Ayo kerja!

What we offer


You’ll totally get paid for your work. We pay via PayPal or bank transfer once a month.

Flexible hours

Most work is happening 9AM – 5PM Western Australian Time (UTC/GMT +8 hours). We’d expect you to work 40 hours a week, at least 4-6 hours a day within that window, although if you are a support engineer you will work in the “business” hours of your current timezone, so our support coverage is better.

Paid vacation time

Everyone gets a holiday allowance and can reserve their time off with at least two weeks notice.

Work from home

Or anywhere else in the world – we are 100% remote. We use Slack for day-to-day communication, GitLab for code tracking & sprint planning and Awesome Support for customer care.


What we expect


For any of the positions listed on this page we need you to be a fluent English speaker.


We also require very good knowledge of the WordPress platform, including how plugins and themes work, are installed, updated etc.

Technology stack

Depending on the position, the level of technical knowledge required varies. Nevertheless, everyone on the PeepSo team needs to have at least basic understanding of technology used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including node.js), Linux, Windows, Apache, NGINX.


We will teach you everything you need to know about our product, and you can expect excellent peer support from your teammates if you have any questions.


Our teammates need to have high levels of honesty and integrity. Nobody is expected to clock-in like regular office workers do – our cooperation depends on mutual trust.

It is also a company-wide agreement that the customer care is the most important part of the job, no matter the position you are holding. You can read more about that in our Fanatical Support Manifesto.

PeepSo is an inclusive and multicultural workplace (our founding core team is Polish & Indonesian). We value working with (and for) people of many countries, cultures and beliefs. We’d like everyone on our team to embrace diversity and refrain from any forms of discrimination. We also believe in the values of the Free and Open Source Software, particularly the WordPress Philosophy.


Currently open positions

Support Engineer

You’ll be working on the first line of our customer care. Helping our clients and potential clients is the core of our service. You’ll be replying to questions, helping with configuration, debugging websites, reporting an occasional bug. When faced with a case that is tough to crack, you will delegate tasks to more experienced engineers.


PeepSo Engineers need to be great English speakers (especially in writing). Excellent knowledge of WordPress and its universe is also a must.

You need a good general understanding of all the layers (OS, server, database, back-end, front-end) – but you don’t have to be a developer.

Nice to have

A perfect candidate would be a junior full-stack developer. The more you know and understand about the entire stack, the better you will be at taking the workload off the developers at debugging customer sites.


JavaScript Engineer (Junior)

You’ll be helping with the day-to-day development of our Gecko theme and HTML & CSS of the PeepSo plugin suite.


PeepSo Engineers need to be great English speakers (especially in writing). Excellent knowledge of WordPress and its universe is also a must.

JavaScript – you need to be a skilled JavaScript developer, experienced in WordPress theme and plugin development. General understanding of NPM, ES6, and Babel.js is also needed.

REST API / AJAX / Client Side Rendering  – we are currently working on shifting most of the rendering to the front-end with these technologies.

You need  a good general understanding of all the other layers (OS, server, database, back-end, HTML, CSS) – but you don’t have to be a back-end or front-end developer.

Nice to have

Node.js – we are already implementing some Server Push capabilities with it.

React Native –  we are planning to look into mobile apps at some point.



Leave us your e-mail and tell us a few words about yourself, we will get back to you.

If your desired work place is not listed above,  we’d be happy to hear from you as well – even if we don’t have an opening right now, but that might change some day.