The PeepSo plugins and Gecko Theme are updated twice a month (on average).

Please bear in mind: this page only reflects our general goals and directions and is not a guarantee of any deadlines.

PeepSo 2.x.x LTS

PeepSo 2.x.x is the current stable and Long Term Support version of PeepSo.

The 2.x.x branch will continue to receive regular fixes, updates and improvements for the foreseeable future, although some big ideas will have to wait for the PeepSo 3 upgrade due to technical  limitations.

Since work on PeepSo 3 and PeepSo 2 happens in parallel, a lot of background technical changes are included in PeepSo 2. Our primary focus is switching PeepSo 2 to Client Side Rendering (CSR) as much as possible to bring the old and new design paradigms as close together as possible.

PeepSo 2.5.x will include some of the future classes back-ported into the 2.x branch so that some of the new technology can benefit our users ahead of time and be tested in the existing product. We expect to start replacing some of the old non-critical APIs with “real” WP-REST starting with PeepSo 2.5.1 and learn how it affects performance, caching etc.

PeepSo 3

PeepSo 3 is the upcoming major rewrite of our entire product. It will be built around new architecture, abandoning the WordPress database tables, embracing the REST API and being fully Client Side Rendered to enable native app development.

The PeepSo 3 project is by far the biggest technological challenge our company has ever faced. As such it is very hard to estimate, and right now is in early planning stages. The primary use for the PeepSo 3 branch nowadays is research, and brining what we learn back into the existing product.

  • Custom database tables to completely replace WP architecture
  • REST API to completely replace custom AJAX & WP AJAX
  • New Notification Engine
  • Server Sent Events / Node.js
  • SEO and indexing improvements
  • React Native based mobile apps

To Boldly Go…

These features are great to have, but we decided to postpone them until the new architecture is in place.

  • Cloud Video Conversion (Amazon Elastic Transcoder)
  • WPML compatibility
  • Option to disable “friends” and have a “followers only” mode (similar to Instagram and Twitter)
  • Profile Types
  • Ability to follow a post without writing a comment
  • Let admin move posts to / from / between groups
  • Let admin see and change post privacy of other users
  • Let Admin / Owner disable comments / likes on posts in a group
  • Video conversion live AJAX check & on-site notifications
  • AppPresser compatibility
  • MultiSite compatibility
  • PeepSo Core: Pages
  • PeepSo Integrations: The Events Calendar
  • PeepSo Integrations: Easy Digital Downloads