Your people. Your community. Your way.®

The Next Generation

Social Networking Plugin

for WordPress.

The Next Generation

Social Networking Plugin

for WordPress.

Add a Private Community (Similar to Facebook) on Your WordPress Site

Current PeepSo version: 1.8.0

Why should you create your

own private social network?


Instead of sending your visitors to Facebook, keep them on your pages. You’ll be able to engage with your customers, learn their preferences and pick up their feedback.


Facebook is noisy. News streams are blocked by irrelevant content that just gets in the way. Your niche private social network will focus on one topic that genuinely interests your visitors.


Instead of clicking on Facebook’s ads, your network members will click on your ads, buy your products and share your content. Your network, your profits!


Your private social network will keep all your users’ data on your site and under your control. You can set the privacy levels the way you want, giving your members peace of mind.

PeepSo is packed with amazing features that will help you create an inspired community.

Take a look at our addons which will help you make Your Community more interactive.

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Who is PeepSo perfect for?


Non-profit organizations



Schools / Universities


Political campaigns

Dating sites

Hobbies / Interest groups

Show Your People What They Really Want To See!

Generic social networks show your people all the content all the time. But sometimes they don’t want to see another picture of a kitten or a sunset or a baby, no matter how pretty or cute they are. They want to see content that’s relevant to them. If they’re into golf, they want to see a tour of Gleneagles. If they’re into vegan cooking, they want to see the latest vegan omelet recipe.


About PeepSo

The Team

PeepSo team has long experience in open source social networking application development. We know what it takes to create an outstanding product, provide awesome support, listen to our customers and turn ideas into features. Plus, we do it with style.

Under The Hood

PeepSo is being developed to the highest standards. We never cut corners or take the easy route. This is a project with a long-term vision so we are building a built a strong foundation to ensure scalability, performance and stability. PeepSo works smoothly. Always.


PeepSo is being designed with scalability in mind. Simply install the plugins you need to get the functionality you’re after. More plugins are developed by the PeepSo team and by 3rd party developers all the time. With short release cycles you get more features every few weeks.


Looks great on any device! PeepSo’s responsive design allows your members to enjoy their community from any device. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet or a smaller smart phone. It works on any resolution and adapts to your website’s theme of choice.

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Create your own private social network with PeepSo – a state of the art Open Source WordPress plugin with powerful features and super-sexy code.