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Create a beautiful employment hub for yourself and your users, right inside your own Community!

At some point, we’ve all browsed for jobs online, whether to seek employment or to hire staff. But what if we could have this opportunity easily accessible within our own community?

PeepSo-powered communities capitalize on the right kind of connections for both you and your users. We have further expanded on this feat by integrating with WP Job Manager – the most popular and easiest to use job board plugin out there, brought to you by Automattic, the creators of WordPress itself.

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The Importance of Your Own Job Board

Searching for a job or the right employees online can be a tedious process. We usually have to resort to third-party sites to do so, and using third-party sites comes with certain conditions: registration, payment for their service, and given the volume of applicants and the competition, it can take a very long time with unclear results.

You may have noticed that your users have been talking about employment opportunities and how difficult the search can get. They may have even reached out to each other in posts, comments and private messages; people who are gathered in such a focused environment tend to have similar interests, which leads to more connections. As an owner of a community, you can bypass all the hiring obstacles and instead capitalize on them by implementing your very own job board.

Instead of letting your users leave your site to seek employment opportunities elsewhere, you can instead grant them exactly what they need under your wing and under your conditions. By implementing a job board inside your own community, you are gathering more people, your site gains on importance, and more engagement means more gain for everyone.


WP Job Manager and PeepSo

PeepSo integrates with WP Job Manager to provide a comprehensive and easily manageable job board right inside your community.

WP Job Manager itself is a free, open source plugin, templated specifically to blend with your site’s theme. That said, PeepSo’s Gecko Theme – which is fully included in all of our bundles – matches wonderfully with this job board plugin.

As with all of our integrations, the main setup takes place in PeepSo Configuration. Here you can activate the integration and enable users to create job listings from their profile pages. You can also enable and customize activity stream posts for the latest jobs, to achieve the best visibility and engagement.

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Job Listings and User Profiles

Users can create job listings from their own profiles, with a wide range of customizations. Nearly all customization possibilities are controlled by the admin, accessed primarily in the backend Settings for Job Listings.

You as the admin control which details can be included in the job listings, how they are presented, and who will be granted permission to post jobs.

User Permissions

If a visitor wishes to post a job on your site, you can condition them to register first. This can be especially useful if you’re taking advantage of Paid Memberships, which can additionally boost the value of your community and increase revenue.

You can also decide which user roles are able to post job listings, as well as determine the duration of the job offer and the number of job listings per user. This feature can work great in conjunction with PeepSo’s fantastic User Limits plugin which enables specific user roles, among plenty of other things in lieu of control.

Likewise, the visibility of posted job listings can be defined by the admin. You can determine which roles can view posted jobs or even browse them, thus adding to your community’s exclusivity.

Job Listings Details

Grant your users options to provide as many details as they like regarding the jobs they offer: type of job, location, description, featured video, company name and logo, company email and/or URL, salary, and more.

You can define comprehensive Job Categories for users to assign to their job listings during their creation, for better visibility in search results. Job categories may vary depending on the nature of your site and the jobs your users are interested in the most.

A great incentive to uphold your community’s standards can be the inclusion of ‘I accept the Terms and Conditions’ checkbox in job post creation form. That way users are conditioned to respect your community’s Terms and Conditions, where you can specifically outline the rules regarding posting jobs and applying for them.

Users who post jobs will always be able to see their job listings within their own profiles, and edit them if permitted to do so. User profiles will have a new ‘Jobs’ tab (which can be renamed at your leisure), where users can access the jobs they’ve posted, review them and check their duration.

Applying for Jobs

You can determine which users can apply for jobs, depending on their role, as mentioned under User Permissions. For example, if visitors are allowed to browse jobs but not view them, they won’t be able to see the employer’s email/URL which allows applications. They will have to register to do so, and this further enhances the credibility of your service.

Users can also save job posts they are interested in and easily access them from the chosen tab ‘Saved posts’ in the activity stream.

As an added measure of safety, there’s the reCAPTCHA method of verification for the application process, making sure that real users are applying for the job and not bots. You can enable and customize this option in the plugin’s Settings.

If you intend to expand on your job board and make it an important part of your community, you can opt for Automattic’s paid addons – one of which is providing a resume submission form.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

We will connect with you and answer any questions you might have about this plugin.


Activity Stream and Appearance

PeepSo Configuration provides the ability to feature job listings in your community’s activity stream, as soon as they’re posted. You can give these posts a quaint action text and append titles that will further attract attention. Here you can also determine the privacy of job posts in regard to visitors and site members.

Job Menus

Since WP Job Manager integrates so well with your site’s theme, it also provides menu options for job search and visibility. In Appearance → Menus of your backend you are provided with three new menus that you can see in the Pages dropdown: Job Dashboard, Jobs and Post a job. You can enable either or all these menus and place them wherever you see fit in the community.

Job Dashboard allows employers to quickly review their job listings, check their status and edit them, and even add new jobs on the same page. It functions the same as the ‘Jobs’ section in their own profiles.

Jobs menu lists all job listings posted in the community and offers clear search options. Search options can be determined in the backend in the Settings of Job Listings, including keywords, location, categories and remote jobs only. The visibility of job listings to community members or visitors depends on administrative backend settings regarding privacy, the number of jobs per page, and the option to include or exclude expired jobs.

Post a job menu is pretty straightforward and allows permitted users to immediately create a job listing right there.

Job Widgets

For even more community engagement, you can add widgets for Recent Jobs and Featured Jobs wherever you deem fit on the stream.

Recent Jobs widget will automatically show the latest posted jobs. This can be useful if your community is focused on particular jobs, or if the implementation of a job board is still fresh and you wish to attract as many users as possible to the concept.

Featured Jobs widget will show the jobs that are labeled as featured by the admin. You can access all job listings in the backend and edit their details, including the addition of a ‘featured’ label. It’s useful if you yourself are posting a job listing, or if one of your premium users is hiring.

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