The PeepSo plugins and Gecko Theme are updated twice a month (on average).

This page only reflects our general goals and directions and is not a guarantee of any deadlines. We do not guarantee that things listed below will be implemented for sure. If you are planning to buy PeepSo, please make a decision based on the current features.

The only guaranteed features are the ones already present in the product. Delayed, unimplemented or cancelled features that were in any way indicated to be planned – mentioned by our employees in any way or form in PeepSo.com (pages, blog posts, community, support tickets etc), third party websites (Facebook, Instagram etc) or any other channels – cannot be considered a guarantee until they are actually finished.

Short term plans

Things we are tentatively planning to release within a quarter or two.

  • Multilingual support – TranslatePress compatibility
    • Ability to translate notification e-mails
    • General compatibility improvements
  • Post options REST API
  • Reactions improvements
    • Custom first icon
    • Mouseover trigger
    • REST API Reactions
    • Reactions in comments
  • Followers
    • Ability to disable the feature completely
    • Ability to control privacy of follower/following lists

Research phase

Good ideas we’d like to have, but unsure if and how to approach them, so we are currently researching

  • Push notifications through MobiLoud
    • Instead of writing our own implementation, we are experimenting with piggybacking on the existing solution implemented by MobiLoud
  • Multimedia & File Uploads plugin
    • Replacement for both Photos and Audio & Video
    • Mixed content posts/albums
    • Support for non-multimedia documents (like PDF)
    • Global “multimedia” pages with rankings
  • New Repost engine
    • Switching to custom previews, phasing out the WordPress oEmbed engine from any PeepSo-to-PeepSo embeds – thus improving shares within the same community and between communities.
  • Content ranking algorithm
    • Ability to sort content by “most popular”, “controversial” etc
    • Ability to use Reactions as “up” and “down” votes
  • Search engine
    • Something probably based on a custom indexing engine and paired partially with WP native search for non-PeepSo content.
  • MemberPress integration
    • General idea to somehow bind MemberPress with PeepSo similar to PMP.

Medium term plans

Things we are tentatively planning to release within a year.

  • Profile Types
  • Pages plugin / feature
  • Ability to un/follow post comments without commenting yourself
  • Sensitive content” (NSFW) mode for posts
  • Further notification engine improvements
    • Use on-site notifications as a queue for all other notification types
    • Notification previews in e-mails
    • Don’t send e-mails about notifications that are already read
    • Mobile and Browser push based on the new engine
  • Ability to disable comments on a single post

Long term plans

General ideas for the next couple of years.

  • Further Client Side Rendering architecture shift (in progress)
  • API to completely replace custom AJAX & WP AJAX (in progress)
  • Let admin move posts to / from / between groups
  • Custom database tables

Some day

Things without any schedule at all, but worth looking into – eventually.

  • Server Sent Events / Node.js