MAY 10, 2022

  • [PeepSo] VIP icons alignment
  • [Chat] Single message view not working if the permalink structure has no trailing slash
  • [UserLimits] Do not render warnings in the post list

No changes.

APRIL 27, 2022

  • [WOO] WooCommerce 6.4.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Let admin use non-square VIP icons
  • [PeepSo] “Account activated” feedback now works more consistent across non-PeepSo pages
  • [Media] Added a post link to the “manage video uploads” screen
  • [WPAdverts] Image position and size in listings
  • [Photos] Deleting the album stream item should delete the album

No changes.

APRIL 19, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Better nonce handling in AJAX calls when user logs out in a different tab or session expires
  • [Groups] peepso_group_segment_menu_links filter needs to be context aware and allow external links
  • [PeepSo] Brute force sorting by last failed attempt uses wrong date
  • [PeepSo] Missing avatar in mention list when tagging in comment reply
  • [PeepSo] Unable to select poll when “Sort results by votes” is enabled
  • [PeepSo] Empty post in modal if activity content is not UTF8
  • [PeepSo] Rendering issues with VIP and Groups when user name contains brackets
  • Third party plugin compatibility (stage 3) ***

*** Plugins list:

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed (Instagram Feed), Ninja Forms, TablePress.

APRIL 6, 2022

  • Do not hide post text when switching the post type
  • Add “loss of content” warning when navigating away from an unsubmitted comment in a modal window
  • Editing a WordPress post should not result in bumping the companion activity post when “recently commented” filter is enabled
  • dbDelta() issues when updating the peepso_activity_views table
  • Customizer – missing section titles when mobile logo & favicon are set

MARCH 21, 2022

  • [WooCommerce] 6.3.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Retain avatar crop coordinates when re-cropping
  • [PeepSo] Suppress errors on dbDelta
  • [Social Login] User Limits ignores avatars imported from social providers
  • [LearnDash] Course list styling
  • [PeepSo] The “Promise” JS polyfill doesn’t work with older iOS devices (12.x)
  • [Groups] Unique group names should only check “PeepSo group” post type
  • New option: disable sticky footer
  • New option: headings color
  • Customizer settings for Gradient widgets

MARCH 9, 2022

  • [Media] Audio: M4A support
  • [PeepSo] Loading indicators for avatar & cover uploads
  • [PeepSo] Cropping the same avatar twice should retain the previous crop coordinates
  • [LearnDash] Widgets styling improvement
  • [PeepSo] Social sharing dialog can sometimes be blocked by ad blockers
  • [PeepSo] Notification digest email text is shortened too much if the notification length limit is below ~50 characters
  • [PeepSo] Setting “scheduled posts” as default stream filter should be impossible as it leads to nonsense results
  • [Groups] Group members page conflicting with with Yoast SEO if SEO Friendly links are enabled
  • Customizer: Favicon
  • Password protected posts / pages improvement
  • Third party plugin compatibility (stage 2) ***
  • Sub menu in the long menu header not in correct position

*** Plugins list:

Dokan Multivendor, LearnDash.

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Stream filters mobile UI/UX
  • [PeepSo] Deleting a comment should hide all sub-comments immediately without reloading
  • [PeepSo] Early Access: New Search – result list styling
  • [PeepSo] Update icons library to FontAwesome 6
  • [Social Login] PeepSo email blocklist should apply when registering via a Social provider
  • [PeepSo] Rearranging VIP icons in the backend should reorder them in frontend next to user names
  • [PeepSo] Users are able to edit their own admin-only fields by exploiting AJAX calls
  • [PeepSo] Email notification intensity defaults to wrong value for users on fresh install
  • [PeepSo] Early Access: New Search – groups section URL goes to 404 if page slug is changed
  • Third party plugin compatibility ***
  • Child theme with more than 4 version number sections does not handle version lock well
  • WooCommerce styling
  • Footer widget areas are inconsistent in landing page template

*** Plugins list:

Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, bbPress.

FEBRUARY 16, 2022

  • [WooCommerce] WooCommerce 6.2 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] UserBar widget login icon is no longer enabled by default
  • [PeepSo] Fix and handle the issues related to duplicate entries generated in Reactions, VIP and PostBG
  • [PeepSo] Users should not be able to cheat profile field length validators with multiple spaces
  • [PeepSo] Users unable to log in if the username/email has an accidental space at the end

No changes.

FEBRUARY 9, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Like icon should be editable
  • [PeepSo] Use the first published Reaction (not always the like) as the anchor/icon for the Reactions interface
  • [PeepSo] Trigger Reactions pop-up on mouse over
  • [PeepSo] Mark Reactions as positive/negative and neutral for future ranking improvements
  • [PeepSo] Let admin define a default email intensity setting for new users
  • [PeepSo] Maintenance cron to update “last commented” post state
  • [Early Access] Web Push is now deprecated
  • [Social Login] Login with WeChat China (BETA)
  • [PeepSo] Do not use explicit https or https in Reactions CSS
  • [PeepSo] The label after giving like is “1 person” instead of “you”
  • [PeepSo] Third party themes compatibility ***
  • [PeepSo] “Unknown email address” login error should not mention usernames if login with username is disabled
  • [PeepSo] Implement PEEPSO_DELETE_NOTIFICATIONS_AFTER_DAYS to how old a notification needs to be (in days) to be automatically deleted
  • [Groups] Refactor the “single column” setting to “default list style”
  • [Media] Remove mentions of S3 conversion from the front-end
  • [Photos] Bad inline height on album items
  • [Chat] “Somebody is typing” design improvements
  • [PeepSo] Shared classifieds & events are out of the modal window
  • [PeepSo] Deleting user from admin page doesn’t remove follower records
  • [PeepSo] Sharing internal link leaves url in post even when set in config to hide.
  • [PeepSo] Activity-stream-filters-simple is ignoring the EA switch
  • [PeepSo] Profile view count should not show in hover cards if it’s disabled
  • [Dokan] Error in user preferences if “Let users become vendor” is enabled and Dokan plugin is missing
  • [PMP] Wrong messages about incorrect login credentials
  • [PMP/GROUPS] User still receives notifications after removal from groups related to strict group membership

*** Third party themes compatibility list:

Botiga, Blocksy, Ashe, GeneratePress, Inspiro, Storefront, Sydney, Blank Canvas, Bravada, Zakra, Sinatra, Twenty Fourteen, Layers WP, Colibri WP require Colibri Page Builder, Twenty Twenty-Two.

  • Gecko compatibility – WooCommerce improvements
  • Improve profile page details info

january 25, 2022

  • PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • WordPress 5.9 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Early Access: Let users sort posts by “most recently commented”
  • [PeepSo] Let admin define custom “admin visible only” and “admin editable only” fields
  • [PeepSo] Disallow using email as username on registration
  • [WooCommerce] 6.1.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Divi Builder compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Duplicated blog posts never create the companion stream post
  • [PeepSo] Third party themes compatibility ***
  • [PeepSo] Show “welcome to PeepSo” only when the first or second version number changed
  • [PeepSo] iOS input borders not rendering properly
  • [EDD] Deleting configured pages breaks links in the integration profile tabs
  • [PMP/Events] Conflict between PeepSo PMP and PeepSo WPEM integration plugins

Go, Twenty Sixteen, Hestia, Twenty Fifteen, OnePress, Envo Shopper, News Way.

  • Missing input field border in WP Search widget
  • Gradient widgets not working properly in “social footer” widget area

january 12, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Warn about loss of content when navigating away from unsubmitted comment
  • [PeepSo] Twenty Twenty One theme compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Astra theme compatibility
  • [PeepSo] OceanWP theme compatibility
  • [Media] No-conversion video upload UI should specifically allow certain file types to be picked
  • [Media] Fresh install should have MP4 and MOV enabled by default
  • [Social Login] Refactoring for future freemium model
  • [PeepSo] Comment action buttons not center vertically
  • [Photos] Cannot open photo widget item inside Elementor container
  • [WP Ads] Maps and Locations add-on conflict

No changes.

january 5, 2022

  • [WooCommerce] WooCommerce 6.0.0 compatibility
  • [Social Login] Preparation for “freemium” model
  • [PeepSo] Allow empty Reactions names
  • [PeepSo] Post Backgrounds: add scroll to the background list when there are very many options
  • [PeepSo] Do not modify WP Toolbar visibility on fresh install
  • [APP] Put better emphasis on MobiLoud as the only properly supported provider
  • [PeepSo] BlogPosts: sync companion stream post published/draft status with parent post
  • [PeepSo] BlogPosts: companion post not created for scheduled posts
  • [Social Login] Wrong profile ID stored when registering

No changes.