Follow / Unfollow Group Activity & Notifications

Some communities are so active that group content might clutter the activity stream a bit. For users not to be forced to leave groups to avoid the extra information, there’s a exciting group setting. It’s set by a group member per group. Members can decide whether to follow or unfollow groups.

If you unfollow a group, posts from that group will not show on the main Community feed. You’re still a group member and when you go to that group you’ll see all posts. Same with Friends and Groups feeds on the Recent Activity page. This is enabled by default for all existing groups as well as new ones.

There are three (3) options available:

  1. Follow – this will show all the posts from the group in Community activity stream
  2. Be notified – Onsite notifications for activities within the group will be sent to user
  3. Receive e-mails – Email notifications will be sent to user ragarding activities in the group
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Updated on October 4, 2023