PeepSo Documentation

Setup AWS S3 Storage

Administrators can enable Amazon S3 Storage for uploaded photos. PeepSo will still save photos on local servers but loading images from S3 will save the server’s bandwidth.

To access these options, navigate to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Photos
Set “Enable AWS S3 storage” option to yes.

To get your AWS Access ID and Keys, sign up here
  • Amazon Secret Access Key – Enter your Amazon Secret Access Key here if you wish to use AWS S3 Storage.
  • Amazon S3 Bucket – Enter your Amazon S3 Bucket name here if you wish to use AWS S3 Storage.
  • Bucket Location – Select bucket location of Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Don’t keep a local copy of uploaded files – Enable: photos will be not saved in local, disabling AWS S3 will cause photos to disappear, because photos will not be re-downloaded.