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Jaswanth Ch uploaded 1 photo
9 hours ago

Hi Eric Tracz Matt Jaworski Merav Knafo ,

We are thinking of hiring a Developer for our website to add some specific functionalities to our website,

We are talking about features like:
1. Search Bar [ With Toggle for User & Group Search ] in the menu bar,
2. Notifications in the menu bar,
3. Making Visual Changes to Register Page and some more.

My question here is, what are the specific skills that a dev will need to work on Peepso, I need specifics because we are going to hire someone for this 🙂 [ Hiring Local Dev’s because we can have better interaction and more out of him 😉 ]

Jaswanth Ch

Just incase you’re lazy enough to click the gif 😀 [ PUN ]

9 hours ago
Your Friendly PeepSo Staff Eric Tracz

Jaswanth visual changes like CSS are pretty ‘easy’. But for all that you mentioned above that’d have to be: php, mysql, css and most likely javascript. I’d advise contacting developers about this. They already have experience working and creating solutions for PeepSo.

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7 hours ago