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User Limits Configuration

User limits plugin offer a granular control over user actions. This plugin lets you restrict user access to selected abilities based on their role and/or required percentage of complete profile fields, and/or required custom avatar or cover upload.

You can also set this plugin to block or explicitly allow only certain emails to be used for registration.

To access this configuration, navigate to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> User Limits

Allow Or Disallow Registration From Certain Domains


To block certain email domains to be used during the registration, enable the Blacklist add the domain names in the Blaklisted field

In the example above, whenever someone tries to register using,, and, PeepSo registration will not validate the email and will ask the user to select the different one.


Contrary to the blacklisted domains, you can enable Whitelist and add the list of domains. In this scenario, only listed domains can be used for registration. This is particularly useful if you have closed community or intranet site where you want users to register only with their company email or similar case.

Please note, Blacklist and whitelist settings can’t and won’t work if you use third-party registration forms. This can only work with PeepSo registration form.

Restricting User Abilities

There are plenty of restrictions you can impose over the user and all of them work in the very similar fashion.

Available restrictions are:

  • Hide users from listings
  • Disable new posts
  • Disable RePost (Reposting needs to be enabled in General configuration for this option to show)
  • Disable comments
  • Disable likes/reactions
  • Disable sending friend requests (require Friends plugin)
  • Disable groups (require Groups plugin)
  • Join groups (require Groups plugin)
  • Disable starting new chats (require Chat plugin)
  • Disable photos upload (require Photos plugin)
  • Disable new polls (require Polls plugin)
  • Disable videos (require Audio & Video plugin)

How Restricting User Ability Works?

Every restriction can be done by multiple parameters.

The first and required step is to chose the role you want the restriction to apply. After that you can select one of the parameters or all of them. Available parameters are:

  • Based on profile completes – If user profile is not complete or is bellow selected value, the feature we are restricting will not be available for all users in selected role.
  • Based on avatar – If user don’t have their own avatar image, the feature we are restricting will not be available for all users in selected role.
  • Based on cover – If user don’t have their own cover image, the feature we are restricting will not be available for all users in selected role.

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