LearnDash Integration

Do you want to turn your website into an educational hub, where you and your users can teach and also earn real money for your effort?

PeepSo made this possible for you with our e-Learning LearnDash Integration.

According to various sources, the Learning Management Systems market is already worth around $6 billion. Yes, you read it right.

It’s predicted that at this pace the market will grow up to $20 billion until 2026.

Combine that potential with the community factor that PeepSo offers, and you’ll get a powerhouse that cannot fail!

LearnDash is one of the most efficient Learning Management plugins for WordPress. That is why we integrated it with PeepSo – for your convenience and the best potential to make great earnings for everyone’s precious knowledge. Just like all of our plugins and integrations, it offers a seamless experience and full functionality for your PeepSo-powered Community.

How Does The Magic Work?

interactive LEARNING

User Profiles

User Profile > Courses view.

All users will have a convenient Courses tab in their Profiles, where they can dynamically keep track of all the courses they enrolled in.

And not only that: users can see each other’s courses upon visiting each other’s profiles. This feature will spark interest for different courses, expand the knowledge and motivate them to enroll in more courses.

The layout of the Courses in Profiles is completely configurable and you are free to decide how to best present it to users. You can pick between the column layouts, description sizes, cover image sizes etc.

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courses in activity stream

Let’s Enroll in Some Courses!

Each time someone enrolls in a course, there will be a post created on the activity stream. This feature shows the most popular ones, and also brings new courses into the spotlight. That way, users can have valuable insight into everything that might interest them to learn.

Depending on your configuration, everyone can comment and react to these posts. Users can give each other encouragement, recommendations and advice, enhancing not only the social aspect of your Community, but also the possibility for enrollment in more courses.

rewarding knowledge

Congratulations and Motivation for all Peeps

Another post is created on the activity stream when a member completes a course. It does mark a fantastic personal milestone.

Members congratulating each other on completing a particular course means a lot for your Community’s wellbeing.

All that support that they get from others – who also want to learn – contributes to your site’s value. A prosperous, engaged environment is something priceless.

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Course page config – PeepSo VIP automation


Bring a sense of Achievement into e-Learning

PeepSo has more improvements to make your users’ e-Learning efforts feel truly worthwhile, such as earning a shiny badge on their profiles. 

LearnDash Integration works immediately and seamlessly with the PeepSo VIP plugin, which is an intrinsic part of both our Free Foundation and all Bundles. You can automatically assign VIP icons to members who have completed certain courses.


Study in Groups

Groups + Courses = Ultimate Engagement

Group study provides comfort and focus to all participants. They can engage each other in discussions about their learning subject and make this activity all the more interesting. 

Let’s say you have a few different courses in your offer; with this integration, you can set several groups of students corresponding to each of those courses.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

We will connect with you and answer any questions you might have about this plugin.

Course page config – PeepSo Groups


Engage New Peeps!

People can be automatically added to groups when they enroll in a course, which will boost both social and learning aspects. Users can also freely decide whether they wish to stay in a group or learn on their own. It’s great to have options.

Groups can be public, closed or secret, so course participants can have the freedom to socialize and study on their own terms.

Within study groups, users are also provided with an interactive Chat, where they can write to each other in real time and further enhance their learning experience.


Course Author has Full Control

LearnDash integration also comes with the “About the Course Author” widget. 

The widget displays the author’s name, their avatar and short bio, while providing a Call To Action button that starts a chat with the course author. This is a great way for users to find out more about the course from the author themselves, in real time. 

Additionally, there’s a related Groups Widget that shows which groups are connected to a given course the users are viewing. Both widgets show dynamic data based on the context.

Widget – About Course Instructor

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