Changelog – 2021

december 20, 2021

  • Let admins repost their own posts
  • [PeepSo] Disable the browser hover pop-up label on member names
  • [Media] No conversion mode: allowlist needs to be case insensitive
  • [Media] No conversion mode: MOV not working in some scenarios
  • [Media] No conversion mode: if allowlist is empty it should only accept mp4
  • [PeepSo] User Submitted Posts integration conflixt with AIOSEO
  • [PeepSo] Default pages keep installing themselves if Elementor Pro is present
  • [PeepSo] Overlapping profile share/like button
  • [GECKO] Early Access: when “about” is set to profile home, wide cover menu does not highlight properly

December 12, 2021

  • [PeepSo] Early Access: Let admin set the main profile tab to “about”
  • [App] PeepSo User Bar UI/UX improvements, stage 1
  • [Events] MySQL performance improvements when creating events
  • [PeepSo] Markdown quote fails to terminate properly
  • [PeepSo] Video embeds from not full width
  • [App] Notification popup is not working properly with native interface of WPMobileApp
  • [Photos] Photos not loading in lightboxes if the ID is beyond a 32 int limit

No changes.

November 29, 2021

  • [PeepSo] Use the background image in Open Graph when sharing a Background Post
  • [PeepSo] PeepSo User Bar notifications box height adjustment
  • [PeepSo] WP Offload Media not working for custom VIP icons and post backgrounds
  • [Groups] Group description character countdown not working
  • [PeepSo] Rendering issues for guests, when hovering a VIP icon with hover cards disabled
  • WooCommerce: new setting to force single column view on mobile
  • Sticky Toolbar not working in Mobile App

November 24, 2021

  • [PeepSo] Let admin exclude hasthags below certain size from the widget
  • [WooCommerce] WooCommerce 5.9.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Userbar: limit menu width (mobile)
  • [Events] PeepSo integration needs to skip “events” toolbar item if no page is configured in WPEM
  • [Groups] Improve the message on group page if non-member interactions are allowed
  • [Groups] More general privacy descriptions to stay in line with advanced group settings such as admin-only posts, disabled comments, allowing non-members to comment/like etc
  • [PeepSo] Blog content missing if author box is enabled and “about” field is disabled
  • [PeepSo] Cannot search for hashtags on activity stream on iOS using Chinese keyboard layout.
  • [PeepSo] WordPress image pages do not load (404 error) when ‘Enable SEO Friendly links’ is enabled
  • [PeepSo] Bruteforce fatal error if a third party overrides the $errors variable to “not a WP_Error”
  • [PeepSo] Double PeepSoPolls class causes a faral error when upgrading from a very old PeepSo version
  • [App] PeepSo infinite scroll issues and WPMA on item listing pages.
  • [Advanced Ads] Activity Stream not showing PeepSo ad if Birthdate field is disabled
  • [Groups] Group “more” button is not hidden even if there is no extra content.
  • [Groups] Incomplete email title for new group post notification
  • [PMP] Missing/skipped PMP Membership Confirmation page
  • [PMP] When the time period of paid membership ends, users do not get expelled from our groups automatically
  • Block handling improvements – stage 2
  • Admin panel improvements
  • General dark theme improvements
  • Gecko Page Options not affecting the when Posts Page is set to Blog Page
  • PeepSo UserBar conflict with Widget Options plugin
  • Oversized mobile logo on WooCommerce page

November 10, 2021

  • [Social Login] Fixed a potential critical error when loading the JWT library due to case-sensitive paths

No changes.

November 9, 2021

  • [PeepSo] GIPHY, Polls, VIP and WordFilter are now a part of PeepSo Foundation
  • [PeepSo] Store on-site notifications untranslated to enable third party multi-lingual plugin support
  • [PeepSo] “Preset URL” field type
  • [PeepSo] The “Followers” feature is now a part of PeepSo Foundation
  • [PeepSo] Followers profile tab
  • [PeepSo] Count followers and followings
  • [PeepSo] Add more information to profile details (under cover)
  • [PeepSo] The legacy “integrated PeepSo” widget position is now discontinued
  • [PeepSo] GIPHY: add to stream posts
  • [PeepSo] Let admin decide to hide profile completeness if all required fields are filled
  • [PeepSo] Polls: let admin define sorting by votes count
  • [Groups] Allow reactions and/or comments for non-members in open groups
  • [Media] Allow video uploads without conversions
  • [Email Digest] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
  • [User Limits] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
  • [Social Login] Login with Apple
  • [Social Login] Let users disconnect from social login by using password reset even if not logged in
  • [PeepSo] Move focus to search bar and highlight it once GIPHY interface is opened
  • [PeepSo] Performance improvements in MayFly temporary storage engine
  • [PeepSo] Improved logic and interface around profile details
  • [PeepSo] let hashtags widgets display up to 100 hashtags
  • [PeepSo] Move Repost to Advanced and rename the box
  • [PeepSo] GIPHY: more granular admin controls
  • [PeepSo] Raise username length limit to 50
  • [PeepSo] Rename Hide Activity Stream from Non-logged in Users
  • [PeepSo] Reorganize Appearance Config
  • [PeepSo] Add default action text when empty
  • [PeepSo] Add more flexibility to the “absolute dates” setting