MobiLoud Settings Within PeepSo

After enabling the compatible wrapper, the Mobile App with MobiLoud Settings will be available in the WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration

Configuration is divided into two sections, one for Gecko Theme and the other for PeepSo-related features.

Gecko #

Gecko configuration consist of controlling the certain Gecko features as well as disabling widget positions.
While they are not disabled by default, you may actually consider to disable some of them, especially the widget positions to save valuable screen real estate on mobile phones.

PeepSo #

Configuration for PeepSo includes:

  • Disable PeepSo Navigation Bar – Hide the PeepSo Navigation Bar in app context. Recommended to maintain a clean app design and when you have app navigation solved otherwise.
  • Disable Activity Social Sharing
  • Disable Display view count
  • Collapsed comments
  • Disable Hover Cards – Recommended to be off because hover cards require additional tap action to show, unlike mouse hover on computer.

Within PeepSo configuration, you can disable certain community links as well. If only free foundation PeepSo plugin is installed, there will only be the following options:

  • Disable Activity – Disables the activity link, not the page itself
  • Disable Members – Disables the link to members page, not the page itself
  • Disable Log Out – Disables the link to logout, effectively preventing user to log out
  • Disable Preferences – Disables the link to profile preferences

If you add more plugins to PeepSo, like, for example, Groups, then the option to hide Groups-related links will also show up.

Video tutorial about Mobile App with MobiLoud #



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Updated on October 3, 2023