GEO my WP Is The Perfect Solution For User Mapping And Geo Location

GEO my WP is a free WordPress plugin that provides all the tools you’ll ever need to make mapping and geolocation as easy as possible throughout your entire website. While it is already integrated with WordPress trough features like Posts Geotagging, Proximity Search Forms and Mashup Maps, it now comes with a PeepSo integration as well.

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Communities on Reddit are ‘going dark’ (or: the ‘price’ of a public social network)

The latest news has hit the internet hard: the biggest communities on Reddit have decided to stop functioning for the next 48 hours, effective on June 12th, 2023. What has Reddit done to cause nearly half of its subscribers to lose access to their favorite communities?

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Introducing ListoWP: a To-Do List and Reminders plugin for WordPress

In today’s fast-paced world, To-Do and Reminders apps are indispensable tools for individuals striving to enhance productivity and maintain organization in their daily lives. These applications improve your productivity by letting you prioritize tasks, set reminders, and categorize items for efficient task management.

What is ListoWP?

ListoWP is a brand new, modern & great-looking plugin for WordPress that implements front-end managed To-Do Lists for your users. It’s developed by my company EmeraldWP (MJWP, LLC) and funded by private investors not technically, legally, or financially connected to PeepSo.

Try our live demo to see it in action!

Exclusive PeepSo offer: 30% off

The entire PeepSo family is invited to celebrate our launch with an exclusive 30% off code: PeepSo. Simply use the code PeepSo on checkout to receive a 30% discount. That’s $20 per year (discount applies to future automatic renewals) or $210 for the lifetime option.

A free version of the plugin (missing a few Pro features) can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Repository.

The Features

Tasks, Lists & Deadlines

At the core of any To-Do app lies a Task – an actionable item with a title, description and optional due date. Tasks can also be configured as recurring (for example: weekly, monthly). Tasks can be organized into Lists – ListoWP has two types: Smart Lists (automatically categorizing Tasks based on their completion state, due date, etc) and optional Custom Lists (created manually by the user to sort their Tasks in a meaningful manner).

Core components of ListoWP: Tasks with due dates, Custom Lists and Smart Lists

Amazing UI

With an intuitive layout and drag-and-drop features, ListoWP interface is feels familiar, not very different from any To Do and Reminders apps you might have used before. The plugin is optimized for mobile devices, with a distraction-free fullscreen mode baked right in. It also features a dark mode, to blend better with your website.

Your users will manage their Tasks and Lists exclusively in the front-end. Unlike most WordPress plugins, regular users never have to go to wp-admin to manage content. Built on custom database tables and Client Side Rendered REST API, ListoWP is lightning fast.

Fullscreen mode works especially well on mobile devices

PeepSo integration

ListoWP Pro features a range of third-party integrations, including the PeepSo profile tab. Visible only to the profile owner, it gives them their To-Do items right in the PeepSo UI.

PeepSo integration displays Tasks to the profile owner as one of the profile tabs.

The Future

ListoWP is a very young project but with a bright future ahead of it. We plan to expand the plugin with email notifications and collaboration boards – Kanban-style lists where users can assign tasks to each other and move them between categories until finished. Once more features are added the price might need to go up – which is yet another reason to grab it now while it’s fresh off the press!

Do you have any questions or feedback?

I’m happy to reply to your comments under this post! Or you can open a support ticket directly on the ListoWP website. Thank you!

10 Reasons Why Social Networking Sites and Apps are Important for Customer Engagement

Closing the “expectation gap” – or the difference between what customers expect and what they receive, is one of the major concerns of today’s marketers. Brands fall short of current expectations for speed and customization across all channels while using classic marketing tactics on social media.

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How to Write Community Guidelines That Are Actually Followed

Clear community guidelines underpin every successful online community. They are the basic house rules which, if followed, allow everyone to give, take, and get along. Sounds simple, but many communities create guidelines which aren’t followed, are hard to understand, or are not even enforceable. Today we’re going to share exactly how to create reasonable guidelines that are actually followed.

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How to Find and Define Your Community’s One Purpose

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A lot of online communities invest time, money, and resources in reducing the number of “lurkers” in their midst. These parasitic members who consume what they want but never contribute in return—who needs ‘em! One survey found that 30% of online community managers consider lurkers an obstacle. But are they really? Is it possible that lurkers are actually an asset to the community, or that having too many active users would be detrimental to participation and growth? Let’s take a look.

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