROUPS] Hardcoded group link.
fix [PMP] PeepSo pages redirected to membership registration.
fix [PMP] no membership email after registration.
fix [MULTIPLE] cannot add location on existing album without location
fix [MULTIPLE] Warnings on editing location field.
fix [MyCred] Error when activating plugin.
Version 1.7.1 21 November, 2016
new [PeepSo] Add a button on cover ‘Update Info’
new [PeepSo] Add total members count to 2 widgets
new [GROUPS] Group Invites.
new [GROUPS] Notification to group members that group name was changed.
new [LOCATION] Location field for Profiles
new [3RDPARTY] PeepSo Icon Pack – Icon packs for 3rd party developers to hook into.
improvement [PeepSo] Adjust styling for datepicker – usability.
improvement [GROUPS] Page titles in single group view.
improvement [GROUPS] Respect line breaks for group description.
improvement [GROUPS] Group single activity view now showing in group context.
improvement [PHOTOS] Styling changes, adding a big “+” for uploading more photos in postbox.
improvement [PHOTOS] Disable navigation with keyboard in modal view if focus is on writing comment box.
fix [PeepSo] PeepSo Groups shortcode added to Posts or Comments renders group listing view.
fix [PeepSo] Missing sidebar using “be theme”.
fix [PeepSo] Bootstrap datepicker being overriden by jQuery UI.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong opengraph URL.
fix [PeepSo] open_basedir restriction warning.
fix [GROUPS] Cannot upload Group Avatar and Cover when only PeepSo Core and GroupSo is installed.
fix [GROUPS] Default setting values on fresh installation.
fix [MESSAGES] Messages showed in random order using Videotube theme.
fix [MULTIPLE] PHP issue with Underscore template tag.
Version 1.7.0 24 October, 2016
new [GROUPS] GroupSo Plugin.
new [MIGRATOR] BuddyPress Groups Migration.
new [PeepSo] Login Redirect Improvements.
new [PeepSo] Default images for PeepSo Profile Avatars and Covers.
new [MULTIPLE] Add location to Photo Albums
new [MULTIPLE] Redesigned Toolbar navigation
new [MULTIPLE] Redesigned PeepSo Profile Widget navigation
new [3RDPT] Support for PeepSo – myCRED Plugin Integration.
new [3RDPT] Support for PeepSo – CMAnswers Plugin Integration.
improvement [PeepSo] Notifications scroll to middle of the screen instead of top.
improvement [PeepSo] Notifications scroll when inside a post view.
improvement [PeepSo] Rename ‘Extensions’ to ‘Addons’ in PeepSo backend
improvement [PeepSo] Nested comments not visible to guests
improvement [LOCATION] Disable user geolocation on insecure connection (HTTP)
improvement [EP] Refactor the admin tab hooks
improvement [MULTIPLE] Default widget titles.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Backend settings for PMP and ED.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Remove options from backend for notifications
improvement [MULTIPLE] Press ‘Escape’ to close lightbox.
improvement [MULTIPLE] PeepSo::get_user_id() is not needed
fix [PeepSo] PeepSo pages creation during activation – date issues (scheduled)
fix [PeepSo] Comment textbox has too low height on Mobile view
fix [PeepSo] Error raised on form.js
fix [PeepSo] Hardcoded email footer
fix [PHOTOS] Issue with Url Segments in Divi Themes
fix [PHOTOS] After editing Album Post on activity stream there are badly escaped characters
fix [PHOTOS] activity page not reloaded when upload photo using AWS
fix [PHOTOS] Album descriptions not fully synced
fix [PHOTOS] Show X more comments doesn’t work in album view.
fix [MSG] user keeps receiving new message notification when setting is off
fix [LOCATION] Cant detect location automatically.
fix [TAGS] Unable to tag original poster in nested comments
fix [MULTIPLE] PeepSo page title is hardcoded
Version 1.6.3 5 September, 2016
new [PeepSo] Notifications for comments – Scroll to comment and highlight.
new [PeepSo] Nested comments – follow the rules for showing the number of comments.
new [PeepSo] Check if file directory is writable anywhere in wp-admin.
new [PeepSo] Add email field in User Profile > Preferences > Basic
new [MULTIPLE] Registration with Core + EP fields.
improvement [PeepSo] Notifications – impossible to right click and open in new window.
improvement [PeepSo] Notifications – remove link highlights in popover.
improvement [PeepSo] Profile Widgets Style.
improvement [PeepSo] Preferences > Account Settings.
improvement [PeepSo] Single activity view improvement
improvement [PeepSo] Nested comments and replies.
improvement [PeepSo] Creating new post when a pinned post is present activity stream placement improvements.
improvement [PeepSo] Remove ‘Getting Started Page’.
improvement [TAGS] Nested comments and replies – tagging speed improvements.
improvement [PHOTOS] Revamp albums – remove frame, add overlay.
improvement [PHOTOS] Photos and albums should use 256px thumbs.
improvement [PHOTOS] Truncate album names.
fix [PeepSo] Only Admins should be able to PIN posts.
fix [PeepSo] Notifications don’t show when on the page.
fix [PeepSo] “profile_like” notification – wrong link.
fix [PeepSo] Bootstrap (?) styling conflicting with WP 4.6 wp-admin fonts.
fix [PeepSo] Write on someone’s wall – notification rewording
fix [PeepSo] ‘Remove link preview’ doesn’t show when adding a link in EDIT post and comment.
fix [PeepSo] Nested comments notification link is broken.
fix [PeepSo] Remove fade out on notices – like when reposting.
fix [PeepSo] If there are no notifications, it should say so in the popover.
fix [PHOTOS] NOT album owner has an option to delete album on activity stream post.
fix [PHOTOS] limit of characters in photo albums names isn’t known to end user.
fix [VIDEOS] The ‘play’ watermark is almost invisible on light video frame.
fix [LOCATION] If location is moved to next line, pin should be moved with it.
fix [FRIENDS] If there are no notifications, it should say so in the popover.
fix [FRIENDS] “accepted request” notification – wrong link.
fix [MULTIPLE] Someone commented on user’s cover.
fix [MULTIPLE] Colors for certain elements should be inherited from the theme.
fix [MULTIPLE] Dynamic sidebar wont load on specific pages.
fix [MULTIPLE] Rendering of location and mood in videos modal.
fix [MULTIPLE] Rendering of location and mood in photos modal.
Version 1.6.2 11 August, 2016
new [PHOTOS] Users can create own Photo Albums
new [PHOTOS] Add ‘View full image’ link under ‘options’ in modal window when viewing a photo.
new [EP] Duplicate a custom field.
new [EP] add “nofollow” to URL fields in user profiles.
new [PeepSo] PeepSo Extensions Page.
new [PeepSo] Pinned Posts.
new [PeepSo] Nested comments – 1 extra level.
improvement [PHOTOS] Instead of square, use the actual proportions of the image used in comments
improvement [PHOTOS] Photos loading indicator on Activity Stream Posts.
improvement [MOODS] new rendering in Activity Stream Posts
improvement [MOODS] new rendering in Messages and Chat
improvement [LOCATION] new rendering in Activity Stream Posts
improvement [LOCATION] new rendering in Messages and Chat
improvement [LOCATION] Substitute ‘ – at’ with location pin
improvement [EP] Handling of “empty” separators
improvement [MULTIPLE] Revamped Stream Action Titles
improvement [MULTIPLE] Refactoring: peepso() & template tags
improvement [PeepSo] WordPress 4.6 Compatibility
improvement [PeepSo] Revamped Notifications.
improvement [PeepSo] Comment field should be read only while posting
improvement [PeepSo] Stream default action_text should be empty
improvement [PeepSo] Send “Enable Account Verification” email to all admins
improvement [PeepSo] stream AJAX calls are not aware of the context
improvement [PeepSo] Option to share users profiles to other social networks.
improvement [PeepSo] Show comments in batches not to show all at once.
improvement [PeepSo] Security issue – review AJAX calls auth
improvement [PeepSo] Add WSL Social Login buttons on the registration page.
improvement [PeepSo] Rename / reorganize backend setting for Account Verification.
improvement [PeepSo] Missing Email template for Share Post
improvement [PeepSo] Spacing on the PeepSo Profile Widget
improvement [PeepSo] Missing Preference for ‘Like Comment’
improvement [PeepSo] Use default Underscore and Backbone library
improvement [PeepSo] Add peepso_after_login_form action – 3rd party plugins integration filter
fix [PHOTOS] “Show X more comments” doesn’t load photos in those hidden comments.
fix [PHOTOS] Hide post(change avatar/cover) caused error in modal
fix [PHOTOS] Delete photos on stream didn’t delete thumbnails
fix [PHOTOS] The add photo to comment icon is overlapping text.
fix [PHOTOS] Editing a post with a photo attaches same photo to all comments.
fix [PHOTOS] Refactor repeated template code
fix [TAGS] Add comment in repost sends empty content.
fix [LOCATION] legacy code cleanup
fix [MULTIPLE] Automatic updates don’t fire all hooks.
fix [MULTIPLE] Missing Translation strings
fix [MULTIPLE] Upload directory reference shouldn’t be hardcoded.
fix [EP] cannot edit firstname and lastname
fix [EP] cannot set firstname and lastname as required fields
fix [EP] Clean up usermeta when deleting field
fix [EP] class PeepSoExtendedProfiles does not have a method version_notice.
fix [EP] Separators not showing for non-admin users
fix [EP] Trash Icon Not appearing when there’s a newly created custom field
fix [CORE+EP] Broken field validation on Edit Profile
fix [PeepSo] error notice on profile widget if there are no custom profile fields
fix [PeepSo] comment error while saving
fix [PeepSo] show 1 more commentS
fix [PeepSo] cannot post own site URL (own status update)
fix [PeepSo] “Community feed” text is hardcoded in peepso.php
fix [PeepSo] Members page Alphabetical sorting by name.
fix [PeepSo] Delete all activities on Admin still counts undeleted activity
fix [PeepSo] ‘Remember me’ checkbox on peepso login has no effect.
fix [PeepSo] ‘Remember me’ in login activity page view and widget checkbox misbehavior when checking it.
fix [PeepSo] Cannot change privacy dropdown on repost window.
fix [PeepSo] ‘someone liked your comment’- wrong link in email notification.
fix [PeepSo] URL fetching issues.
fix [PeepSo] Notification when tagging someone.
fix [PeepSo] User keep receiving email and notification when their settings are off.
fix [PeepSo] Hash issue on observer.js
fix [PeepSo] Notification page styling
fix [PeepSo] Comments on reposts causing errors.
fix [PeepSo] User A got notification even User A put a comment at own post
fix [PeepSo] Misspelled ‘apperance’ tab in Profile fields settings.
fix [PeepSo] cannot share own site URL
Version 1.6.1 29 June, 2016
fix [PeepSo] Fixed exploitable AJAX endpoints allowing users to modify non-PeepSo user meta.
fix [ED] Multiple emails sent when using external cron job.
Version 1.6.0 21 June, 2016
new Email Digest Plugin
Version 1.6.0 16 June, 2016
new PaidMembershipsPro Integration Plugin
Version 1.6.0 6 June, 2016
new Extended Profiles Plugin
new [PeepSo] Online Members Widget
new [PeepSo] PeepSo Latest Members Widget
new [FRIENDS] Friends’ Birthdays Widget
new [FRIENDS] Mutual Friends Widget
new [PHOTOS] Latest Community Photos Widget
new [VIDEOS] Latest Community Videos Widget
new [PeepSo] Core Profile Fields admin configuration.
new [PeepSo] Open Graph and embedding support.
new [PeepSo] Landing Page Image settings in PeepSo config.
new [PeepSo] Temporary ban.
new [PeepSo] Redesigned “Edit Profile” interface for users.
new [PeepSo] Profile Completeness progress bar in user profile/about.
new [PeepSo] Profile Completeness progress bar in PeepSo Profile widget.
new [PeepSo] Add notifications to PeepSo Profile widget.
new [PeepSo] Add title option to PeepSo Profile widget.
new [PeepSo] Add option for users to hide their profile from all user listings.
new [PeepSo] Add option to posts and comments to remove fetched link preview.
new [PeepSo] Add option for linking WordPress profiles to PeepSo profiles on frontend.
new [PeepSo] Add option to use “WP avatars only” within PeepSo.
new [PeepSo] Activity ranking based on numbers of likes, comments, shares, views.
new [PeepSo] Change ‘Show All Comments’ to ‘Show X more comments’
new [PHOTOS] Core Photo Albums.
new [PHOTOS] Adding a photo to comments.
new [PHOTOS] When viewing own photos, new options for user to set profile cover/avatar from that photo.
new [PHOTOS] Profile covers and avatars stream posts upon user changing avatar/cover.
new [MESSAGES] ‘Send Read Receipts’ notifications in Chat and Messages.
new [FRIENDS] When ‘X mutual friends’ is clicked, a modal will display those mutual friends.
new [TAGS] Tagging users in comments sends notifications even if they haven’t participated in the conversation.
new [TAGS] Add a setting to preferences about tag notifications in comments.
new [MULTIPLE] Introduced tabbed and categorized community Activity Stream.
new [MULTIPLE] Add “Hide when empty” option to widgets (except PeepSo Profile Widget)
improvement [PeepSo] Reorganize user preferences on frontend.
improvement [PeepSo] Change a phrase if no posts are on the stream.
improvement [PeepSo] Improvements to feedback gathering.
improvement [PeepSo] Simplified registration when confirming email address.
improvement [PeepSo] Rendering links to PeepSo pages improvements.
improvement [PeepSo] Separate email for ‘Someone liked your comment’.
improvement [PeepSo] Move comment delete icon to top right corner and remove ‘Delete’ text.
improvement [PeepSo] Move ’email and notifications’ settings to: ‘preferences’ page.
improvement [PeepSo] Change ‘About Me’ to ‘Edit Profile’ in the Profile menu in toolbar and PeepSo Profile widget.
improvement [PeepSo] Core refactoring of internal link handling.
improvement [PeepSo] Improved API security and privacy handling of usernames, first names and last names.
improvement [PHOTOS] Styling improvements.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Widgets ‘yes/no’ switch styling.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Changing all GET ajax calls to POST.
improvement [MULTIPLE] PeepSo config rearrangement and improvements.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Performance improvements
fix [PeepSo] If there are no posts the notification is misaligned with tabs.
fix [PeepSo] Mailqueue emails problem when using Mandrillapp.
fix [PeepSo] Hide repositioning covers completely on mobile.
fix [PeepSo] Localization issues.
fix [PeepSo] Link fetching issues.
fix [PeepSo] Double page title in page source.
fix [PeepSo] Change wording on ‘read more’ setting in config.
fix [PeepSo] Admin notification email when Admin Approval is set to ‘yes’ email tags generating “‘s”.
fix [PeepSo] Notifications to admin are stuck in mailqueue.
fix [PeepSo] Change wording in config of WSL integration.
fix [PeepSo] After cropping an avatar, the crop indicator stays in place.
fix [PeepSo] New User Registration email still stored at mail queue and not be sent immediately.
fix [PeepSo] Click option ‘Edit post’ more than once opens multiple editing fields.
fix [PeepSo] Mailqueue breaks if the user changes email.
fix [PeepSo] Editing a post or a comment that contains special characters doesn’t escapes them properly.
fix [PeepSo] Cannot edit post on activity more than once.
fix [PeepSo] peepso_config conflict upon activating many plugins at once.
fix [PeepSo] Show ‘RePost’ link only on posts with ‘Public’ and ‘Site Members’ privacy.
fix [PeepSo] Activating just PeepSo Core sometimes created an error of “unexpected output”.
fix [PeepSo] Bootstrap datepicker being overriden by jQuery UI.
fix [PeepSo] Delete a comment from stream Photos/Videos gives a PHP notice.
fix [PeepSo] Unclosed html tag on Approved User email.
fix [PeepSo] Deleting a comment gives a PHP notice.
fix [PeepSo] Fix the Strict Standards warning on wp admin > users.
fix [PeepSo] Warning error on mailqueue after new user registration.
fix [PeepSo] Fatal error on php7.
fix [PHOTOS] Styling issues in modal window.
fix [PHOTOS] Error notice caused by ‘privacy_access_levels’.
fix [PHOTOS] Remove ‘GET’ and use ‘POST’ in the entire plugin.
fix [FRIENDS] Reject and approve friend request on stream items context menu.
fix [MULTIPLE] Fix the unsubscribe link in the email footer.
fix [MULTIPLE] Missing loading indicators on infinite scroll in User Profile.
fix [MULTIPLE] Words breaking in the middle.
fix [MULTIPLE] Clicking ‘edit caption’ many times results in opening the edit field multiple times.
fix [MULTIPLE] Page title containing apostrophe renders html code in emails.
fix [MULTIPLE] Page titles on profile pages should be consistent.
Version 1.5.7 14 April, 2016
new Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.
Version 1.5.6 30 March, 2016
new Opt-in stats gathering on PeepSo dashboard.
new Gathering feedback upon deactivation.
fix Location shortcode visibility in the backend.
fix Unread message notification still shows when new message is deleted.
Version 1.5.5 22 March, 2016
new WordPress Social Login integration.
new Gravatar support.
new A list of Pending Members PeepSo Dashboard.
new A list of Reported items to PeepSo Dashboard.
new Create a public endpoint for running the mailqueue.
improvement Rename all plugins from PeepSo [X] to PeepSo Core [X]
improvement Improvements to the reported items page.
improvement Label gender and presentage color on User Demographics.
improvement Reorganize the dashboard.
improvement Remove socialsharing, add repost config.
improvement Cleanup user roles and their descriptions.
improvement Fallback to username if there’s no first name.
improvement Change wording in profile preferences.
improvement If every core PeepSo plugin installed, hide the list of plugins and bundle.
improvement PNG alpha channel defaults to black upon conversion.
improvement After tagging someone in postbox or comment move cursor to after the name.
fix Recent Members on backend empty and error.
fix RePost photo not showing preview.
fix check_permissions doesnt always return bool.
fix Adding a shortcode to a POST changes url.
fix Remove “email_register” template.
fix Registration emails mixed up.
fix Posting activity fails for IPv6.
fix Password recovery doesn’t work with captcha plugins.
fix Sidebar not showing on register page.
fix Warning error depricated function on date function.
fix Fetching links preview in FireFox.
fix If user put “[ peepso_profile ]” as status update, all profile page will be 404.
fix Location keeps being added when field is cleared.
Version 1.5.4 17 February, 2016
improvement User deletion Phase 1
improvement Too slow visual feedback is causing people to click ‘like’ multiple times.
improvement Change ‘Share’ / ‘RePost’ notification.
improvement Hide the outline of selected elements in modals for photos.
improvement Tagging suggestions
improvement Put focus back in postbox or comment box after selecting tagged person
improvement Comment offset styling for tagging users with long names.
fix Profile cover stretched with certain views.
fix Multiple notifications for the same action.
fix Cannot upload avatars when PHP’s allow_url_fopen config is disabled.
fix Conflict between PeepSo core and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin.
fix Links fetching in comments leaves a gap, no image is shown.
fix Remove the possibility to post images and videos on someone else’s profile.
fix Archiving posts with photos or videos is not hiding them.
fix Friend Request Acceptance notification – wrong url in email notification.
fix Tagging notification shows shortcodes.
fix Videos Page broken when Messages is disabled.
Version 1.5.3 20 January, 2016
improvement Version check speed on plugins list.
improvement Posting comments on mobile.
improvement Styling of Likes on posts, comments, profiles.
improvement User search – logic behind “total count” optimization.
improvement If 2 open chat windows can’t fit in a mobile view do not display chat, redirect to messages.
improvement Checking minimum avatar size.
fix Changing avatars from ‘friends’, ‘photos’, ‘videos’ views in profile caused error.
fix Broken demographic stats in dashboard.
fix Misalignment on the login screen in Safari on Mac OSX.
fix Likes count doesn’t show number of likes.
fix Admin wp_list_table in mobile view.
fix Adjustment of cover images in full and half cover views.
fix Notices displaying in wrong place in the backend > PeepSo > config.
fix Styling issue on postbox in mobile view
Version 1.5.2 6 January, 2016
improvement Change the ‘my orders’ link in the backend of PeepSo config to a proper one.
improvement General compatibility improvements with WP 4.4.
improvement Design issues in backend on WP 4.4
fix Uploading photos on WP 4.4
fix Activity infinite scroll keeps loading first page.
fix Profile page and web title are not same.
fix User cannot save profile when admin allows users to change username.
fix Login modal when logged out.
fix Use default WP user role when registering.
Version 1.5.1 10 December, 2015
new Allow to rearrange photos in postbox.
new Allow others to write on my wall.
new Setting to allow / disallow users to change usernames.
improvement Add avatars to users’ names when adding them to conversation in modal.
improvement Improve comments styling in modal.
improvement Allow using ‘@’ in usernames upon registration and profile edit
improvement Change validation on ‘admin email’ field.
improvement Styling for delete profile buttons.
improvement Right side with comments doesn’t fit.
improvement Avatar change on mobile modal size improvements – cropping library.
improvement When you add videos from different providers thumbs look wrong.
improvement Styling of shared youtube links on stream on Divi theme.
improvement Navigation improvements in modal PicSo.
improvement Remove the notice after repositioning the cover photo on profiles.
improvement Check if mailq is in the crontab.
Version 1.4.2 29 October, 2015
new “Hide my online status” profile setting in user profiles.
improvement Removed unused /_sql/ directory in PicSo.
fix Count mailqueue failures and only permanently fail after 5 times.
fix Warnings when fetching links in Postbox.
fix Email notification links display html.
fix Errors when saving “advanced” config tab.
Version 1.4.1 27 October, 2015
new Dark theme
new Show who’s online.
new ReCaptcha on user registration form.
new Reset notification emails content to default.
improvement Adjusting cover photo horizontally for panorama images.
improvement Resizing and compressing of cover images for performance.
improvement Reorganized Backend configuration settings.
improvement Optimizing enqueue_scripts.
improvement Replace all GET ajax calls with POST.
improvement Licenses checking handling.
improvement Make sure that email notifications are sent using the html template.
improvement Config code refactoring.
improvement Banned users handling.
improvement Convert “link” tokens to link elements in notification emails.
improvement Show chat icon not messages icon on action buttons.