PeepSo for Advanced Advertising

PeepSo for Advanced Advertising

Would you like to introduce beautiful, functional ads to your community?

Advertising products and/or services on your own website can be a very sensitive undertaking, especially if you also intend to retain your community’s loyalty and growth – and we definitely want that. Make earnings for your efforts, develop your brand and of course, keep everything running smoothly.

With PeepSo Advanced Ads Integration you can advertise whatever you want inside your PeepSo-powered community, whether as an affiliate or entrepreneur. Ensure your ads are well placed, meaningful and reaching your targeted audience. Let’s get into it!

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Advanced Ads and PeepSo

To ensure your community is both thriving and returning your investment, you’ll need to apply at least one monetization method – and ads are definitely the most popular. Advertising is the base of every marketing strategy, nowadays it’s everywhere and it has become an integral part of our lives. However, what tools you use to place those ads and how you place them are crucial factors for getting the desired results.

Advanced Ads is a free WordPress ad manager – a plugin that enables you to efficiently place ads of your own choosing on your website and present them just the way you want. Given its ease of use, flexibility and overwhelmingly positive user experience, we have provided seamless integration between Advanced Ads and PeepSo. Monetizing your community doesn’t have to be a chore, and you might even have fun honing your own business potential.

Get a better insight into advertising tactics by reading our blog post Online Advertising – How to do it Right. We hope our research on the topic will prove informative and helpful for your marketing endeavors.


How does it work?

PeepSo Configuration offers a couple of settings for Advanced Ads and their presentation in your community. You can find them in your backend at PeepSo -> Configuration -> Advanced Ads.

You can decide how often your ads will show by setting the number of regular posts before an ad is posted. This automated method will lessen micromanaging on your part and ensure that your users see the ads according to your settings. You can also repeat certain ads by the same method.

For the sake of transparency, you can label your ads as Sponsored and insert a helpful text that explains their purpose. For example, if your community revolves around motorcycles and you’ve (smartly) chosen to be an affiliate to a motorcycle gear vendor, your Sponsored tag can explain the helpfulness of such ads and additionally encourage the users to check out the offer and make a purchase.

In the Advanced Ads section of your backend you are free to specify every detail concerning the ads you’re posting, and we’ll help you familiarize yourself with them within the options of the free plugin.

You can also find very detailed info and helpful instructions in our PeepSo Channel, featuring Advanced Ads Integration. Take full advantage of all the features provided by this plugin and tailor your community just the way you imagined!

Display Conditions


The Advantages of Conditioning

Every community possesses a certain diversity when it comes to its members, and yours shouldn’t be an exception. You can use this diversity to target certain user types with specific ads for maximum effect, based on the information available within your community. In the Ads section of Advanced Ads in your backend, you will find a few Conditions that you might want to use for the best possible performance of your ads.

Visitor Conditions

Visitor Conditions will help you target users specifically and as such it will boost your ad’s value. PeepSo provides these conditions in the dropdown menu that will suit the nature of your ad.

Are you promoting products specifically for females or males, such as cosmetics, clothing and accessories? Choose the correspondent gender-based Profile category, and you can even set up the appropriate age of ad viewers. By the same recipe, you can advertise merchandise, literature and events for your non-binary members, by choosing the Other option under the gender category.

Furthermore, you can show certain ads depending on whether the user is a visitor or a registered member, or if they have a VIP status in your community. You can show an ad to a user with a certain amount of friends; this can be awesome in conjunction with ads that feature social events, if a user has too few friends – help them socialize!

There is also a Group Membership condition that will target members of specific groups in your community. The ad can be related to a type of product that involves only the topic of that group. Or conversely, you can exclude a group from viewing the ad.

You are free to combine several conditions for individual ads and make sure they get exactly the right audience, which will ensure their effectiveness.

Display Conditions

Display Conditions will help you with targeting based on category, content age, formats and so on; in other words, your ad will be limited by showing under these specific conditions instead of being shown everywhere and to all.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

We will connect with you and answer any questions you might have about this plugin.


Ad Diversity and How to Implement It

If you have a multitude of different ads, you are more likely to turn a profit as an affiliate, or even as an entrepreneur if you’re advertising your own products to your community. Keeping your users interested in the things you advertise will be all the more successful with smart organization.

In the Groups & Rotation section of Advanced Ads settings, you can assign a group of ads to be shown on the stream. In fact, this step is vital for multi-advertising in order to keep your ads in check, arrange them and update them when necessary. If your community draws plenty of musicians and music aficionados, you might have an array of ads related to audio equipment, instruments, and even concerts and festivals. You can easily group those ads in one place and set them up as you wish.

To ensure the group you’ve created will show on the PeepSo Stream, set it up in the Placement section of Advanced Ads settings. By the same method, you can create several different groups and make them rotate. This diversity will keep things ‘fresh’ and further help with your users’ engagement.


Ad Creation

Creating an ad from scratch might sound daunting to beginners, but thanks to the Advanced Ads plugin, it’s really fairly simple. As the most common base, all you need is a few crucial images for a clear presentation of the product, and a text for its description. These are entered in the Ads section of Advanced Ads plugin in your site’s backend.

If you are an affiliate, depending on your publisher’s instructions you can get creative and produce a text of your own, or implement both the text and images you’ve been provided with. If your community revolves around art and artistic creations, it is always a good idea to give your ad an extra flare that will entice users to check it out. Let’s say you’re advertising paintbrushes; it can be a good idea to say a few words about the advantages of their application regarding different painting techniques. Welcome to the intricate world of marketing!

Aside from entering the necessary info, you can play with the positioning of your ad and adjust its margins. Once you’re satisfied with your ad content, add it to the desired group. In Ad Groups & Rotations, check your group and hit Update. Easy as that. Now all you need to do is check how your ad looks like in the community. Don’t worry if you’re not satisfied with something; you can always return to the ad in your backend and edit it at your leisure.

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Ad Customization

Your ads aren’t limited only to showing up on your Activity Stream. In fact, you can put them anywhere you want within your community, and you can create shortcodes and override your templates if you choose so and possess the technical knowledge.

When creating an ad, you will be given the option to choose its name – which can be an identifier of its placement. Next you have the Ad Type that will define its appearance. The menu offers various options, among which you can choose its base: Rich Text, Image, AdSense ad, predefined Ad Group, and a few paid options that will integrate Google Ad Management and/or accelerated Mobile viewability. You can also create a Dummy ad for the purpose of testing.

After you choose your type, add the necessary content to your ad, whether it’s an image, text, banner, URL… Always keep in mind the positioning that you want for your ad and pick your options according to that. Sidebar ads, for example, are actually widgets and as such they are both visible and non-intrusive.

If your ads are directly related to each other, like video games and gaming accessories, you can add an entire premade Group to your widget. Otherwise, only choose one ad per widget. Don’t forget to set the appropriate Conditions for better targeting, if you so desire.

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