PeepSo Documentation

Default notification settings for new users

Starting from, Administrator can decide whether On-site and E-mail notifications are ON or OFF by default for new members. You can set that in the backend of your site. Navigate to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Notifications

Available notification setting:

  • Posts and comments
    • Someone commented on a Post
    • Someone liked my Post
    • Someone liked my Comment
    • Someone replied to my Comment
    • Someone shared my Post
  • Profile
    • Someone liked my Profile
    • Someone wrote a post on my Profile
  • Mentions
    • Someone mentioned me in a post
    • Someone mentioned me in a comment
  • Messages
    • Someone sent me a new Message
  • Friends
    • Someone sent me a Friend Request


Disable All E-mail Notifications for a Single user

Administrators can disable ALL e-mail notifications for a given user. You can set that in the backend of your site.
Navigate to WP Admin -> Users
Click Edit user you want to disable their E-mail notifications and then find: Unsubscribe this user from all e-mail notifications
Click, and that user will have their e-mail notifications disabled.

This setting does NOT affect any onsite notifications.

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