Custom Development

PeepSo and its plugins are already packed with amazing features. We do listen to our community and not only keep adding most asked for features but also improve existing ones not to mention fixing any and all problems that might come up. The usual problem with the word ‘most’ is that it does not include everybody. We do understand that each community is different and with that come different needs. Because of that diversity PeepSo is built in a very modular fashion so you can pick and choose the things you and Your Community actually need.

Having all that said, you and Your Community might have a need for a feature or set of features that’s not on any immediate todo list or any todo list for that matter. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad feature. It means it’s just not what most of our clients are asking for at a given time. With that in mind we can’t really make any promises on adding a feature that’s not being asked for. Nor can we devote development time to a feature that’ll be used by a very small fraction of communities. It’d be a suicide move from a business perspective.

What does Custom Development mean?

Those are just different words for Professional Services, Sponsored Feature etc. It means that if you’d like to have something added to PeepSo, we can add it for an additional development fee.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the feature. You can always contact us about it and we’ll issue a quote. However, we do not take every single Custom Development work, we care too much about PeepSo and the general impact of the work that we do on the communities who are using PeepSo. Currently, the minimum quote for Custom Development is $250 that includes up to 5h of development work. It can be anything from php, css or javascript modification / feature added to your site.

It can be a few smaller features added together, doesn’t have to be one. We do agree to make features that do make sense and are in alliance with the direction we want to take PeepSo in.

What does the development process look like?

It’s all done on a case-to-case basis. You come to us with the description of a feature you’d like to add. The more detailed the description, the better. If we can agree on the price and the timeline we’ll issue a payment request via PayPal. After the payment is made we’ll proceed to planning the features around our regular development process and deliver the features within agreed upon timeline.

What do I get for using your Custom Development services?

  • Whenever we develop custom features, those features are incorporated into PeepSo and / or its plugins base. We reserve the right to use the code and redistribute the solution so that other communities can benefit from them too.
  • With the above in mind, after the feature is done we will develop it further (within our own development schedule) and maintain it for no additional cost on your part. It simply gets incorporated into our code base and we take care of it.
  • We ensure that it will always work henceforth. Unless, there’s an outside cause we can’t maintain it. For example abandoned 3rd party plugin you wanted to integrate PeepSo with.
  • If you invest more than $5,000 in Custom Development (can be spent over a few custom development orders) you’ll additionally get:
    • Lifetime Access to PeepSo Ultimate Bundle 5. That’s lifetime access to all of our currently available and future plugins for 5 different websites plus a staging site.
    • Lifetime Access to PeepSo Theme: Gecko – 5 Sites License.
    • We’ll be happy to promote Your Community on our blog and Social media. We reserve the right to decline this, if we find that Your Community might not be a good fit for promotion, for example +18 sites.
    • Last but not least we’ll get you a VIP icon on our community so that all our members can see how much we ❤ you and how much you ❤ us.

What are the alternatives?

If you can’t afford our Professional Services, we can recommend 3rd party developers who have experience with developing solutions for PeepSo. They can also provide you with quotes. You can also use any other 3rd party developers, work with people you feel comfortable with. We can also provide your developers with a starter PeepSo Hello World plugin that’s a great base for developing new plugins for PeepSo. It showcases how things connect to each other. We can also give general advice on how to approach a problem for no charge. We just want to make sure you get stuff done properly.

What NOT TO EVER do?

Do not ever, and it can’t be stressed enough, hack PeepSo or its plugins code directly. Just don’t. It is not only the most lazy way to do things it’s also the worst way to do things. With hacked code you can’t get updates, upgrades or technical support. If you upgrade your hacked code, you lose all hacks. They just get overridden and you lose all of the custom code.

Do you need Custom Development?

You can contact us through the form below and we’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as we can.