Known Issues With Third-Party Plugins

Bellow is the list of plugins that are known to cause issues with PeepSo or Gecko Theme.
If you desperately need the functionality of these plugins, please contact the developer of respective plugin and ask them to fix the issue.

# Plugin Name Issue Discovered In Version Issue Description Status
1 Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP) 3.9.5 Prevents Gecko Theme from updating properly. Not Fixed
2 WP Crowdfunding 1.8.8 Hijacks the navigation system in PeepSo redirecting PeepSo pages to random blog post. Not Fixed
3 Divi Theme 4.10.8 Break PeepSo layout. Not Fixed
4 Divi Builder 4.10.8 Break PeepSo layout. Not Fixed

In some cases, you may see a note in the backend regarding problems with PeepSoAJAX URLs. The warning will appear when something breaks peepsoajax, usually caused by a misconfiguration of the server which can result in not being able to check licenses and install plugins on the PeepSo Installer page. If you are not experiencing any apparent problems with the license you can dismiss the note.

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