IdeaPush Backend Configuration

IdeaPush is a plugin that allows collecting feedback from your community, similar to user voice or suggestion boards. With our PeepSo integration, you can now collect feedback directly from your community.

After installing and enabling IdeaPush PeepSo Integration and respective base plugin, settings will be available in the WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> IdeaPush

IdeaPush will allow you to create the “suggestions board” where your users can offer suggestions and ideas, see our video tutorial below for more details


Profile Panel #

  • Enabled – Show “Ideas” tab in user profiles.

Two column layout

  • Enabled – changes layout to two columns within user’s profile view.

Featured images

  • Enabled – show featured image.


  • Length limit (words) – limit words in text box for a more compact view.


  • Profile label – if empty default value will show
  • Profile slug – leave empty for default value. Example: /profile/?demo/ideas
  • Custom icon CSS class – FontAwesome (or similar). Leave empty for default value

Activity Stream Panel #

  • Post to Activity Stream – Enabled Create an activity stream item when someone posts an idea.
  • Action text “posted an idea” you can replace it with your custom text
  • Append title after action text – the title of the idea will be displayed after the action text as a link.
  • Default privacy post
    • Public
    • Site members

Comments integration #

  • Enabled – Replace idea push comment box with PeepSo comments
  • Hide “join now” cover
  • Header (general) Optional. Displays above the entire comments integration
  • Header (comments) Optional. Displays above comments

The video tutorial that covers IdeaPush Integration #

What are your feelings
Updated on September 28, 2023