Version 1.11.4 18 October, 2018
new [PeepSo] Hover Cards (Stage 1)
new [HASHTAGS] add hashtag to the postbox when viewing a hashtag stream
improvement [PeepSo] better “fresh install” experience for new users
improvement [PeepSo] disable Location by default
improvement [PeepSo] do not require peepso_external_link shortcode if the option is disabled
improvement [PeepSo] replace deprecated FreeGeoIP API with IPstack
improvement [PeepSo] remove directory writability check
improvement [PeepSo] randomize GDPR archive name
improvement [PeepSo] new optional parameter for get_cover($size) to generate resized covers on-the-fly
improvement [PeepSo] require password to change username or e-mail
improvement [PeepSo] New mobile UI/UX for profile navigation (Stage 2)
improvement [GIPHY] navigation buttons too small on mobile
improvement [GROUPS] allow longer group names (64 chars)
improvement [USERLIMITS] automations need to be able to post in user’s name even if the user is not allowed to post
improvement [USERLIMITS] add progress bar to the widget
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] use POST in PeepSo notification AJAX to avoid cache issues with SuperPWA plugin
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] BlogPosts comments integration not working in Newspaper theme
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Hashtags widget issues in Elementor plugin
fix [PeepSo] fatal error for non-admin account preferences when birthday field is unpublished
fix [PeepSo] pages_with_shortcode() returns page URL instead of site URL and breaks navigation in certain setups
fix [PeepSo] multiple slashes in URL if peepso_activity is a Front Page
fix [PeepSo] “process mailqueue” button is not working
fix [GROUPS] owners are unable to delete and edit comment replies
fix [HASHTAGS] nothing loads on hashtag stream if there is a pinned post
fix [LEARNDASH] translations not loading
fix [PHOTOS] upload issues in Safari
fix [REACTIONS] list of post reactions returns an error for guests
fix [USERLIMITS] user limitations not showing in BlogPosts comment integration section
Version 1.11.3 8 October, 2018
new [PeepSo] Let admin decide which pages with PeepSo shortcodes to use in navigation
new [PeepSo] Let users hide their birthday year if it’s rendered as a date
improvement [PeepSo] New mobile UI/UX for profile navigation (Stage 1)
improvement [PeepSo] Online member widget SQL query optimization
improvement [PeepSo] Notification counter updates
improvement [PeepSo] Use JavaScript to force-strip spaces from usernames during registration
improvement [PeepSo] Rename peepso_activate for better white labeling
improvement [PeepSo] Queues screen code and UI cleanup
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] WP Statistics plugin conflict with Photos over duplicate Guzzle library
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Fast Velocity Minify plugin kills PeepSo JavaScript
fix [PeepSo] Users are unable to change avatars and covers when peepso_activity is set as Front Page
fix [PeepSo] Admin cannot save profile field names due to JavaScript conflicts
fix [PeepSo] Users see their own PeepSo avatar with guest comments
fix [PeepSo] GDPR data table fails to create
fix [FRIENDS] Deleted users still count as friends
fix [PROFILES] Some hidden profile fields are still indirectly searchable
fix [REACTIONS] Reaction names are auto capitalized in notifications
fix [LEARNDASH] PeepSo hooks fire too late and Groups are not added after a Stripe payment
fix [VIDEOS] Errors thrown in empty widgets
Version 1.11.2 24 September, 2018
new [PeepSo] Single screen to manage all Queues
new [PHOTOS] Let admin decide to delete files from local storage after offloading to the cloud
new [PHOTOS] Switched to Amazon S3 API v3 (from v1)
new [VIDEOS] Let admin decide never to upscale videos
new [VIDEOS] Optional .webm preview animation
improvement [PeepSo] Warn users about navigating away from a postbox that is not empty
improvement [PeepSo] Rename "peepso_activation_code" parameter for better white-labeling
improvement [PeepSo] Better embeds when linking pages from the same website
improvement [VIDEOS] Store temp files outside of media folder to avoid offloading plugins deleting the file before conversion
improvement [VIDEOS] Hide uploads in Media Library from non-admins
improvement [VIDEOS] Better attachment title in Media Library
improvement [VIDEOS] Immediately publish uploaded videos and show "awaiting conversion" message
improvement [VIDEOS] Delete uploaded files when deleting a post
improvement [VIDEOS] Upload percentage should always show as XX.YY%
improvement [VIDEOS] Improve scaling algorithm
improvement [PHOTOS] Better fallback when previously enabled Amazon S3 integration is switched off
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] JetPack (lazy loading)
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Elementor Author Box ("use PeepSo Avatars Everywhere")
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Genesis Framework
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] King Visual Composer (Groups shortcode)
improvement [COMPATIBILITY] Internet Explorer 11 (JavaScript promises not defined)
fix [PeepSo] JavaScript issues with RePost
fix [PeepSo] Browser cache interferes with cropping avatars
fix [PeepSo] External link warning redirects wrong when URL contains a plus sign
fix [PeepSo] "Disable e-mail activation" should work for all third party registrations
fix [PeepSo] Missing "?" in blocked members URL
fix [PeepSo] Double / in URLs
fix [CHAT] Deleted users should not count in unread messages
fix [USERLIMITS] Users who should be hidden on listings due to profile completeness show to users with 100% completeness
fix [USERLIMITS] Users who never logged in should not show on members page if profile completeness limits are set
fix [GROUPS] Some pinned group posts stay pinned in main activity stream even if disabled in settings
fix [HASHTAGS] Handing of URLs containing #anchors
fix [TRANSLATIONS] Small fix in German translation & missing domains in some strings
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Race Condition with Groups JavaScript
fix [VIDEOS] Shortcodes showing in video descriptions
fix [PHOTOS] Occasional warning in photo lightbox
fix [DIGEST] Use proper GET params to trigger the cron job
Version 1.11.1 3 September, 2018 - Angel Number
new [PeepSo] Let admin disable e-mail account activation
new [BLOGPOSTS] User Submitted Posts integration.
new [VIDEOS] Support for 4k resolution.
new [VIDEOS] Notify user if video can't be converted.
improvement Updated built-in translations - catching up from 1.11.0.
improvement [VIDEOS] Vertical videos UI / UX improvements
improvement [VIDEOS] Postbox UI / UX improvements.
improvement [VIDEOS] Hook video cleanup event to the maintenance script.
improvement [USERLIMITS] Add css classes to debug.
fix [PeepSo] Create attempts log table issue.
fix [VIDEOS] Process videos starting from the oldest.
fix [ADVADS] Sometimes ads appear on first position.
fix [GROUPS] Issues with Groups shortcode when group page is set as front page.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Can't save shipping address when using non english site.
Version 1.11.0 21 August, 2018
new [PeepSo] Override admin navigation menu
new [VIDEOS] Video Uploads
Make sure to read documentation or forever hold your peace. Seriously.
improvement [PeepSo] Improve buttons behavior for PeepSo+AppPresser environment
improvement [CHAT] Do not fetch initial messages on minimized chat windows.
improvement [GIPHY] Remove https before submitting comment and re-add it on the server side.
improvement [GIPHY] Selection in Chat.
improvement [VIDEOS] Embed Flickr video
improvement [MULTIPLE] Get rid of unnecessary page titles.
fix [PeepSo] warning when install PeepSo on subfolder.
fix [PeepSo] Emoji problem on postbox.
fix [PeepSo] Ajax Endpoint Issues.
fix [PeepSo] Failed login attempts emails.
fix [CHAT] Minimum delay on initial ajax request of peepso_should_get_chats.
fix [WPADVERTS] Missing close div tag.
fix [BLOGPOST] Comment form does not appear when using Enfold theme.
fix [MULTIPLE] User automatically becomes community member.
fix [MULTIPLE] Order of post attachments.
Version 1.10.5 25 July, 2018 || Want to sponsor a feature?
new [GROUPS] Post to stream when joining a group.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [PEEPSO] Brute Force Protection Settings.
new [PEEPSO] Login Widget.
new [PEEPSO] Let admin define a list of emails to receive report notifications.
new [PEEPSO] Limit how many reset password emails can be sent.
new [PEEPSO] Getting Started Page.
improvement [PEEPSO] Remove the file directory step from first installation.
improvement [PEEPSO] Remove url on notification icon.
improvement [PEEPSO] Forms improvements.
improvement [PEEPSO] Update the upgrade instructions when there's a new version available.
improvement [CHAT] Set long-polling interval to maximum when browser is in the background.
improvement [LIMITS] Add classes to HTML debug so it's style-able.
improvement [GROUPS] Users should be able to like and comment on Read-Only Group.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Hide comments integration header for guests.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Hide "this requires CM" when author profiles are disabled.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Improvements of the guest experience.
fix [PEEPSO] Malformed link.
fix [PEEPSO] Trim license keys upon entered (type, paste, etc).
fix [PEEPSO] Warning on account activation.
fix [PEEPSO] Path issues when wp installed on subfolder.
fix [PEEPSO] Wrong email template when approving user.
fix [PEEPSO] Empty message when postbox element is duplicated.
fix [LD] Users should not get VIP icons after finishing courses that don't have a VIP icon assigned.
fix [PMP] Redirect loop if PMP level page not created.
fix [MULTIPLE] Autofriends does not work with latest WooCommerce Social Login.
Version 1.10.4 10 July, 2018 || Want to sponsor a feature?
new [PeepSo] Notify Admins about new reports.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [PeepSo] Show who reported an item.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [GROUPS] Read-only Announcement Groups.
Feature sponsored by VIP PeepSo Member Dale
new [PeepSo] Add more options to ajax maximum setting.
new [PeepSo] Filter for image sizes.
new [GROUPS] Let owner disable new member notifications.
new [GROUPS] Let admin decide to display pinned Group Posts as regular Posts on non-Group Streams.
improvement [PeepSo] Refresh landing page html/css.
improvement [PeepSo] Refresh register forms design.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Refresh dashboard design.
improvement [PeepSo] Possibility to add class on register form field wrapper.
improvement [PeepSo] Disable Location when key is missing.
improvement [PeepSo] change language for "next" button in registration.
improvement [PROFILES] Allow date validation to be set in the past.
improvement [LEARNDASH] Remove inline CSS.
improvement [WORDFILTER] Admin interface improvements.
fix [PeepSo] AJAX call get_taggable() fires more than once.
fix [USERLIMITS] Automatic posts generated when user can't post.
fix [PeepSo] Move "uninstall reason" ajax.
fix [PeepSo] After login, activity stream for logged-in user should be loaded instead of activity stream for guest.
fix [PeepSo] Tagged user highlight is misaligned.
fix [PeepSo] Bug in registershortcode.php
fix [PHOTOS] Fix language domain.
fix [GROUPS] Fix sorting by member count.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Thumbnails are too small.
fix [MULTIPLE] WPML compatibility.
fix [MULTIPLE] Missing "get it now" in some admin notices.
Version 1.10.3 27 June, 2018
new [CHAT] Implement smart timing in single message view.
improvement [PeepSo] Make sure the post-toolbar action fires above PeepSo content when toolbar is disabled.
improvement [PeepSo] Nested pages handling.
fix [PeepSo] Unable to open another members profile page.
fix [BLOGPOST] Warning on stream title.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Check for deprecated functions.
fix [WPADVERTS] Invalid edit url.
fix [PHOTOS] Invalid timestamp.
fix [PMP] Missing "membership" in navbar.
fix [PMP] Check for PMP based on class, not path.
Version 1.10.2 11 June, 2018
new [PeepSo] Let admin allow username changes.
new [PeepSo] Let admin disable registration.
new [PeepSo] Let admin configure redirect after user account verification / email activation.
new [PeepSo] GDPR archive deletion.
new [PeepSo] GDPR automatic archive deletion.
new [PeepSo] Clean up usernames passed as emails.
improvement [PeepSo] Configurable min / max / multiplier AJAX intensity settings.
improvement [PeepSo] Secure "forgot password" and "resend activation" with Invisible ReCaptcha.
improvement [PeepSo] Automatically insert space after a person to be tagged.
improvement [PeepSo] Hide "resend activation" until really necessary.
improvement [CHAT] Make sure that i_am_typing is not sent more often than once in X seconds.
improvement [PMP] Let admin decide whether to send emails to members with no plan.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Move re-cache operations to cron.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Minify all Javascript and CSS files.
fix [BLOGPOST] Conflict with 3rd party plugin: SW WooCommerce.
fix [PeepSo] Resend activation code sends two emails.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong link activation.
fix [PeepSo] Notice when render error messages on form account.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Groups page 404 when WooCommerce Memberships plugin installed.
fix [Polls] Placeholder text issue.
fix [WPADVERTS] Missing create button in profile page.
fix [WPADVERTS] Invalid content position.
fix [WPADVERTS] Invalid edit url.
fix [MULTIPLE] Fixed typos in descriptions of some configuration options.
Version 1.10.1 29 May, 2018
new [PeepSo] let admin disable Tags, Moods, Location.
improvement [PeepSo] More verbose descriptions – GDPR.
improvement [PeepSo] Remove the files when delete the request – GDPR.
improvement [PeepSo] Improve layout of the Addons listing in backend > PeepSo > Addons.
improvement [PeepSo] Change email inputs to type=”email”.
improvement [PeepSo] Prevent Submit form when press enter on text field.
improvement [PeepSo] Force logout when clicking recover link.
improvement [PeepSo] Add apply/set button to the datepicker to finalize date selection.
improvement [PeepSo] Add script to check entered passwords on reset password page.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Admin configurable “messages only from friends” default.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong language domain in Location.
fix [PeepSo] Invalid translation in 404.
fix [PeepSo] Missing login error dialog.
fix [POLLS] Unable to create polls using arabic word.
fix [PHOTOS] Photo gallery problem on RTL site.
fix [CHAT] Cannot open send message popup outside of PeepSo pages.
fix [GIPHY] GIF image selector problem on RTL site.
fix [VIDEOS] Facebook video is not loaded on popup.
fix [REACTIONS] Notice when delete file cache.
fix [WPADVERTS] Conflict with members and groups page.
fix [MULTIPLE] Unable to search by multiple field.
Version 1.10.0 7 May, 2018 – GDPR Compliance release.
new [PeepSo] GDPR Compliance. You can read more about it here. Yes, it affects you even if you live / have your business registered out of the EU.
new [PeepSo] Add option to hide PeepSo Toolbar.
new [PeepSo] Add user menu from toolbar to UserBar widget.
improvement [VIP] Modal showing badge summary.
improvement [MYCRED] Localization in place for backend settings.
fix [PeepSo] Wrong text domain.
fix [PeepSo] Lightbox issue on iOS.
fix [PeepSo] Deactivation email change.
fix [PeepSo] JavaScript error on admin page.
fix [PMP] No activation email sent.
fix [BLOGPOST] Blocked WordPress comment form on CPT.
fix [MULTIPLE] Translation is not working on windows servers.
Version 1.9.9 23 April, 2018 – Party Like It’s 1999!
new [PeepSo] User Bar widget.
new [PeepSo] Location merged into PeepSo. As such Location plugins has been discontinued.
new [PeepSo] Moods merged into PeepSo. As such Moods plugins has been discontinued.
new [PeepSo] Tags merged into PeepSo. As such Tags plugins has been discontinued.
new [PeepSo] Admin configurable default post privacy.
new [Multiple] Professional translations for German, French and Spanish included within PeepSo and all of its plugins.
improvement [PeepSo] Ultimate Bundle key auto-applies to newly activated plugins.
improvement [PeepSo] Check if email is registered when requesting an activation code.
improvement [PeepSo] Default email template styling.
improvement [PMP] Disable email notification for expired users.
improvement [PHOTOS] Improve modal layout on mobile.
improvement [PHOTOS] Change “View full image” to “Download”.
improvement [AUTOFRIENDS] Include users registered via other plugins.
fix [PeepSo] User shows in widget when “Hide my profile from all user listings” is enabled.
fix [PeepSo] Escape special characters issue with T&C.
fix [PeepSo] Styling improvements to containers / overflow.
fix [PeepSo] Broken notification URL if user put [peepso profile] on activity.
fix [PeepSo] Incorrect notification request sequence.
fix [BLOGPOST] Fix missing comment box for specific themes.
fix [PHOTOS] Swipe photos in modals on mobile.
fix [MYCRED] Fixed an error showing when PeepSo is disabled.
fix [WPADVERTS] Send chat message button on classified-type activities is not working.
fix [WOOCOMMERCE] Conflict with “WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway” plugin.
fix [EMAIL DIGEST] multiple emails sent when emails already generated in the mailqueue.
fix [AUTOFRIENDS] Admin unable to add user if user has wordpress role other than subscriber and administrator.
fix [Multiple] Fixed date field validation during registration.
Version 1.9.8 5 April, 2018
new [MULTI] Repeat “load more” every X posts.
improvement [CORE] Add CSS classes to “resend” links.
improvement [CORE] Fire an action when user role changes.
improvement [CORE] Change “User name” to “Username” in registration page.
improvement [CORE] Url fetched multiple times.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Cut support to pages and non-blog post types.
improvement [BLOGPOST] Move comment box to original WordPress comment box position.
fix [CORE] Notifications on iOS devices.
fix [CORE] Activate license return response 403.
fix [CORE] Mention “save button” in licensing errors / config.
fix [CORE] User tagging highlighting is not working on edit or reply comment.
fix [GROUPS] ajax-loader.gif is hardcoded.
fix [HASHTAG] Hashtag is not rendered on shared activity.
fix [CORE+HASHTAGS] Stream result not refreshed.
fix [PROFILES] Duplicate field is not searchable.
fix [WPADVERTS] Classified page is not accessible from navbar on first installation.
fix [MULTI] Missing group name in stream title.
Version 1.9.7 19 March, 2018
new [CORE] Mark banned users.
new [CORE] License place for PeepSo Ultimate Bundle key.
new [CORE] Email Styling Overrides.
new [VIP] Ability to assign multiple icons.
new [MULTIPLE] Probably added a few minor bugs to fix in the upcoming versions.
improvement [CORE] Remove redundant header / footer email overrides.
improvement [VIDEOS] Filter the final output – compatibility with 3rd party video players.
improvement [GROUPS+PMP] Email notification still sent to expired members.
fix [CORE] PHP 7.2 compatibility.
fix [CORE] Search for “.” shows hidden JS code.
fix [CORE] Avatar / cover files not deleted properly.
fix [GROUPS] (groupname) doesn’t have videos yet.
fix [FRIENDS] Wrong day in upcoming birthday widget.
fix [PHOTOS] photos_allowed_user_space allow 0 for unlimited.
fix [PHOTOS] Photo is not deleted in AWS storage.
fix [VIDEOS] Alter wp_peepso_videos table.
fix [MARKDOWN] Markdown not rendered in modal windows.
fix [MULTIPLE] Core+Hashtags search results shows only posts – there’s no comments shown.
Version 1.9.6 5 March, 2018
new [CORE] Safety warning on inputs.
new [CORE] Exit gateway for URLs.
new [CORE] Orange / Brown theme.
new [ED] Add monthly interval
improvement [CORE] Move ‘report’ on Posts to the right.
improvement [CORE] Raise recommended PHP version to 7.2.
improvement [WOO] Change language domain.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Justify author box description.
improvement [HASHTAGS] Hashtags in album description.
fix [CORE] PeepSo dropdown conflict with Bootstrap javascript library.
fix [CORE] Hardcoded admin URL.
fix [CHAT] SINGLE Message view hangs Chrome.
fix [PHOTOS] Typo when called function.
fix [VIDEOS] Check and support OEmbed video type.
fix [REACTIONS] Fix icons alignment on IE.
fix [LOCATION] Update google maps API doc.
fix [GROUPS] Join button accesibility.
fix [MULTIPLE] Improve loading javascript files.
fix [MULTIPLE] PHP 7.2 Error notice.
fix [MULTIPLE] PHP 7.2 count() Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
Version 1.9.5 13 February, 2018
new Plugin: WooCommerce Integration.
new [CORE] Override entire email template in backend.
new [EMAILDIGEST] Add monthly interval.
new [CORE] Add ‘other’ as free text for user to write the reason for report.
new [CORE] Hide all comments when set to “0”.
improvement [CORE] Login ‘remember me’ checked by default.
improvement [CORE] Social Login Integration info.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] User should not be able to edit the activities created by BlogPosts.
improvement [BADGEOS] Update max version to 1.4.10
improvement [MULTI] Language changes.
improvement [TAGS] Config email tempate for tag user in comment.
fix [CORE] Notices in peepso > dashboard > most recent content > comments.
fix [GROUPS] Missing groups for some users.
fix [GROUPS] Non-member photo modal.
fix [GROUPS] Sort by members count.
Version 1.9.4 29 January, 2018 PeepSo Community-Driven Release
new [CORE] Email footer / header overrides settings.
new [CORE] Support for Social Login with WP Web plugin.
new [CORE] Admin option to default all emails to off.
new [CORE] Enable/Disable all in notification preferences.
new [ED] Add a setting to edit / change the email title.
new [GROUPS] Notify admins when new group is created.
new [GROUPS] Configurable default email subscription for new group members.
new [HASHTAGS] Widget sorting, display style & minimum hashtag count.
new [BLOGPOSTS] New setting: add title to action text.
new [MULTIPLE] Let admin disable ALL e-mail notifications for a given user.
improvement [CORE] Remove “mails to process” setting.
improvement [CORE] Ability to pass limit and timeout to MailQ cron.
improvement [CORE] Add “home page” option to login/logout redirects.
improvement [CORE] Add action to render custom HTML above inputs when editing profile fields.
improvement [CORE] Allow email verification when already logged in.
improvement [CORE] Notification preferences are unreadable by screen readers.
improvement [CORE] Make sure deleted accounts are actually gone.
improvement [CORE] Send message button on the profile is unreadable by screen readers.
improvement [CORE] “unsubscribe” link improvements.
improvement [GROUPS] show group I belong to in notifications screen.
improvement [FRIENDS] Handling of multiple requests.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Ability to add dates in the future.
improvement [LOCATION] Config improvements.
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Clean up language strings.
fix [CORE] Console raises errors due to duplicate html ID.
fix [CORE] Security issue with automatic login upon account verification.
fix [CORE] Divi z-index conflict with widgets.
fix [CORE] Resend activation – always use the same code for the same user.
fix [CORE] “Gender” field label is not taken from profile field name.
fix [CORE] Don’t show Gender in search when disabled.
fix [TAGS] Tag user in reply comment photo activity.
fix [TAGS] Tagged in comment URL 404.
fix [REACTION] “speechles” typo.
Version 1.9.3 17 January, 2018
new [HASHTAGS] New Plugin.
new [CORE] Allow other plugins to add stream filters.
new [CORE] SOCIAL links in PeepSo configuration footer.
improvement [CORE] Activity HTML entities rendering.
improvement [CORE] Stream filters rendering in mobile.
improvement [GROUPS] Add follow button to group listing.
improvement [MARKDOWN] Code blocks removed.
improvement [PROFILES] Custom Single Select Search Fields rendering on Members Page.
fix [CORE] Clearfix class conflict.
fix [CORE] Invalid language domain name.
fix [CORE] Untranslatable string.
fix [CHAT] Messages view hanging Chrome.
fix [CHAT] Untranslatable string.
Version 1.9.2 10 January, 2018
new [CORE] Search in Posts.
new [PROFILES] Member search by custom single select fields.
new [MARKDOWN] Code highlighting.
improvement [CORE] Performance – optimize core images sizes.
improvement [CORE] Handling of Unicode characters
improvement [CORE] Embeded links.
improvement [LIMITS] Don’t show limits in the frontend if a related plugin is disabled.
improvement [MARKDOWN] Code escapes.
fix [CORE] Text on lighbox not localized.
fix [CORE] Error on console when delete account.
fix [CORE] Adminbar global notifications redirect.
fix [CORE] User display multiple times in Members page.
fix [CORE] Wrong link on most recent content comment dashboard.
fix [CORE] Notification popovers autoload not working on mobile.
fix [ED] Add extra check to prevent email being sent so same user.
fix [POLLS] Unable to select option when using RTL language.
fix [VIDEO] Unpublished videos still counted on video widgets.
fix [LIMITS] Users who can’t comment can still reply.
fix [MYCRED] Invalid profile url on leaderboard widget.
fix [PHOTOS] Daily photo upload limit exceeded.
fix [GROUPS] Uncategorized is not hidden when empty.
fix [BLOPOSTS] blogposts not rendered on stream.
fix [MULTIPLE] Showing users who are not approved yet.
Version 1.9.1 13 December, 2017
new [CORE] User Account deletion.
new [BadgeOS + PMP + groups] Assign badge based on membership level.
new [PMP + VIP] Automatically assign VIP icon to membership level.
improvement [CORE] Autohide notification popover after Mark-as-Read success.
improvement [CORE] Admin “verbose” mode toggles.
improvement [CORE] Preload notification dropdown on every counter value change.
improvement [CORE] Redesign Profile/Group focus area on mobile.
improvement [GROUPS] show “uncategorised” box at the bottom of the category list.
improvement [GROUPS] Unify privacy dropdown styling in group creation modal.
improvement [LIMITS] Move debug_formatted to a template file.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Redirection when Click item message notification on profile widget.
improvement [MULTIPLE] MySQL table indexes & cleanup.
fix [CORE] count characters on profile fields.
fix [CORE] repost stream on guest activity view.
fix [CORE] missing wordpress bar when peepso activated.
fix [CORE] Escaped chars in reporting spam reasons.
fix [PHOTOS] Post updates cover not displayed on Stream.
fix [FRIENDS] Missing avatar on list friends request.
fix [PROFILES] Wrong demographic data.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] empty data on blogposts page after infinite scroll.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Post title get cut.
fix [BadgeOS] Missing fallback if content_link empty.
fix [ED] Plugin doesn’t work using external cron and https.
fix [PMP] Session break after upgrading PMP.
fix [MULTIPLE] VIP icon not showing when adding users to group.
fix [MULTIPLE] userfirstname token replaced with username on registration email.
Version 1.9.0 28 November, 2017
new [CORE] New PeepSo color schemes. Red, Green and Blue.
new [CORE] Stream filters accessibility & redesign
new [FRIENDS] User Following.
new [MULTIPLE] New Main Stream – Logic.
new [MULTIPLE] New Main Stream – Filtering.
new [MULTIPLE] Following filter on Members Page.
improvement [CORE] WSL integration removed.
improvement [CORE] Mailq error log.
improvement [BADGEOS] Show badges on all subpages with big cover.
improvement [AUTOFRIENDS] Make sure the follow fallback works.
improvement [USERLIMITS] Show limitation under navbar.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Clean up post filters.
improvement [MULTIPLE] New Main Stream – remove stream tabs.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Performance on activity stream with large groups.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Newly registered user – empty profile tabs.
fix [CORE] Notice on PeepSo report page.
fix [CORE] Invalid unsub url
fix [CORE] Fix Hebrew translation.
fix [CORE] Notice in about page.
fix [CORE] Notification box z-index / background issue.
fix [CORE] Notification doesn’t take to specific comment.
fix [CORE] Admin can’t change user’s avatar.
fix [CORE] Infinite scroll stop loading data.
fix [CORE] Missing stream options to hide stream and block user.
fix [CORE] Likes count information is missing.
fix [CORE] Non-square (200x100) default avatar dimension.
fix [GROUPS] Count group categories doesn’t change after edit group.
fix [GROUPS] Closed privacy description issue.
fix [GROUPS] No content if only one pinned post.
fix [GROUPS] Search group not found message.
fix [GROUPS] Profile “no content yet” styling.
fix [WPADVERTS] Profile “no classifieds yet” styling.
fix [FRIENDS] Profile “no content yet” styling.
fix [REACTIONS] Missing tooltips over Reactions.
fix [REACTIONS] The query does not contain the correct number of placeholders.
fix [REACTIONS] My reaction doesnt load after reacting
fix [EP] Empty separator not removed.
fix [MULTIPLE] Invalid activity url when tag someone in post.
fix [MULTIPLE] “mentioned in a comment” notification leads to 404.
Version 1.8.9 24 October, 2017
new [CORE] Show Unread Only in Notifications.
new [GROUPS] Group Un/Follow Activity.
new [GROUPS] Onsite Group Notifications when a new post is published.
new [GROUPS] Unbanning users.
new [GROUPS] User Roles Filtering.
new [WPADVERTS] Add user real name to ads listing.
new [MULTIPLE] Configurable avatar file dimensions and compression.
improvement [CORE] Preferences page.
improvement [CORE] Remove RTL options from Appearance > CSS Templates.
improvement [CORE] SSL / mixed content.
improvement [CORE] Improve connectivity check.
improvement [CORE] MySQL warning when use MariaDB.
improvement [GROUPS] Describe my group membership.
improvement [GROUPS] Load passive actions on “self” if user can manage members.
improvement [GROUPS] Ability to transfer ownership if there is no owner.
improvement [GROUPS] Allow guest access to Groups listing.
improvement [POLLS] Various improvements.
improvement [GIPHY] Sizes used on search.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Growing interest in reading PeepSo Changelog.
fix [CORE] 1970 post date issue with M/D/Y.
fix [CORE] Main-menu dropdown button is hidden on mobile view.
fix [CORE] Datepicker colors.
fix [CORE] Invalid unsubscribe url.
fix [CORE] Missing close tag on widget community photos.
fix [CORE] Latest members widget is not updated when there’s new member.
fix [FRIENDS] friend_request table is not generated on activation
fix [PHOTOS] Error in photo widget
fix [PHOTOS] Notice on stream album view modal photo.
fix [PHOTOS] Photos widget showing wrong images.
fix [PHOTOS] Album detail page privacy
fix [GROUPS] Can’t request to join a closed group.
fix [VIDEOS] Page doesn’t reload after delete video.
fix [POLLS] Submit vote button not enabled on single activity view.
fix [AUTOFRIENDS] Wrong queries on getting list community member.
Version 1.8.8 9 October, 2017
new [CORE] Accessible-friendly date picker.
new [CORE] Notifications: ‘Mark All as Read’.
new [GROUPS] Group Ownership Transfer
new [GROUPS] Group Moderators
new [GROUPS] Banning users
new [GROUPS] Settings – disable Join & Invite.
new [GROUPS] Changing user roles – promoting / demoting.
improvement [CORE] PeepSo Profile Widget Design improvements.
improvement [CORE] Improve user name & online status on focus area
improvement [CORE] PeepSo new password view instead of default WP one.
improvement [CORE + GROUPS] Cover improvements.
improvement [CORE] Improve comments on mobile view.
improvement [VIDEOS] Unify video plugin scripts.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Performance of loading members on members page.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Disable forced redirects for users who are logged in.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Licensing – set Monetization section for plugins’ license keys.
fix [CORE] Link on approved user email does not work.
fix [CORE] Someone commented on your `post` is a verb, not noun.
fix [CORE] Missing messages notification icon on wp toolbar.
fix [CORE] Comment notification link conflict with KLEO theme.
fix [CORE] User can’t reposition Cover.
fix [CORE] Mark as read shows “twice”.
fix [CORE] Notification number icon[1] missing on toolbar.
fix [PHOTO] Unable to delete empty album.
fix [GROUPS] Fix localization string.
fix [WORDFILTER] Accent character not filtered.
fix [REACTIONS] Icon disappeared on windows server hosting.
fix [REACTIONS] “liked” is not translated.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Translation issues.
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Image position does not work.
fix [FRIENDS] WordPress database error on members list.
fix [ED] Wrong description.
fix [MULTIPLE] Email translation lost after update.
Version 1.8.7 20 September, 2017
improvement [MULTIPLE] Compatibility with WordPress 4.8.2
Version 1.8.6 11 September, 2017
new [CORE] New User Profile preferences.
new [CORE] AJAX driven member widgets.
new [CORE] Invisible Google ReCaptcha.
new [PMP] User Profile Integration.
new [BBP] Migrate bbPress content to PeepSo groups.
new [GROUPS] Settings – disable join & invite.
new [GIPHY] Giphy size setting in backend.
improvement [CORE] Do not reload after deleting an activity.
improvement [CORE] Merge About and Account.
improvement [CORE] Alert admin about connectivity failures.
improvement [CORE] ‘close’ nested comments replies design.
improvement [CORE] Remove “delete profile”.
improvement [CORE] Pinned post ribbon color.
improvement [CORE] Validate “Maximum size of Post” option.
improvement [CORE] Remove the notifications screen.
improvement [CORE] Move the blocked members screen.
improvement [PHOTOS] Album detail page privacy.
improvement [GROUPS] Improve about screen – Stage 2
improvement [VIP/GROUPS] Fire VIP-related actions in groupmembers.
improvement [VIP/BLOG] Add VIP icon to the author box.
improvement [BLOG] Author box in embeds.
improvement [PMP] Group class checking.
improvement [MYCRED] Error message when MyCred is not setup.
improvement [CHAT] Better guest behavior.
improvement [MULTIPLE] Icons in config tabs.
improvement [MULTIPLE] AJAX improvements
improvement [MULTIPLE] Improve PeepSo widgets so they’re not ULs.
fix [CORE] Some activities break infinite load.
fix [CORE] Notice in PeepSo Profile Widget.
fix [CORE] DIVI theme: WP Blog rendered in single activity at the bottom when SEF is enabled.
fix [CORE] Can’t change gender fields using checklist.
fix [CORE] Error notice on navbar menu.
fix [CORE] wrong link on most recent content comment dashboard.
fix [CORE] Shortcodes recover and reset.
fix [PMP] Clean up navigation backend config.
fix [FRIENDS] Typo in “friend accepted” email title.
fix [WPADVERTS] Wrong link navigation.
fix [PHOTOS] Showing photo on modal issues.
fix [PHOTOS] Unable to delete empty album.
fix [TAGS] Cannot post reply on a newly-created comment.
fix [GROUPS] Notice on group page.
fix [GROUPS] Notice on unpublished group.
fix [GROUPS] Wrong localization string.
fix [GIPHY] Notice in notifications.
fix [PMP] Missing `Membership` Menu.
fix [MIGRATOR] Fix unread count for messages.
Version 1.8.5 21 August, 2017
new [CORE] Configurable absolute dates
new [CORE] Notifications manually mark as read one by one
new [CORE] New navigation filters – unified navigation
new [GROUPS] Secret Groups
new [GROUPS] Change Group Privacy
new [GROUPS] Group slug (URL) change
new [WPADVERTS] Add classifieds navigation to PeepSo Profile widget Community section
new [PMP] Automatic group membership depending on PMP membership
new [MIGRATOR] Migrate SECRET groups from BuddyPress to PeepSo
improvement [CORE] Improvements to online icon – ps-icon-circle
improvement [CORE] Notification improvements
improvement [PHOTOS] Improved images arrangement on multi-images upload
improvement [GROUPS] Improved about screen – Stage 1
improvement [REACTIONS] Move CSS to a file instead of admin-ajax
improvement [REACTIONS] Compatibility with screen readers
improvement [BLOGPOSTS] Move CSS to a file instead of admin-ajax
improvement [MULTI] If full cover is enabled, modifying it should always be possible
improvement [MULTI] AJAX improvements
improvement [MULTI] Generic “content not found” screen
fix [CORE] Random activity rendered when there is no ID in the url
fix [CORE] Single activity view with only me privacy
fix [CORE] Posting timezone issue
fix [GROUPS] Secret group category count
fix [GROUPS] Notification wrong link with SEF
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Hide when empty – navigation is wrong
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Frontend blog posts submission missing check
fix [BLOGPOSTS] Double // in navigation in Profile
fix [LOCATION] Update google maps api documentation URL
fix [FRIENDS] Notice on friend profile page on friend tab
fix [TAGS] Email notification content
fix [MULTI] Mixed photos inside popup in group
fix [MULTI] Reset emails
fix [MULTI] Dock notification icons positions
Version 1.8.4 7 August, 2017
new [CORE] Compatibility Check in PeepSo Dashboard.
new [CORE] Add Community link to wp-admin – Site > Visit Community