PeepSo Support – Q1 Report


As promised in my Annual Report published in January, I will continue with similar reports on a quarterly basis. In this report, I’ll tell you what has been going on in the support department recently. On top of that, I’ll show some recent statistics.

Our team is growing

We have taken another step in providing better customer service, by hiring a trainee support agent. Ivana or Iva has started her training in February and she’s doing great.

More support agents will help us to reply faster. But more importantly, Iva will work back-shifts every other week. That way, with Artur, who already works alternately 07:00-15:00 or 14:00-22:00 GMT+1, we will be able to cover 20 out of 24 hours every day (Monday to Friday) every week, and not only every other week, as we do it now. That’s one step closer to 24h support.

Iva is making good progress and hopefully will join the frontline European team soon. As some of you contacting our support recently might have noticed, she writes some “supervised” replies to your tickets already.

Our internal support procedures

We have created another internal policy addressing the quality of our customer service and we added it to our Standard Operating Procedures. We are working on implementing it every day. Hopefully, clients contacting us recently have already noted a difference 🙂

Other actions

Updating and expanding our Documentation is progressing. Our goal is to add all missing information to cover instructions and explanations for all features. Also, to update already existing docs because of changes that came with PeepSo 3, and because of some changes introduced by third party organizations like Google or Amazon.

As you might note on our Community, Matt- our CTO, has started to create short videos recently. If you missed it you can still watch them 🙂

There will be a special “PeepSoTV” on our Community and on YouTube created soon for them.

PeepSo statistics

Tickets numbers and our response time:

  • We still handle around 700 tickets a month. 
  • The average time for the first reply in this quarter was 7.5 hours.

As for the “Satisfaction Survey” after closing the ticket, in this quarter we received:

  • “Good” rating in 20% of all cases.
  • “Bad” in 0.5% of cases.

All the above figures are similar to those reported in my Annual Report.

Our plans?

We are going to try to drive down the response time and will continue to work on improvement of our replies’ quality. Apart from that, we are also looking for another support agent to join and expand our team. I hope the above information brings you closer to our PeepSo support staff, challenges, and work. We do our best to fulfil our manifesto:

“We, the PeepSo Team believe five-star customer care is the most important part of our mission.”

Should you have any questions or comments, please do let me know below. I’m here to help.

Brought to you by PeepSo Team Chris Jaworski
My very first contact with computers and programming was in the 1980s, while getting my Masters of Engineering degree. Despite the fact that most of my past professional experience was more “analog engineering”, I find the skills obtained there (analytical thinking, problem solving, general understanding of technology) very useful in the digital era.

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