New Release: PeepSo & Gecko

Mobile App & Post Background stable features release. These features can finally be safely used in production sites to your communities’ delight.

Mobile App

Our new plugin – PeepSo Integrations: Mobile App – is now stable. It improves PeepSo’s integration with third party mobile app site wrappers such as MobiLoud and

Please bear in mind this plugin comes with a number of restrictions:

  • Does not implement push notifications
  • There is currently no support for Social Login
  • We do not support app submissions, issues with the wrappers or other issues not related directly to our own code.
  • Some features will not be available if you are not using Gecko as your main theme. Child themes are currently not supported.

We are planning to improve our Social Login plugin to be more compatible with the app wrapper, and push notifications are in our long term plans, but for now the plugin does not have these features and is otherwise stable.

Our own app uses MobiLoud as the wrapper

Post Backgrounds

This feature is now also out of beta tests. We have added the ability to mention other users in this post type and decided against adding Markdown support, as the rendering area is too small.

The Post Backgrounds feature is now out of Beta

“Registration only” fields

The administrator can now decide a field can be “registration only”. This applies only to custom fields (not ones built into PeepSo). These fields will not be counted towards profile completeness, and after registration only the administrators will be able to see them.

This can be useful for fields like “how did you hear about us”, or when getting explicit permission to run some sort of automation (i.e. add user to mailing list) via a custom yes/no field. These kinds of fields make sense during registration but not so much when users are editing their profiles.


The ability to control WP Admin Bar was removed from Gecko as it was brought to our attention it is against WordPress code standards. This feature was instead moved to PeepSo Appearance settings.

We have also added settings for logo text and tagline colors, ability to hide sticky bars on mobile/desktop and added a global line height. The styling was improved for multiple native WordPress areas related to widgets, post titles, nested menus, pingbacks etc.

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