Thank You for downloading PeepSo!

PeepSo Free Bundle is a collection of four PeepSo plugins: Photos, Media, Chat and Friends, together with our Gecko Theme, all of which used to be exclusive to paid PeepSo Bundles. This Bundle is completely free: it's not a time limited trial, and it does not require a credit card or even giving us your email. Just what you need to get started. Completely free, no strings attached.

Simply install & activate PeepSo Foundation, head to PeepSo > Installer and select Free Bundle – from here you will be able to install and activate other PeepSo add-ons. Some advanced plugin features are only available in the paid PeepSo Bundles.

Why PeepSo Free Bundle?

In short – you'll have everything you need to get a wonderful community started & working!

In long – we have included the most important features carefully designed by PeepSo, to provide the utmost comfort and functionality both for your setup and your users’ experience.

Install PeepSo. Go to PeepSo -> Installer in your backend. Activate PeepSo Free Bundle. Done.

It's that easy.

Unlike other free offers out there, we’ve gone above and beyond for our users. You also get unparalleled stability and everything works out-of-the-box.

Accordingly, our paid bundles had received the same treatment when it comes to the amount of features and affordability. And if you decide to upgrade, whenever that might be, the transition will be seamless.

See how we reward your interest in PeepSo!

Included in PeepSo Free Bundle

User Profiles

Activity Stream









Email & Notifications







Gecko Theme



User Profiles

Avatars and Cover Images

Users can set their own avatars and cover images.

Customizable Profiles

Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill with information about themselves.

Profile Settings

Users can set all of their notification and visibility preferences.

Profile Likes

Users can like other users' profiles.


Fully responsive design.

Profile Page
User Profile Fields

Custom Profile Fields

Create custom profile fields for your community members: birthday fields, multiple select, single select, date, URL, country and more. Everything is done on the same page without the need to save and refresh. On the front end, the user can edit their profile fields smoothly and seamlessly one by one.


Customize your own registration form with Custom Profile Fields.


Set default privacy to profile fields, allow or disallow changing it to users.

Customize Default Fields

Customize default PeepSo fields, for example you can add more gender options.