Changelog - 2022

DECEMBER 28, 2022

  • [Photos] Photo Rotation Phase 3 - Rotate photos during the post creation
  • [PeepSo] Improve the warning message in avatar change dialog if session is expired
  • [AIOSEO] Do not allow direct visits to --peepso-url-- addresses
  • [PeepSo] If comment which bumped the post to the top is deleted, it should remove the post from the top as well
  • [File Uploads] Filename is hashed on Firefox mobile browser
  • [BadgeOS] Improve the display of badges on mobile screens
  • Sidebars are not collapsing when there is no widget published in them
  • Fix typos and grammar in settings

DECEMBER 14, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Improve 2FA integration
  • [PeepSo] Fix activity stream issues when Elementor builder is in use
  • [File Uploads] Downloaded file will be invalid in some rare circumstances
  • [Groups] Missing style on invite buttons
  • [BETA] Mega menu plugins integration (Max MegaMenu, WP MegaMenu, QuadMenu)
  • Third-party widgets get expanded in some widget positions

DECEMBER 7, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Image rotation; Phase 2 - Rotate covers
  • [PeepSo] DisplayName is shown twice if user's last name contain hashtags
  • [NSFW] Clicking on edit in sensitive post should remove the blur and show the content
  • [File Uploads] Validation message for file types that are not allowed
  • [SLAI] Destroy session before the login process begin
  • [Woocommerce] Support for version 7.1.0
  • [PeepSo] Free Bundle placements and improvements
  • Tagline Font Size.
  • Global Visibility for header and footer

NOVEMBER 23, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Implement image rotation - Stage 1 - Profile and Group Avatars
  • [PeepSo] Add minimize icon to chat window
  • [EDD] Improve tables on mobile view
  • [File Uploads] Better handling of icon for exotic file types
  • [PeepSo] Fix PeepSo marketing/add windows in certain expired license scenarios
  • Customizer: Blog Grid - Option to set more columns
  • Customizer: Hide header search on mobile
  • Add Woocommerce pages to exceptions lists
  • Logos getting squished

NOVEMBER 9, 2022

  • [File Uploads] Design improvements
  • [Tutor LMS] Invalid text in TutorLMS widgets
  • [PeepSo] Can't register if blocked domain has an empty line
  • [File Uploads] The entire validation script was broken
  • [File Uploads] Can't post a comment with file only
  • Background for post attachments.
  • Better handling of child-theme version mismatch
  • More styling improvements in customizer

NOVEMBER 2, 2022

  • [File Uploads] Stable release of File Uploads plugin
  • [PeepSo] Full compatibility with WordPress 6.1
  • [Videos] Option for all users to access media folder
  • [PeepSo] Fix typos
  • Removed Sticky Footer option (it's now implemented as default)
  • Improved footer position without Javascript to avoid conflicts.

October 26, 2022

  • [File Uploads] Allow uploading files to comments and chat
  • [PeepSo] Improve compatibility with WordPress 6.1
  • [PeepSo] Animate the preview box when uploading GIF files
  • [PeepSo] Add a site health warning if PeepSo directories are not writeable
  • [PeepSo] Fix userbar conflict with Widget Options plugin
  • [SLAI] Gateway panel not displayed properly
  • [BadgeOS] User earning badges for wrong actions
  • New option to add the gap between PeepSo posts

October 19, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Limit the scope of data being exported during GDPR dump
  • [WooCommerce] Raise the support for WooCommerce 7.0
  • [PeepSo] Blocked users shouldn't see that they are blocked
  • [PeepSo] Fixes for minor grammar errors
  • [PeepSo] Fix the hidden Send button when writing long messages
  • Customizer - Improved presets management
  • Improve EDD Layout
  • Improve Quiz Layout in Tutor LMS
  • Use MayFly for transient storage
  • Fix missing add to cart icon
  • Fix for notifications in scrollable sidebars

October 12, 2022

  • [File Uploads] - Alpha release of File Uploads plugin
  • [PeepSo] Blacklisted domains should also block subdomains of a parent domain
  • [PeepSo] Improve the comment behavior when clicking on multiple comment boxes at once
  • [PeepSo] Minor cosmetic changes with misaligned icons
  • [PeepSo] Fix the header cart widget clash with Widget Options plugin
  • Customizer: Color options for hashtag widget
  • Support for block widgets - small tweaks

October 5, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Tweak Hashtag Widget Design
  • [Tutor LMS] Improve design on mobile phones
  • Two new default presets (Sunset Orange and Dating Pink)
  • New options for notifications design in Gecko Customizer > PeepSo > Notifications
  • New color settings for PeepSo buttons in Gecko Customizer > PeepSo tab
  • Gecko Page Settings: option to hide featured image on a page
  • Improved Dark preset
  • Improved the design of a calendar widget

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

  • [PeepSo] NSFW posts in Early Access
  • [Tutor LMS] Stable release
  • [PeepSo] Email verifications will sometimes loop
  • [PeepSo] Fix typos in the code
  • [BadgeOS] Fix the WordPress database error with BadgeOS integration
  • Refreshed the default light preset
  • 17 new customizer settings (Default alert colors, gradient colors, middle column max-width, Polls colors and more)
  • Typography color settings were moved to Global Colors tab.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Renamed the GIPHY text in postbox to GIF
  • [PeepSo] Change install date to full date
  • [SLAI] Improve the style of the Google icon
  • [PeepSo] Email verifications will sometimes loop
  • [PeepSo] Fix typos in the code
  • [BadgeOS] Fix the WordPress database error with BadgeOS integration

No changes.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Improved PMP tables on mobile view
  • [WPEM] Improve the function of the buttons in WP Events Manager plugin
  • [PeepSo] Fix the date for pinned posts without a year
  • [PeepSo] Prevent username growing in length when "Cleanup Third-Party Registration" is enabled
  • [PeepSo] Fix overlaping icons on very small screen
  • [PeepSo] Fix the invalid token issue with Two Factor Authentication
  • [Videos] Fix the alignment of vertical video previews

No changes.

August 31, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Let admin dismiss the PeepSoAJAX warnings in case of false positives related to dev environments using htpasswd or similar
  • [PeepSo] "Always use full covers" setting is sometimes ignored
  • [Photos] Photo is not removed from AWS when deleting it from an album
  • [Photos] Photo is not removed from AWS when deleting a comment containing a photo
  • Tutor LMS compatibility

August 24, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Refactor the entire "read more" logic to JavaScript (Client Side Rendered)
  • [PeepSo] Detect PeepSoAJAX not working due to server misconfiguration and alert the administrator
  • [WooCommerce] 6.8.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Prevent rapid clicks on the register button
  • [PeepSo] Better organization of admin options, sections and tabs
  • [PeepSo] Do not show "member since" if the date is malformed
  • [PeepSo] More verbose expired license warnings
  • [PeepSo] Installer needs to handle exceptions better
  • [Groups] The "follower" icons should reflect email setting
  • [PeepSo] Pop-ups have overlap issues with Messages page
  • [Photos] photos are not removed from AWS when deleting album
  • Guest redirect exceptions now also respect CPTs by their numeric ID
  • New, more efficient method to obtain current page ID
  • WooCommerce "products per row" setting broken/missing when using Gecko
  • UserBar mobile display issues when using compact mode with gradient style
  • Restore missing options related to headers

August 2, 2022

  • [EarlyAccess] PeepSo - Tutor LMS integration BETA 1
  • [Media] Improve back-end listing UI/UX
  • [Media] Admins uploads should not be limited
  • [Photos] Admins uploads should not be limited
  • [WooCommerce] Language strings improvements
  • [PeepSo] Some blog posts related settings can't be set to "empty" and reset to default on update
  • [PeepSo] Some active profile tabs not highlighting properly when using the narrow cover
  • [PeepSo] Date validation "X years ago" ignores the exact day of month
  • [PeepSo] Profile sub-tabs should have unique page titles
  • [WooCommerce] Cannot apply woo coupon if `Force profile completion` is enabled
  • [WooCommerce] Stream integration posts break if product was deleted
  • [Gecko] Missing header on category page if category listing contains a post with disabled header

July 25, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Format big view counts like 12.3k instead of 12345
  • [EDD] EDD 3.0 compatibility
  • [WooCommerce] WooCommerce 6.7 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Do not send "mention" emails/notifications if a "replied" one is already sent
  • [PeepSo] Add a warning in PeepSo Installer when activating the theme
  • [Photos] Unable to add more photos if user adds exactly enough to fill the row
  • [WooCommerce] Stream integration posts break if product was deleted
  • Widget margin CSS conflict with WPAdverts
  • Sticky footer sometimes renders in the middle of the page

July 21, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Elementor issues due to an unclosed HTML tag
  • [EDD] Compatibility with EDD 3

No changes.

July 12, 2022

  • [Email Digest] Added a "biweekly" option in email digest frequency
  • [PeepSo] Removed the "I have a bundle" setting
  • [PeepSo] Installer refactoring, performance improvements
  • [PeepSo] New "powered by PeepSo" logic/design
  • [Friends] Cached mutual friends counts to improve members page load time
  • [PeepSo] Viewport / comment typing issues on iOS
  • [Photos] "View full image" button in lightbox not showing properly
  • [Photos] Long images in comments lightbox get cropped
  • Improve long menu display when browser window changes size

June 28, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Early Access: Auto RTL on postbox for RTL languages.
  • [Woo] WooCommerce 6.6.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] AJAX calls triggered by explicit user clicks need to skip the queue
  • [PeepSo] Do not apply brute force rules if the current user is an admin
  • [PeepSo] Untranslated text in stream filters
  • [PeepSo] Inconsistent comments input field background color
  • [BadgeOS] text is not translated
  • [BadgeOS] Replace link with
  • [WPAds] Category dropdown styling issue
  • [PeepSo] Infinite redirect loop when Profile page is set as homepage and Force Profile completion is enabled
  • [PeepSo] Hashtags and Excerpt are not saved when saving post as draft
  • [PeepSo] Blogpost hashtags "below author name" position not working
  • [PeepSo] PeepSo::reset_query() should not execute any code if "Allow PeepSo to reset WP_Query" is disabled
  • [Limits] Missing license input on fresh install
  • Update the favicon preview while changing it in Customizer
  • Show WP login in landing page if PeepSo is not active
  • Sidenav should not be empty when PeepSo is not active

June 20, 2022

  • [PeepSo] let admin disable reaction notifications for non-owner post followers
  • [PeepSo] Let admin decide which actions trigger auto-following posts

No changes.

June 13, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Add loading indicator to the activity's Save and Following buttons when applicable.
  • [PeepSo] Some new phrases are not translatable
  • [Chat] Messages page: rapidly typing and pushing "enter" should work the same as in Chat window instead of blocking the postbox while message is being sent
  • [Chat] Messages page: improve container height calculation
  • [Chat] Messages page: "I am typing" indicator needs to be added
  • [Chat] Messages page: improve layout in narrow (but not yet mobile) middle column
  • [Chat] Messages page: trim preview to 1 line
  • [PeepSo] Misaligned username and comments
  • [PeepSo] Do not trigger "old PeepSo" warning if the RELEASE_DATE is in the future
  • [Chat] Messages page: conversations do not consistently scroll to last on load and new message events
  • [Chat] Messages page: conversation list (sidebar) sometimes randomly scrolls all the way up after infinite-load event
  • [Groups] Duplicate group list in ajax response if there is "sticky_posts" option in "wp_options"
  • Header menu alignment is not working properly
  • Gecko prints empty body CSS background if no image is configured

June 7, 2022

  • [PeepSo] New stream sort option: "Recently commented and posted"
  • [PeepSo] Users can un/follow post notifications without commenting
  • [PeepSo] Admins and group management can disable comments on specific posts
  • [PeepSo] Stream filters: let admin decide if and when to use "compact" mode
  • [PeepSo] Stream filters redesign: add icons to all options, more verbose compact mode
  • [PeepSo] Dedicated Notifications page
  • [PeepSo] Generate usernames automatically during registration
  • [PeepSo] Let admin disable the pinned posts feature completely
  • [PeepSo] Social sharing: add "copy link"
  • [PeepSo] Social sharing: add Telegram
  • [PeepSo] Rewrite "post options" context menu to on-demand to REST endpoint
  • [PeepSo] WordPress 6.0 compatibility
  • [Chat] New Messages page
  • [WooCommerce] Let admin decide to not post to stream about products hidden from the catalog
  • [WooCommerce] WooCommerce 6.5.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Members page: sort by most followers
  • [PeepSo] PHP 8.1 - fix the last remaining deprecations
  • [PeepSo] Unify the "following" icon across the plugins
  • [PeepSo] Improve posts tagging list design
  • [PeepSo] Disabled and invalid licenses handling was improved. Expired licenses will now stop working after a couple of months
  • [PeepSo] VIP Icons misaligned in Safari
  • [PeepSo] Missing content issue with likes, comments on user avatar/cover
  • [BadgeOS] missing peepso automated post when user earns a new badge for register / login
  • [Friends] Clicking "accept" on friend requests rapidly leads to a race condition
  • [Groups] Hide the postbox on the category page if the user is a member but cannot post in any groups within the category
  • [LearnDash] JavaScript conflict in backend "Add Course" page
  • Hide extra links under a dropdown if they can't fit in the header
  • Improved mobile menu collapsing logic
  • Two Factor Authentication compatibility

MAY 10, 2022

  • [PeepSo] VIP icons alignment
  • [Chat] Single message view not working if the permalink structure has no trailing slash
  • [UserLimits] Do not render warnings in the post list

No changes.

APRIL 27, 2022

  • [WOO] WooCommerce 6.4.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Let admin use non-square VIP icons
  • [PeepSo] "Account activated" feedback now works more consistent across non-PeepSo pages
  • [Media] Added a post link to the "manage video uploads" screen
  • [WPAdverts] Image position and size in listings
  • [Photos] Deleting the album stream item should delete the album

No changes.

APRIL 19, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Better nonce handling in AJAX calls when user logs out in a different tab or session expires
  • [Groups] peepso_group_segment_menu_links filter needs to be context aware and allow external links
  • [PeepSo] Brute force sorting by last failed attempt uses wrong date
  • [PeepSo] Missing avatar in mention list when tagging in comment reply
  • [PeepSo] Unable to select poll when "Sort results by votes" is enabled
  • [PeepSo] Empty post in modal if activity content is not UTF8
  • [PeepSo] Rendering issues with VIP and Groups when user name contains brackets
  • Third party plugin compatibility (stage 3) ***

*** Plugins list:

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed (Instagram Feed), Ninja Forms, TablePress.

APRIL 6, 2022

  • Do not hide post text when switching the post type
  • Add "loss of content" warning when navigating away from an unsubmitted comment in a modal window
  • Editing a WordPress post should not result in bumping the companion activity post when "recently commented" filter is enabled
  • dbDelta() issues when updating the peepso_activity_views table
  • Customizer - missing section titles when mobile logo & favicon are set

MARCH 21, 2022

  • [WooCommerce] 6.3.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Retain avatar crop coordinates when re-cropping
  • [PeepSo] Suppress errors on dbDelta
  • [Social Login] User Limits ignores avatars imported from social providers
  • [LearnDash] Course list styling
  • [PeepSo] The "Promise" JS polyfill doesn't work with older iOS devices (12.x)
  • [Groups] Unique group names should only check "PeepSo group" post type
  • New option: disable sticky footer
  • New option: headings color
  • Customizer settings for Gradient widgets

MARCH 9, 2022

  • [Media] Audio: M4A support
  • [PeepSo] Loading indicators for avatar & cover uploads
  • [PeepSo] Cropping the same avatar twice should retain the previous crop coordinates
  • [LearnDash] Widgets styling improvement
  • [PeepSo] Social sharing dialog can sometimes be blocked by ad blockers
  • [PeepSo] Notification digest email text is shortened too much if the notification length limit is below ~50 characters
  • [PeepSo] Setting "scheduled posts" as default stream filter should be impossible as it leads to nonsense results
  • [Groups] Group members page conflicting with with Yoast SEO if SEO Friendly links are enabled
  • Customizer: Favicon
  • Password protected posts / pages improvement
  • Third party plugin compatibility (stage 2) ***
  • Sub menu in the long menu header not in correct position

*** Plugins list:

Dokan Multivendor, LearnDash.

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Stream filters mobile UI/UX
  • [PeepSo] Deleting a comment should hide all sub-comments immediately without reloading
  • [PeepSo] Early Access: New Search - result list styling
  • [PeepSo] Update icons library to FontAwesome 6
  • [Social Login] PeepSo email blocklist should apply when registering via a Social provider
  • [PeepSo] Rearranging VIP icons in the backend should reorder them in frontend next to user names
  • [PeepSo] Users are able to edit their own admin-only fields by exploiting AJAX calls
  • [PeepSo] Email notification intensity defaults to wrong value for users on fresh install
  • [PeepSo] Early Access: New Search - groups section URL goes to 404 if page slug is changed
  • Third party plugin compatibility ***
  • Child theme with more than 4 version number sections does not handle version lock well
  • WooCommerce styling
  • Footer widget areas are inconsistent in landing page template

*** Plugins list:

Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, bbPress.

FEBRUARY 16, 2022

  • [WooCommerce] WooCommerce 6.2 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] UserBar widget login icon is no longer enabled by default
  • [PeepSo] Fix and handle the issues related to duplicate entries generated in Reactions, VIP and PostBG
  • [PeepSo] Users should not be able to cheat profile field length validators with multiple spaces
  • [PeepSo] Users unable to log in if the username/email has an accidental space at the end

No changes.

FEBRUARY 9, 2022

  • [PeepSo] Like icon should be editable
  • [PeepSo] Use the first published Reaction (not always the like) as the anchor/icon for the Reactions interface
  • [PeepSo] Trigger Reactions pop-up on mouse over
  • [PeepSo] Mark Reactions as positive/negative and neutral for future ranking improvements
  • [PeepSo] Let admin define a default email intensity setting for new users
  • [PeepSo] Maintenance cron to update "last commented" post state
  • [Early Access] Web Push is now deprecated
  • [Social Login] Login with WeChat China (BETA)
  • [PeepSo] Do not use explicit https or https in Reactions CSS
  • [PeepSo] The label after giving like is "1 person" instead of "you"
  • [PeepSo] Third party themes compatibility ***
  • [PeepSo] "Unknown email address" login error should not mention usernames if login with username is disabled
  • [PeepSo] Implement PEEPSO_DELETE_NOTIFICATIONS_AFTER_DAYS to how old a notification needs to be (in days) to be automatically deleted
  • [Groups] Refactor the "single column" setting to "default list style"
  • [Media] Remove mentions of S3 conversion from the front-end
  • [Photos] Bad inline height on album items
  • [Chat] "Somebody is typing" design improvements
  • [PeepSo] Shared classifieds & events are out of the modal window
  • [PeepSo] Deleting user from admin page doesn't remove follower records
  • [PeepSo] Sharing internal link leaves url in post even when set in config to hide.
  • [PeepSo] Activity-stream-filters-simple is ignoring the EA switch
  • [PeepSo] Profile view count should not show in hover cards if it's disabled
  • [Dokan] Error in user preferences if "Let users become vendor" is enabled and Dokan plugin is missing
  • [PMP] Wrong messages about incorrect login credentials
  • [PMP/GROUPS] User still receives notifications after removal from groups related to strict group membership

*** Third party themes compatibility list:

Botiga, Blocksy, Ashe, GeneratePress, Inspiro, Storefront, Sydney, Blank Canvas, Bravada, Zakra, Sinatra, Twenty Fourteen, Layers WP, Colibri WP require Colibri Page Builder, Twenty Twenty-Two.

  • Gecko compatibility - WooCommerce improvements
  • Improve profile page details info

january 25, 2022