Changelog - 2017

DECEMBER 13, 2017

  • [CORE] User Account deletion.
  • [BadgeOS + PMP + groups] Assign badge based on membership level.
  • [PMP + VIP] Automatically assign VIP icon to membership level.
  • [CORE] Autohide notification popover after Mark-as-Read success.
  • [CORE] Admin “verbose” mode toggles.
  • [CORE] Preload notification dropdown on every counter value change.
  • [CORE] Redesign Profile/Group focus area on mobile.
  • [GROUPS] show “uncategorised” box at the bottom of the category list.
  • [GROUPS] Unify privacy dropdown styling in group creation modal.
  • [LIMITS] Move debug_formatted to a template file.
  • [MULTIPLE] Redirection when Click item message notification on profile widget.
  • [MULTIPLE] MySQL table indexes & cleanup.
  • [CORE] count characters on profile fields.
  • [CORE] repost stream on guest activity view.
  • [CORE] missing wordpress bar when peepso activated.
  • [CORE] Escaped chars in reporting spam reasons.
  • [PHOTOS] Post updates cover not displayed on Stream.
  • [FRIENDS] Missing avatar on list friends request.
  • [PROFILES] Wrong demographic data.
  • [BLOGPOSTS] empty data on blogposts page after infinite scroll.
  • [BLOGPOSTS] Post title get cut.
  • [BadgeOS] Missing fallback if content_link empty.
  • [ED] Plugin doesn’t work using external cron and https.
  • [PMP] Session break after upgrading PMP.
  • [MULTIPLE] VIP icon not showing when adding users to group.
  • [MULTIPLE] userfirstname token replaced with username on registration email.

NOVEMBER 28, 2017