PeepSo Documentation

Notification preferences

Users can manage everything about PeepSo notifications in Profile > Preferences > notifications.


  • Enable All – Enable all notifications
  • Disable All – Disable all notifications
  • Disable e-mails – Disable all e-mail notifications
  • Reset to default – Reset to default notification settings admin has configured

E-mail notification intensity

starting from, users can now decide whether they prefer all enabled e-mail notifications to be sent out immediately, or rather if they prefer a digest of unread on-site notifications sent out once in a while. You can find the setting in Profile > Preferences > notifications.


  • Real time – default behavior. E-mails are sent immediately as things happen, based on the on/off notification preferences
  • Digest – digest of unread on-site notifications sent out once in a while
    • One hour
    • Two hours
    • Three hours
    • Four times a day
    • Two times a day
    • Once a day
    • Once in 7 days
  • Never – turn all e-mail notifications off.

Digest of unread notifications e-mail



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