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The Next Generation Social Networking Plugin for WordPress.

Create Your Own Social Network on Your WordPress Site.

Current PeepSo version: 1.9.1

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The Next Generation Social Networking Plugin for WordPress.

Current PeepSo version: 1.9.1

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Get to know PeepSo and its plugins. You can mix and match to create Your Own Perfect Community!

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FREE PeepSo Foundation

Get 4 FREE Foundation:

PeepSo, Location, Moods, Tags
It’s a Great Start For Your Community!

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PeepSo Core

Your Community Essentials

Photos, Videos, Chat, Friends, Groups, Extended Profiles, Reactions, Polls

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PeepSo Extras

Add extra features

BlogPosts, Email Digest, UserLimits, VIP, WordFilter, AutoFriends

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PeepSo Integrations

Integrate Your Community with

Animated gifs, Achievements, Points

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PeepSo Monetize

Earn money from Your Community

AdvancedAds, PMP, WPAdverts
Targeted Ads, Paid Memberships, Classified Ads


Add more to Your Community

Extend the possibilities of PeepSo and give Your Members the features they want.


Targeted Ads


Extended Profiles





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Who is PeepSo perfect for?


Non-profit organizations



Schools / Universities


Political campaigns

Dating sites

Hobbies / Interest groups

Show Your People What They Really Want To See!

Generic social networks show your people all the content all the time. But sometimes they don’t want to see another picture of a kitten or a sunset or a baby, no matter how pretty or cute they are. They want to see content that’s relevant to them. If they’re into golf, they want to see a tour of Gleneagles. If they’re into vegan cooking, they want to see the latest vegan omelet recipe.

Create your own private social network with PeepSo – a state of the art Open Source WordPress plugin with powerful features and super-sexy code.