Hashtags Community Widget

Hashtags widget that can be placed anywhere on your WordPress site. It shows a tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community.

Available widget settings:

  • Title – Decide what’s the title for the widget. By default, it’s called ‘Community Hashtags’
  • Limit – How many hashtags should be shown in the tag cloud.
  • Display – Cloud, List, or Mixed hashtags within the widget.
  • Sorted – Can be sorted by Name: In alphabetical order or Size: The more hashtag is used per post, the larger its ‘size’ and it gives your users an at-a-glance view of favorite community hashtags.
    ↑ ↓ Ascending /Descending order: smallest or first or earliest in the order will appear at the top of the list and vice versa.
  • Minimum post count: Admin can exclude hashtags below a certain size from the widget. Decide to only show hashtags that count e.g. if the setting is 0 all hashtags will show, if 1 = hashtags with at least 1 post will show, etc.
  • Color Customization: When using Gecko Theme, you can change the color of hashtag text and the color of hashtag background. This setting is located at WP Admin > Gecko > Gecko Customizer > PeepSo > Hashtags.
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Updated on October 3, 2023