Theme Setup, Installation And Update

Installing the Gecko theme is simple as uploading the proper zip file.
If this is your first time installing the theme in the WordPress, please follow these few steps.

  • Go to your purchases tab in profile page on PeepSo site and download PeepSo Theme: Gecko
  • Download the installer file on your desktop
  • On your site, go to WP Admin -> Appearance -> Themes and press Add new button
  • Upload the installer file and activate the theme

That’s it, you have Gecko theme installed.

Adding The License #

In order for Gecko theme to work properly and receive updates, you need to enter the license. Please follow these steps;

  • Find the license number at your purchases tab in profile page on PeepSo site.
  • Copy the license number and go to WP Admin -> Gecko -> License
  • Paste your license number and press “Save Changes” button

Your license should now be activated

Updating Gecko Theme #

If your license is still valid, update should show up automatically as soon as it is available, however, you will have to manually trigger the update. Simply go to the WP Admin -> Dashboard -> Updates and check if there is available update. If there is one, you can update the Gecko theme from there.

Note: We advise against updating theme from the Themes screen. Always use WP dashboard -> Updates for all updates.

First Setup – Like a Demo #

One often asked question is if your site can look like our demo. Of course it can. Here is the quick rundown of the necessary steps. After the installation of the Gecko theme, follow these;

  • Go to WP Admin -> Appearance -> Menus and publish a menu in the Header Menu position
  • Go to WP Admin -> Apperance -> Widgets and publish PeepSo UserBar widget in the Header Widgets position
  • Publish some widgets in left and right sidebars
  • Keep at it until you are satisfied with the look of the site

That is really it, there is no complicated dummy content import, and your site will have a same structure as our demo.

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