PeepSo Support – Q3 Report

Here is my next quarterly report on PeepSo support. As always, I hope it brings you closer to what we do.

The Team

Our team remains the same in terms of numbers. However, since September, we try a new working pattern to provide even better support coverage. The morning shift agents in Europe start earlier and they also finish their back shift later than before.

On top of that, we’ve modified the working pattern during weekends. All the above actions allow us to provide 24/7 support for the Ultimate Bundle and 24/5 for other products active license owners.

We are going to analyse that after some time, to see how it affects our response time.

Again, you can meet the whole PeepSo team here – find us also on Our Community.

PeepSo Statistics

  • The average monthly tickets number in this quarter was 600 and it was around 100 more than in the previous quarter.
  • The average time for the first reply in Q3 was just 3.5 hours.

When it comes to the “Satisfaction Survey”, in that quarter we received the following ratings after tickets were closed:

  • “Good” rating in 21% of all cases.  
  • “Bad” in 0.5% of cases

Bad ratings remain at the same level, while we observe an increase of good ratings recently. I do encourage you to please rate every ticket, these ratings do help us a lot. That way we’re able to react, especially to the bad ratings so that the level of service can be assessed and improved in the future.

Other Actions

Our “PeepSo TV” YouTube channel has been finally launched. You can check it out here. We show “how-to” video tutorials and our latest development updates videos there. We are also planning to expand the channel with a lot more content. Please do subscribe and get notified when we publish new videos.

With the slightly different approach, updating and expanding our Documentation is really progressing now. We will catch up with all missing information / instructions within a month from the date this post is published.

Our Plans

We will do our best to keep the response time around 3 hours. And, as always, we will be working on improvement of our replies’ quality. My next report on PeepSo support team and work after the Q4, so… “see you” next year.

As always, please post any questions or comments below. Feel free to also reach out to me personally via our community. Find me @peepso_user_19531

“We, the PeepSo Team believe five-star customer care is the most important part of our mission.”

Your PeepSo Team
Brought to you by PeepSo Team Chris Jaworski
My very first contact with computers and programming was in the 1980s, while getting my Masters of Engineering degree. Despite the fact that most of my past professional experience was more “analog engineering”, I find the skills obtained there (analytical thinking, problem solving, general understanding of technology) very useful in the digital era.

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