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User Profiles

Avatars and Cover Images

Users can set their own avatars and cover images.

Customizable Profiles

Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves.

Profile Settings

Users can set their notification preferences, whether to show online status and many more.

Profile Likes

Users can like others’ profiles.


Fully responsive design

Custom Profile Fields

Create custom profile fields for your community members. Birthday fields, multiple select, single select, date, url, country and more. Everything is done on the same page without the need to save and refresh. On the front end, the user can also edit their profile fields smoothly and seamlessly one by one.


Customize your own registration form with Custom Profile Fields.


Set default privacy to profile fields, allow or disallow changing it to users.

Customize Default Fields

Customize default PeepSo fields, for example you can add more gender options.

Custom Profile Field Types

Multi select, Single select, Email, Date, Text, URL, Location, Country, Separator

Activity Stream

Activity Posts

Users can write Posts on Activity Stream and Profiles


3 default Privacy settings for users content: Public, Site Members, Only Me

Nested Comments

Comments under Posts are nested so your users never lose track of the conversations

Pinned Posts

Admins can pin posts to the top of the Activity Stream – these are great for making announcements

User Hover Cards

When hovering over user name (or taping on mobile) it shows a hover card with user's profile summary.


Say more than a thousand Likes. Reactions on stream posts with emotional message such as Love, Laugh, Wink and much more. It features a built-in set of Reactions with a robust admin panel that lets you customize everything, add your own, change the icons, text and more.

More than 'like'

Add custom reactions to your community so they can react appropriately to user Posts

Onsite Notifications

Customize Reaction notification text.

Email Notifications

Plugin hooks in email notifications and adjusts according to chosen reaction

Default reactions

Built-in set of Reactions immediately ready to use

Your Own Reactions

Upload your own custom image – .PNG, .SVG or even an animated .GIF


Comes with the ability to use hashtags on any PeepSo Posts. Whether they’re made by users on activity stream or in groups regardless of posts privacy settings. They will be counted and added up, but posts will keep their privacy. Using hashtags in no way compromises that. Hashtags will be calculated and added up. Each tag is counted one time per post. If you add the same tag ten times in one post it’ll still count its usage only once.

Hashtag search is built-in. You can search either by clicking a hashtag or by using the search field. Search also indicates to members what are the minimum and maximum character counts for hashtags. Search results will only show posts users are allowed to see, post privacy is respected fully.

Hashtag Search

Apart from the regular search in PeepSo you can combine the search with searching for hashtags to narrow posts even further


When filtering by hashtag, it's automatically added to postbox for easier post creation


Configure it to your liking, minium to maximum length hashtags and more

Blog Posts

Integrate your Blog with your Community. Add Blog Posts tab to user profiles, featuring blog entries created by your community members. Automatically create a new PeepSo activity stream post. It is also capable of creating a PeepSo activity stream item each time a new WordPress post is published. This includes regular blog posts. CPTs (custom post types) are not supported at this time, they can be easily added with custom code, though.

An activity stream item is created only once, no matter how many times you re-publish the related item. This does not include the ability to create blog posts on the frontend. However, it does include integrations with a 3rd party plugins which do allow doing it right from user profiles.

Profile Integration

Display users’ blogposts in their profiles

Activity Stream Integration

Automatically create a corresponding Post on Community Stream when a new blogpost is published

Reactions and Comments

WordPress blogposts can be reacted on and commented on. Comments and reactions are synced with the corresponding community posts.

Author boxes

Beautiful author boxes under blog posts


It’s a plugin that we have been looking forward ourselves too. We needed a way to easily and safely format text within our own community. So that we can answer questions and provide well formatted answers at the same time.

It does make a difference especially when you have to deal with code snippets or at least put emphasis on certain parts of your post or comment. What is Markdown and why is the plugin named like that?

Text Formatting

It can be used in both Posts, Comments and profile fields throughout PeepSo.


Now you can include inline code with syntax highlighting.


It comes also with the possibility of creating ordered lists

Inline links

Full support for inline links in posts, comments and profile fields

Live Onsite and Email Notifications

Post Comment

Sent when someone comments on users’ posts

User Reply Comment

Sent when someone replies to users’ comments

Comment Reaction

Sent when someone reacts to users’ comments

Auto Scroll and Highlight

When a notification is clicked, it takes user directly to the relevant content, and highlights it

Nearly 30 notification types

There are nearly 30 onsite and corresponding email notification types within PeepSo and its plugins

Other Email Notifications

Configurable emails

Admin can configure and edit the content of email notifications sent to users

Email Verification Email

Sent after registration to confirm user’s email address

New User Registration

Sent to admin user when new user registration needs approval.

Email HTML Overrides

Admin has complete control over how the notification emails look like to match the style to Your Community.


PeepSo Profile Widget

Shows user’s notifications, avatar, profile and community navigation

Latest Members Widget

Shows newest community members, displays their avatars.

Online Members Widget

Shows members who are online at the moment.

UserBar Widget

Shows user's name, navigation and notifications anywhere on the site.


It shows a tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community. The widget has 3 display options with various sorting methods

PeepSo Backend


Dashboard with an Overview of Your Community and statistics.

Coherent configuration

PeepSo has extensive and coherent configuration. No programming knowledge is required.


See what emails are sent. Configure intervals and batches of them to be sent.

Color Schemes

Choose your own color scheme to suit your site best.

Appearance Configuration

Pick from dozens of appearance customization options to personalize the look and feel of your community.


Configure your entire community navigation from one place

Read more

Set the length of posts and comments after which 'read more' link should be shown

Activity Overview

Admins see the overview of all activity posts in the community.

Terms And Conditions

Built-in setting for terms and conditions that need to be accepted upon registration.

Privacy Policy

Option for setting Privacy Policy that needs to be accepted upon registration.

Other features

Members listing

Members list, including Member search and filtering.

RTL support

Support for Right to Left languages like: Arabic or Hebrew


Built-in security configuration, preventing brute force attacks and more.


Users can report content they don’t agree with or find offensive. Admins get notified about it.


Built-in GDPR Compliance settings to help with making your community compliant.

Ban Hammer

Possibility to ban users temporarily or permanently.

White Label

Completely white-label experience. Brand your community however you want.

Exit Gateway for URLs.

Warning users they're about to leave your site.

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle

Discounted Price. All Current PeepSo Plugins. All Future PeepSo Plugins. Single License Key.
Single Purchase. Single Subscription. Full Technical Support. Upgrades. Updates.

Get Your Bundle Get Your Bundle

* Screenshots show PeepSo and some of its plugins like: Photos, Videos, Hashtags etc. with PeepSo Theme: Gecko. Screenshots are for presentation purposes and the outcome may vary with other themes, plugins installed and configuration selected.

** Third Party Base Plugins are not a part of any purchase like: PeepSo Ultimate Bundle. PeepSo Integration and Monetization plugins usually require Third Party Base Plugins (Advanced Ads, BadgeOS, LearnDash, myCred, Paid Memberships Pro, WooCommerce, WPAdverts). Third Party Base Plugins are either free or need to be purchased at a Third Party website. PeepSo support only covered the integration between PeepSo Inegrations and Monetization plugins and Third Party Base Plugins. We do not test nor officially support any Third Party plugins to said Third Party Base Plugins. The support of Third Party Base Plugins is always provided by their respective developers.

*** Every purchase even of free PeepSo Foundation Plugin automatically creates an account on from which you can be served the purchased products. All purchases and accounts are subject to the Refund Policy, License Agreement, Support Policy and Privacy Policy.