Important features being worked on

PeepSo plugins are updated twice a month (on average). The next expected release is 2.2.3 on April 2nd.

Please bear in mind: this page only reflects our general goals and directions and is not a guarantee of any deadlines.

Can’t find a feature you want? We are open for suggestions! Do you need custom development or would like to sponsor a feature?

Next few weeks

  • Post Directly To Group

This year

  • Cloud Video Conversion (Amazon Elastic Transcoder)
  • Server Sent Events / Node.js
  • Hashtags: Improved UTF support
  • “Edit / save all” button in profiles
  • Blocking engine improvements

Codename “PeepSo 3”

  • Custom database tables to completely replace WP architecture
  • REST API to completely replace custom AJAX & WP AJAX
  • New Notification Engine
  • React Native based mobile apps
  • SEO and indexing improvements

Future big feature ideas

  • WPML compatibility
  • Option to disable “friends” and have a “followers only” mode (similar to Instagram and Twitter)
  • Profile Types
  • PeepSo Objects: Ability to follow a post without writing a comment
  • PeepSo Objects: Let admin move posts to / from / between groups
  • PeepSo Objects: Let admin see and change post privacy of other users
  • Let Admin / Owner disable comments / likes on posts in a group
  • Video conversion live AJAX check & on-site notifications
  • AppPresser compatibility
  • MultiSite compatibility
  • PeepSo Core: Pages
  • PeepSo Integrations: The Events Calendar
  • PeepSo Integrations: Easy Digital Downloads