PeepSo Documentation

PeepSo Installation

Installing the Free PeepSo Foundation

  1. Go to [Admin > Plugins > Add New].
  2. A) Use the search field to search for PeepSo.
    B) Click [Upload plugin] and add the ZIP file downloaded from > Profile > Purchases
  3. Click [Install Now].
  4. When installation is finished, [Activate] the plugin.

Installing paid PeepSo add-ons

The PeepSo Installer

Introduced in PeepSo, the PeepSo Installer is the most convenient way to install the paid PeepSo add-ons.

  1. Go to [Admin > PeepSo > Installer]
  2. Copy & paste your license key into the license field and click the [Check] button.
  3. After your license is verified, you will be able to install and activate any add-ons included in your plan.
  4. To install & activate multiple add-ons, use the [Show bulk actions] button, select multiple add-ons and use the [Install] or [Activate] buttons in the toolbar.
PeepSo Installer

PeepSo Installer was introduced in version You can install single add-ons or enable Bulk Mode to perform actions on multiple add-ons at the same time.

Manual installation

For PeepSo older than version 3.5 or if for any other reason you prefer manual installation, follow the steps 1, 2B , 3 and 4 from the Free PeepSo Foundation installation guide.

The video tutorial that covers installation:

Important to note:

  • Child plugins require the PeepSo Foundation Plugin
  • The first three numbers in the version number of all PeepSo software (plugins and themes) must be the same. We always release all software with the same version number.
  • The integration / monetization plugins require third party plugins that are not included in our Bundles. Most of them are free or freemium.