New Release:

We are pleased to announce the release of a new and improved version of PeepSo, which now includes a comprehensive integration with MasterStudy LMS. This integration is designed to enhance the user experience by seamlessly combining the powerful community-building features of PeepSo with the advanced learning management capabilities of MasterStudy LMS. We believe this update will significantly benefit our users by providing a more cohesive and efficient platform for managing both community interactions and educational content.

MasterStudy LMS Integration

Recently, the developers of MasterStudy LMS proposed the idea of integrating our two plugins. We found the concept highly appealing and swiftly brought it to fruition through the development of an integration plugin. Upon updating PeepSo to version, you will be able to install the MasterStudy LMS integration via the installer.

Install MasterStudy LMS integration through PeepSo installer

Please note that before enabling the integration, MasterStudy LMS must be installed and activated. You can begin with the free version available here, or opt for the professional version, currently offered at a 30% discount.

Get MasterStudy LMS Pro

Once the integration is enabled, a new settings tab will be added to the PeepSo Configuration, where you can configure the MasterStudy LMS integration options.

MasterStudy LMS Integration Configuration

You can enable activity streams for when users enroll in and complete courses, and customize the PeepSo profile tab to display all courses. Additionally, there is integration for groups and VIP icons, allowing you to link PeepSo groups with MasterStudy LMS and award VIP icons upon the completion of specified courses.

If you prefer video tutorials, we have that too.

MasterStudy LMS integration video tutorial

What Else Is New?

We have implemented numerous fixes throughout the PeepSo core and addons, including but not limited to: improving the display of notifications for the “mark all as read” action, removing orphaned activity streams when a blog post is deleted, and allowing files with certain esoteric extensions to be downloaded. For a complete list of changes, please refer to our changelog.

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