WP Event Manager Backend Configuration

Available Options #

Profile integration  #

  • Enabled – Enables the integration with PeepSo
  • Profile owner only – When enabled link in the profile navigation is only shown to profile owners

Display options #

  • Order by – order events by Date:start, Date: last modified, Date: Created and by Title
  • Order – ascending or descending 
  • Show filters – show categories, show event types

Navigation #

  • URL Slug – set to events by default
  • Label – set to Events by default

Frontend Event Management #

Managing Events on the frontend will only work with this feature enabled in this panel

Activity Stream #

New events #

  • Enabled – when enabled PeepSo stream posts will be created for new events
  • Action text – action text for the event
  • Append title – add event title after action text
  • Default privacy – privacy setting for the new events posts: Public, Site Members, Friends Only, and Only Me are available

RSVP “yes” (BETA) #

  • Enabled – when enabled new activity post will be created for the user that is attending the event 
  • Action text – action text for the RSVP “yes” post
  • Append title – add event title after action text
  • Default privacy – privacy setting for the RSVP “yes” posts

Advanced #

Allow automatic stream deletions (BETA)– When enabled, PeepSo would delete stream posts when an event is unpublished / deleted or when a user changes their RSPV status. Highly experimental feature, use with caution.


  • Enabled – enabled by default
  • Attendees in sidebar – set to 1 attendee by default
  • WPEM registrations – enabled by default. Important note: PeepSo RSVP system is designed to replace WPEM registrations. Please do not enable WPEM registrations together with PeepSo RSVP unless you explicitly need both.

Overrides  #

General #

  • Two columns in the box – switch to two column view
  • PeepSo Wrapper – display WPEM pages to match the PeepSo look with PeepSo toolbar on top

Single event view #

Side: Show PeepSo author info – Show PeepSo username and link to the profile of the event author

The video tutorial that covers Events: #


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Updated on September 27, 2023