Slack Login

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Setting up Slack Login requires creating the dedicated Slack App and connecting it through the public and private keys in the plugin configuration.
To create the app, go to:, and click Create App.


Select “From Scratch” and click “Continue”



  • App Name – This will be used on Slack, to differentiate your created apps
  • Pick a workspace– Use the reachable workspace from a dropdown

This will be used on your website to fill out any required fields

  • Client ID– fill out in Id field on your website
  • Client Secret– fill out in Secret field on your website

Configure permissions

Go to OAuth & Permissions, provide URL ( copy from your website Slack Instructions area) as Redirect URLs

Once saved and the Client ID and Client Secret pasted to the plugin configuration, it’s possible to make use of a new application.

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Updated on October 2, 2023