PeepSo Installation & Configuration Service

Within 24h we’ll install PeepSo on your blank WordPress site and make it look as pretty and functional as our demo site.

Get your site settled and empowered by PeepSo

With little to no effort on your part! We’ll do all the work. Use your time as you please, instead of spending it on dealing with installation and configuration nuances. Moreover, we’ll do it exactly how you want it, with every detail in its place.

Use our Installation & Configuration Service (I&CS) for your site and set off to a supremely solid start!

How will I&CS help you?

When you install WordPress, there’s not much to see at first. It’s like having a patch of land with no structures on it. PeepSo is ideal for setting up a supremely functional and beautiful foundation, and you can build with it further on however you want. While PeepSo is very straightforward to use, it still takes quite a bit of work to initially set up everything according to your personal taste.

Instead of spending your invaluable time on the installation process, and then going through configurations to meticulously align every single aspect of PeepSo to your preferences, let us do it for you. You won’t have to worry whether you’ve missed something, and you can spend your time being creative and productive otherwise. Or just lean back and relax like a boss, while we work in your employ.

How does I&CS work?

Purchase PeepSo

I&CS can be applied to either of our Bundles. Simply purchase PeepSo; since you’ll use I&CS, there will be no installation-related backend work on your part.

Purchase I&CS and follow through

After acquiring I&CS, you will receive a new email with the configuration form.

Filling this form by touching as many details as possible is extremely important. We need to know what components to include in order to conform to your preferences and brand vision.

Our installation and configuration method is based on the most efficient and stable example – our demo site, so the end result will look very similar, depending on your preferences.

However, we are not here just to clone our demo site for you; we’re here to help you kick start your project as fast as possible. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you need, and we will provide.

Enjoy the result

After less than 24 hours, we will notify you that PeepSo is installed & configured on your site according to your preferences. Your new community is ready to become populated and flourish. Any further customizations on your part will be seamless thanks to a stable foundation provided by PeepSo.

Limitations & Requirements

Make sure your installation of WordPress is pristine. We can’t perform our service on the site that has content or other plugins already installed.

PeepSo integrations require installation of correspondent third party plugins beforehand, and we are not at liberty to acquire and configure them for you. I&CS is designed to work for PeepSo and its core components only.

  • Users with avatars
  • Posts with comments, likes and reaction
  • Video posts
  • Groups and posts

Are you ready to get your head start? Let us help you!

Is your WordPress site already established, but you want to enhance it with PeepSo?

No worries, we have a solution for you too!

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