New Release:

Introducing our latest release, where user requests take center stage! We’re thrilled to unveil a range of new features driven by customer requests. From enhancing usability to refining functionality, each addition has been meticulously crafted to elevate your experience on our platform. Join us as we dive into the exciting world of user-requested features and discover how they’re reshaping your interaction with PeepSo.

Activity Stream In Reverse

In a world where content consumption is often dictated by the latest updates, offering flexibility in how users engage with activity stream can be a game-changer. With the latest feature addition, site administrators now have the power to completely reverse the activity stream order, bringing a refreshing twist to content navigation. By default, the stream showcases the newest posts first, aligning with the traditional flow of information. However, recognizing the diverse preferences of users, this feature empowers administrators to flip the script, placing the oldest posts at the forefront.

Found within the PeepSo > Configuration > Stream Posts, under Advanced panel, Set activity post order by ascending toggle option offers a simple yet significant customization tool. Whether it’s for archival purposes, nostalgia-driven browsing, or simply a personal preference, enabling this feature grants users a unique way to interact with content. It’s a testament to the adaptability and user-centric design ethos driving PeepSo forward, ensuring that every user’s experience is tailored to their liking.

Photos Storage Used Per User

In today’s digital age, managing storage space is a top priority for administrators of online platforms. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new feature to our Photos plugin: the ability for site administrators to enable a storage usage display, showcasing the precise amount of storage space each user has utilized in megabytes.

This addition empowers administrators with greater insight and control over their platform’s resources, facilitating more informed decision-making and efficient resource allocation. Enable this option in Photos plugin settings, under General panel. The total storage used by every user will then be displayed in WPAdmin -> Users.

Hide Stream Header

When this option is enabled in WPAdmin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Stream Posts under Advanced panel, a new option will be available in each activity stream where administrator can hide the header, concealing details such as avatar, date, time, title, and display name. This flexible option is designed with versatility in mind, perfect for showcasing short advertisements or making concise announcements without cluttering the interface. By enabling this feature, administrators gain the freedom to streamline their content delivery, ensuring that the focus remains squarely on the message at hand.

Community Sponsored Features

In addition to every day development tasks enhancing PeepSo, our dedication to delivering community-requested content remains unwavering. The introduction of features above showcases our responsiveness to user needs and preferences. By actively listening to and implementing user feedback, we’re not only enhancing the functionality of our platform but also fostering a stronger sense of community and collaboration. As we continue on this journey, we’re committed to prioritizing user satisfaction and ensuring that every update reflects our ongoing commitment to serving our users better. Together, we’re shaping a platform that truly caters to the diverse needs and desires of our valued community members.

Contact us and let us hear your suggestions. If you want to ensure that your request finds its way into PeepSo, we will be happy to review it and provide a fair quote..

What Else Is New?

We made few changes under the hood as well, take a look at our changelog for full list of changes.

Brought to you by PeepSo Team Siniša Krišan
I am experienced in various social networks and platforms. Among other things, I’m the guy you turn to for figuring out the feature’s details and resolving issues. I hail from Novi Sad, Serbia. My journey with Open Source had taken me across the globe to Bali, Indonesia, where I had spent several years working & evolving with the base PeepSo Team. I was involved with planning and development of very early versions of PeepSo and helped pushing the product forward. Although I tend to engage full workaholic mode, I am essentially a laid back person. I’m also a hardcore gamer and I enjoy playing video games with my girlfriend whenever I catch precious little spare time. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures and surroundings.

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