Third Party Software

Get even more out of PeepSo

with third party software

PeepSo is a feature-rich WordPress plugin for online community creation, with our Ultimate Bundle as the star representative of multiple integrations, quality and accessibility.

But who says it can’t be even better?

Since PeepSo is open source, third party developers are able to build plugins that integrate with it. This page is a curated list of select third party plugins already integrated with PeepSo.

Are you a plugin developer? Do you have a plugin or a theme that should be added to the list? Contact us about it and we’ll look into it!

The software listed on this page is developed, sold and supported solely by third party companies. The software listed on this page is not a part of any PeepSo Bundles and is not covered by the PeepSo Support.

Featured Plugins

Highlights from some of the best third party developers

JReviews – the best directory and review system for WordPress

JReviews includes everything you need to quickly start creating business directories, classifieds, catalogs, events, reviews, and much more!

Learn more about how it works with PeepSo.

Get 10% discount on JReviews Pro – exclusively for PeepSo!

Better Messages – real time private messaging system for WordPress & PeepSo

This private messaging plugin is packed with tons of features and settings to take engagement of your website users to the next level with real time chat, private video and audio calls, group video calls and much more. Their live chat allows creating chatrooms and private conversations.

Other third party software

Automation, API integrations, security, location services and more

Automation & workflow

AutomatorWP connects your WordPress plugins and helps them work together. Save time and money by automating tasks with no code!

Connect your WordPress plugins, sites and your favorite apps. Create powerful workflows in minutes with no coding required.

API integrations & location services

Integrate Strava with PeepSo, allowing users to share their Strava routes & statistics over the social platform.

Let your community members create and discuss map locations and points of interest.

Routes Manager by CMinds

Let your community members create and discuss routes, points of interest and hikes.

Blogging, forums, Q&A

Let logged in users submit posts, review drafts and upload images via a customizable form. Update and moderate their content and provide writing tips.

Add Q&A (questions and answers) functionality to your community. Features PeepSo member profiles integration and automated posting to the community stream.

bbPress is a forum from the creators of WordPress. Easily set up discussion forums inside your community.

Enable forum, topic and reply activity sync with PeepSo activity. Set up forums inside your community.

Chat & messages

Add text chat and video calls to your social network.

E-commerce & payments

Charge and pay users with virtual points for performing actions in your PeepSo-powered community.

Engage your vendors by giving them PeepSo profile integration and automatically post activities on product creation. Let users mark products as favorite and list them in a separate tab to make the purchases much easier.


Integrate with PeepSo user profiles and allow your students to share their progress with Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, Certificates and Achievements.

Integrate the glossary tooltips with the PeepSo community. Parse PeepSo content to show tooltips for glossary terms. Members can create their own terms and show them in their own glossary page

File sharing

Lets users share files with specific members and groups within the community.


Protect your WordPress page and community by adding one-time access codes during login.

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