Installation & Configuration Service for Established Websites

If you already have an established WordPress website with existing users, content and plugins, and you wish to use PeepSo to enhance the look and features of your thriving community, we have an efficient solution for you.

Installation and configuration of any major plugin on an existing, established website can be rather complicated, errors can happen, and depending on the complexity of your current setup the whole process may require multiple attempts. That is why a wholesome plugin like PeepSo normally requires a blank WordPress site as a base which you can later build upon at your leisure.

However, you don’t have to start from scratch if you desire PeepSo, and we will always strive to make things easier and as convenient as possible for our users. We are providing the PeepSo Installation & Configuration Service for Established Websites, so you don’t have to invest your invaluable time and effort in doing it by yourself. Our Service guarantees that the installation and configuration of PeepSo on your existing site will seamlessly blend into your current setup, with minimal intervention on your part.

The Process


You must create a full backup of your website and make sure that the backup is working. You will also need to create the staging site for our initial installation testing.


Once the staging site is in place, PeepSo Team will access it for inspection and evaluation. If all requirements are met, initial staging installation is made. Review all the Requirements below.


If you are satisfied with how PeepSo looks on the staging site, we will perform the installation on your live site.

Service Requirements and Restrictions

We understand that no two sites are the same, therefore some requirements and restrictions must apply.

No Website Remodeling

This service is not about making your site pixel-perfect. We only install PeepSo and don’t change your existing theme. If you want us to change the theme, select the appropriate installation package.

Layout, Menus, Peepso Configuration

During the Service, you’ll be asked to complete the form where you’ll provide all the necessary information about options, like navigation structure (menus) and different PeepSo layouts (e.g. profile page layout). We’ll ask you about some other PeepSo-specific configuration as well.

No Third-party Plugin Configuration

While we can offer some general advice regarding third-party plugins already installed on your website, we can’t configure them for you.

No Dummy Content

Unlike with installation on a new site, dummy content won’t be installed on an established website. Your existing users will have to update their profiles with covers, avatars, profile fields etc.


We reserve the right to refuse the Service if your site is running on an outdated software, throws a lot of warnings and errors in the backend, or any other reason that can make the Service unstable.


Complete Technical Support during the Installation Service is provided via tickets. You’ll be in touch with a dedicated agent who will also perform the service for you, and you’ll be able to ask everything you want to know during the Service, as well as after it’s complete.

Package Tiers


Installing PeepSo on existing site

No theme change


Installing PeepSo on existing site

Theme Change

FULL REFUND will be given to all customers who had purchased any package tier but hadn’t met the requirements of the Service.

NO REFUND will be given once PeepSo agents start performing the installation on the staging site.

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